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12 Days of Christmas Kindness – Day Seven

12 Days of Christmas Kindness with Karen Ehman

It’s Day Seven of 12 Days of Christmas Kindness, giving simple and doable ideas for reaching out to others during the Christmas season. If you’re just joining us, catch up on each day here.

For Day Seven, let’s brighten someone’s day!

Join Karen Ehman for 12 Days of Christmas Kindness + Giveaways! 12 simple ideas inspired by her new book, Listen Love Repeat.

Drop a plate of treats off to a shut in, elderly neighbor, or another person who may be lonely this time of year. Think especially of those who have lost a loved one in 2016 and are grieving during this Christmas season. Jot down a little note reminding them God sees them and loves them. These FREE printable cards make that easy!

Click picture below to download FREE printable cards.

Scatter Christmas Kindness with Karen Ehman - FREE printable cards at karenehman.com

Now for today’s giveaway!!!

1466178441310Today I’m joined by my friend, co-author, and fellow Michigander Ruth Schwenk. Ruth is founder of The Better Mom and co-founder of For the Family with her husband. Ruth has co-authored three books; one with her husband For Better or For Kids: A Vow to Love Your Spouse With Kids in the House; and two with me for moms: Hoodwinked and Pressing Pause. Connect with Ruth at The Better Mom on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Ruth’s Day Seven Giveaway is a copy of For Better or For Kids: A Vow to Love Your Spouse With Kids in the House and a $25 VISA gift card for a date night with your spouse! You can use it to grab dinner out after some last-minute Christmas shopping or to take in a movie over the week between Christmas and New Years.


Join Ruth Schwenk of The Better Mom for a giveaway for 12 Days of Christmas Kindness at karenehman.com.

Are you ready for Day Seven? Let’s go!

  1. Leave a comment here with your thoughts on today’s idea for scattering kindness.
  2. Go share some love with the lonely today.
  3. Post on social media using the hashtags #12DaysOfChristmasKindness and #ListenLoveRepeat. You can just post a simple thought. Or, you can save and then share today’s Christmas kindness idea. Or, even better, post a picture of you doing the idea given for scattering kindness. Just be sure to use the hashtags #12DaysOfChristmasKindness and #ListenLoveRepeat. And, if you could link to this post when you share, that would be FAB!
  4. Don’t forget our Grand Prize! Those who scatter kindness all 12 days and share on social media will be eligible to win our Grand Prize!
  5. You can comment on all 12 days up until midnight Pacific time, Sunday, December 18. One daily winner will be chosen from each day’s comments and all winners will be announced on Monday, December 19**U.S. Addresses only please.**

The Grand Prize!!!!

Enter to win the grand prize during Karen Ehman's 12 Days of Christmas Kindness.Now let’s go scatter some Christmas kindness and be sure to come back tomorrow!




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  1. Love this idea. I use to have an elderly neighbor that Any time the holidays came around, or we just had extra food, We would drop her plate and make sure she was taken care of. Especially if we were making a grocery trip. I think this kind of kindness has been lost in the rush of things. But it is an important one to do because so many people are alone during the holidays.

  2. A friend’s brother just passed away and I know it will be a difficult holiday season. I will write a special note for him to help encourage him during the holiday season.

  3. This is such a good idea. This week a friend and I are going to bake brownies. I’ll have to give some to a neighbor who I heard gets depressed this time of year. It’s sure to brighten her day.

  4. Hi. I had noticed that an elderly lady from church was not there today and I haven’t seen her for a couple weeks. I really need to follow up on that. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. #12DayOfChristmasKindness #ListenLoveRepeat Day 7 Karen and Ruth I wish I could just see you both in person and tell you all about .Ithe God sightings the last seven days. The Lord has been amazing for each and every day. To God be the Glory Today is JOY in the season of advent our visit with Connie was very nice. Our youngest daughter took the picture for Day 7. Our daughter enjoyed visiting with Connie’s dog, Biscuit. God Bless your week Karen and Ruth. ((HUGS))) to both of you

  6. One of my favorite ideas. Nothing spreads kindness like homemade treats. The shut-ins are most appreciative.

  7. Love this one!!! I love baking with the kids and then having them deliver them to someones door or hand them to people at church.

  8. This one hits close to home as we’re recognizing how many family members we have who just can’t get out like they used to.

  9. I really love this idea. Holidays can be hard, but they are especially hard when you lose loved ones close to the holidays. My Mother died a few days after Christmas and my Mother-in-law died at the beginning of December the following year. Those were hard years, so my heart goes out to those who lose loved ones around the holidays.

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