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  1. I know this question has been asked already, but I didn’t see a response: Is there a way to see the posts if you don’t have Facebook? I’ve been reading with you all since the 1st and would love to go deeper with you! :)

  2. Karen, I don’t know how else to get in touch with you except via comments section.

    In the 1990’s or first decade of 2000, a bulletin in my church had a “poem” titled Zip My Lips. I held on to that poem for years. Loved it so much. During multiple job relocations I lost it. I’ve searched for it for years. I still remember imperfectly parts of it… “I forgave my father… I spoke love to my husband.. what if I zipped my lips like I tell my son to… made my words count…”. Did you write that, Karen? Is it in one of your books? I would dearly love to know how I might find it again. It impacted me so very much.

  3. I am doing a giveaway of signed books for my Bible study group. I would love to include one of yours. Is this something you could do? Please email me if so. I look forward to your lent posts on facebook! Thank you!!

  4. I asked this on the fb page yesterday, but my message disappeared and I haven’t received an answer. I am asking you to please at least consider making the fb group private. In response to the 1st day’s prompt, I posted an honest comment which I felt led to share and that contained information that I’ve never shared before and don’t want shared outside this group. Two people not in the group pm’d me and told me that the message could by read by friends not in the group. I have all my settings on the most secure settings; one of them — a devotional writer who does fb devotions — told me it is visible because of the Sharing Lent’s fb page settings. I’m hesitant to share honestly and openly, knowing that my posts are seen outside the group, and I hope you will change the group to private or whatever needs to be done. Thank you!

  5. Karen, I read your first book and it was a life changer for my rapid head to lips personality. I just BOUGHT this 40 day challenge book and saw where you are beginning the 40 days for lent after reading the devotion this morning! I am so excited and thank you!

  6. I am so excited to start the 40 days zip it challenge. Exactly what I need. However, can you tell me how to go about joining you on Facebook please? Should I just add you? In not really sure

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