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12 Days of Christmas Kindness – Day Nine

12 Days of Christmas Kindness with Karen Ehman

It’s Day Nine of 12 Days of Christmas Kindness, giving simple and doable ideas for reaching out to others during the Christmas season. If you’re just joining us, catch up on each day here.

For Day Nine, let’s make the mail carrier’s day!

Join Karen Ehman for 12 Days of Christmas Kindness + Giveaways! 12 simple ideas inspired by her new book, Listen Love Repeat.

Leave a treat or small gift in the mailbox for the mail carrier along with a note of thanks. These Scatter Christmas Kindness cards make it easy!

Click picture below to download FREE printable cards.

Scatter Christmas Kindness with Karen Ehman - FREE printable cards at karenehman.com

Now for today’s giveaway!!!

katy-mccown-2Today I’m joined by my friend and fellow Proverbs 31 Ministries writers team member, Katy McCown. Katy is mom of six and the wife of Luke, an NFL  quarterback with the New Orleans Saints. (If you don’t recognize his name, maybe you remember him from this Verizon commercial!) Katy is also a speaker, writer, and founder of the She Laughs conference. She Laughs provides a place for women to rest and recharge while we equip you to navigate life’s disappointments, manage your demands and connect to God’s call for your life. You can connect with Katy on Facebook and Instagram.

Katie’s Day Four Giveaway is a She Laughs bundle which includes one She Laughs t-shirt and one She Laughs bracelet. She’s also offering 20% off to my readers today through Saturday, December 17 in her shop. (Can’t guarantee Christmas delivery, but she’ll try!). Use coupon code 12DAYSOFCHRISTMAS at checkout.

Join Katy McCown for She Laughs giveaways at Karen Ehman's 12 Days of Christmas Kindness.

Are you ready for Day (day)? Let’s go!

  1. Leave a comment here with your thoughts on today’s idea for scattering kindness.
  2. Go scatter kindness by making the mail carrier’s day.
  3. Post on social media using the hashtags #12DaysOfChristmasKindness and #ListenLoveRepeat. You can just post a simple thought. Or, you can save and then share today’s Christmas kindness idea. Or, even better, post a picture of you doing the idea given for scattering kindness. Just be sure to use the hashtags #12DaysOfChristmasKindness and #ListenLoveRepeat. And, if you could link to this post when you share, that would be FAB!
  4. Don’t forget our Grand Prize! Those who scatter kindness all 12 days and share on social media will be eligible to win our Grand Prize!
  5. You can comment on all 12 days up until midnight Pacific time, Sunday, December 18. One daily winner will be chosen from each day’s comments and all winners will be announced on Monday, December 19**U.S. Addresses only please.**

The Grand Prize!!!!

Enter to win the grand prize during Karen Ehman's 12 Days of Christmas Kindness.Now let’s go scatter some Christmas kindness and be sure to come back tomorrow!


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  1. This one turned out to be the most amusing one to do. I wasn’t sure if it was even allowed to do, so I give it a good try. I left some tea and hot chocolate mixes in a bag where I usually put our outgoing mail. It was gone, so I assumed our carrier got it. A few days later, I came home to see an open box on our steps. A friend from college sent us a box, and it broke open. In the mailbox, I found a package pickup slip with a quick note jotted on it—-the tape on the box gave way while she was putting it on our steps, and she didn’t have any tape to fix it, so sorry it happened—–and thank you for the treats. The note made me giggle!

  2. I left a package of Christmas cookies in the mailbox last year and the mail person left a note that they couldn’t take it.

  3. I love this idea. We gave our mailman (Tim) a card and homemade ornament one year. Miss our old home that included my favorite mailman.
    Time to get to know our new mailman and bless him too.

  4. Love this idea. :) We usually put a Thank You note as well as coffee card in the mailbox at Christmas time. Thank you for prompting us to be Jesus with skin on this year.

  5. Today was a fun one! I left some fresh baked cookies, a Starbucks giftcard and a fun note for our maillady, Ms. Cathy! I thought I would share the cute note I left her in case anyone else still wants to do a little something special for their mail carrier! “Through rain and sun and sleet and hail. You NEVER fail to deliver our mail. It might get tedious, the job that you do. But we want you to know we appreciate you!” God Bless You Always and Merry Christmas! I found this somewhere online and printed it on fun Christmas paper!

  6. Love this idea. :) We usually put a Thank You note as well as coffee card in at Christmas time. Thank you for prompting us to be Jesus with skin on this year.

  7. This was God speaking to me!! We have had some challenges with our mail carrier who does not deliver and gets frustrated when someone parks in front of my house. And when we go up to get our mair when they are at another house she tells us about it. So I am doing this today!! God speaking to me directly through this one!! Thanks so much!!

  8. Our girls greeted our mail carrier and wished her a Merry Christmas. We gave her a Starbucks gift card for a warm drink, candle and a colored picture.

  9. #12DaysOfChristmasKindness #ListenLoveRepeat Day 9 This has been an awesome team effort in our home. Our daughter typed the post and my husband took the picture. Our local Schnucks store had the items in the mug on SALE. It has been another day full of God’s Blessings. REJOICE This is the day that the LORD has made. It has been a blessing to participate Karen and Katy

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