7 Effective Tips to Achieving Your Health Goals for #LoveYourLifeFriday

7 Effective Tips to Achieving Your Health Goals by Summer Saldana for Love Your Life Friday at karenehman.com.

Hi friends, Summer Saldana here. About 6 years ago, as I was coming out of a rough patch of postpartum depression followed by years of debilitating anxiety (all thanks to low progesterone we later discovered!), I found myself about 30 pounds heavier and thought that crash diets and Diet Coke were the only way to get my body, weight and health back on track.

It’s definitely been quite the journey of trying many things and learning so much about health and nutrition — but over the years it’s really come down to a few key things that have made all the difference in staying on track, staying healthy, finding balance — and ultimately keeping the weight off.

And while I know there are a ton of tips and “hacks” out there, in this video I wanted to share the 7 tips that have truly been the ones that got me started on my own health and fitness journey, and have made all the difference in staying on track and motivated!

I’m praying maybe something I share will inspire you on your own journey, and as always, be sure to share in the comments what you’ve found to work in your own life as well!!!

Products Mentioned:

Power O’sZeviaGuru Lite

Workouts I Love:

Tracy Anderson Method, Suzanne Bowen, Xtend Barre, Tracy Campoli, Fitness Blender, Sweaty Betty, Fightmaster Yoga, Banana Blondie Yoga, Blogilates


Summer Saldana is one of those women who certainly isn’t trying to hide anything — except maybe what is behind her beloved bangs. She is refreshingly open about her mommy meltdowns (she has 2 children, but one is strong willed, so it’s more like 4), her faith, and her obsession with bargain shopping and makeup/skincare hauls. But whether it’s through writing, speaking, or the missions work she & her family do, Summer’s greatest passion is connecting with others. Connect with Summer on her blog, on Instagram, or on Youtube.


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  1. I have been doing the recent obs and would like to make a “cheer ‘ basket for a friend of mine whose son w/b going into the army in a few months. As I am pondering what to place in the basket… she is a reader.. I am wondering if you can recommend any books for a mom whose son is going into the marines. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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