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Scatter some unusual kindness today with Karen Ehman at Proverbs 31 Devotion plus a giveaway of Listen Love Repeat.

Welcome to those who have clicked your way over after reading my Proverbs 31 Ministries devotion How to Scatter Unusual Kindness(If you haven’t read it yet, click here to do so.)

In the devotion, I talked about how our acts of kindness can morph into the unusual category to make someone else’s day and yours too! This is the message of my Listen Love Repeat book. I hope you will join us as we study what God’s Word has to say about scattering kindness at Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Studies starting on Monday.

The Giveaway!

GIVEAWAY has ended. Congrats Diane (left message march 28, 2017 at 3:23 pm) – please check your email for more info or email your mailing address to [email protected]. Enjoy!

To help you scatter your own unusual kindness, I’m giving away a Scatter Kindness mug and two copies of my Listen Love Repeat book so you and a friend can join us for our Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study.

Mug and Listen Love Repeat books giveaway at karenehman.com.

To be entered to win, leave a comment telling us the kindest thing someone (perhaps a stranger) has ever done for you, or give us an idea you have done for a friend or stranger to show unusual kindness. (U.S. Addresses only please).  I will pick a winner at random tomorrow morning and update this post with the announcement of the winner.

Alright….let’s share some ideas about scattering kindness!

**if you are reading this in email, click here to comment on the blog.**

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  1. On December 23 last year I unexpectedly fainted in a grocery store. When I opened my eyes, I saw several people over me and asking me if I was ok. One stranger gave me some stuff that people are usually given to drink/eat to raise blood pressure. Later when I felt better and wanted to pay for what I consumed, the grocery store employee said it was already paid for by the guy who already left. But the kindness did not stop there, Despite the fact that the store was full of regular shoppers filling up for Christmas holidays and there were only two cash registers open (it was a bigger grocery store, like Ingles), the security manager insisted that I should not leave the store alone and that one of the cashiers will walk me home. Even though I really did not want to be a burden, they insisted, and they officially allowed one of the cashier ladies to leave her shift and take me home. She was so kind along the way, including carrying all of my grocery bags, even though I told her I felt well enough to do it too, and she walked me all the way to my apartment door (not only the bus stop or my street which is what I expected and would’ve found totally acceptable), and she was really hesitant to leave me alone. I was really touched by this far reaching kindness (not only first-aid kind, but all the way and beyond expected.) My heart was also touched that in this world that seems rough, rushed, and careless at times, we still have people who are not so self-centered, rushed or oblivious to the needs of others and are so willing to reach out and help.

  2. A fellow colleague had to have neck surgery so I have been making him meals. I usually give a quarter to the person at Aldi who is wanting to swap quarters for my shopping cart. I try to compliment people that I do t know who look sad. I give to my friends and family…it may be small but it’s given with love.

    I have had people open doors, say kind words when I most needed them, come and stay with me for a night when I had surgery, give up their place in line for me.

  3. When I had brain surgery a friend that lived a few hours away hand delivered home cooked meals that she had lovingly prepared for me and my family to enjoy. She also had flowers delivered to me in the hospital.

  4. I had foot surgery 3 weeks ago. I have had so many people do kind things for me. The most remarkable was a woman working in Hallmark. Last week, after my surgical follow up, I tried to make a quick stop at Hallmark. However, my crutches were getting the best of me. This sweet woman, got me a chair to rest on, and when I was leaving, she gave me a card and a bag of candy, them she hugged me and said she would pay for me. Made my day!

  5. 33 years ago an older woman who didn’t know me complimented my smile. I don’t remember what she said, and I don’t have an attractive smile. But it impressed me that she cared about people’s inner life. So I never forget her kindness and aim to follow her example.

  6. I have been going through a kind of tough time financially when my laptop died. I didn’t think it was the end of the world and was actually using the computer at the library until I could save up enough money to buy one. I got excepted to go lead a mission trip and we are expected to have a laptop to go with us that we could use over there since we would be over there for about three months and we were doing some things that we need a laptop ( I have been going through a kind of tough time financially when my laptop died. I didn’t think it was the end of the world and was actually using the computer at the library until I could save up enough money to buy one. I got excepted to go lead a mission trip and we are expected to have a laptop to go with us that we could use over there since we would be over there for about three months and we were doing some things that we need a laptop (i.e. planning esl courses , etc). I had someone, who I knew lived on a very tight budget, give me $1000 to put towards a laptop that I needed for my trip that summer. I was so thankful in general, but also knowing that it came from a person who didn’t make a lot really made a huge impression/ difference to me. She is a sweet sister in Christ and it has been a very wonderfully generous and unusual act of kindness.

  7. We were out to lunch with our three young kids who were being very well-behaved. Another mystery diner was so happy to see us all interacting, everyone behaving, no phones, etc., that they bought our lunch for us!

  8. The kindest thing someone has done for me was to be with me during my surgery. He was at the hospital during my 7 hour surgery. He picked up my medication when I was discharged from the hospital then went grocery shopping for me. Then when I was unpacking my suitcase I realized my bathrobe was missing so he went to the hospital and looked for it.

  9. We recently moved to a different state because of my husband’s job. It was extremely difficult leaving my friends and church family. However, I found a ladies Bible study online before moving here and upon meeting them they have opened their hearts to me and included me in their group. It is such a gift to have found these special ladies. God is good and truly goes before us!!

  10. It is so awesome to read all these comments about “unusual kindness”! So many people have showed my husband and I kindness during these trials we are going through and I can’t thank them enough. Most recently, my husband’s uncle and his family sent us a gift bag full of yummy treats, just because. It was so touching! :)

  11. A lady at our office, randomly places happys in our mailboxes. At times, what she leaves and when leaves you something it can turn a gloomy day into a bright one. She never ask did you receive anything or brags about what she places in the box. She gives anonymously and likes to keep it that way. She is very thoughtful in all that she does for us in the shadows.

  12. When I was in high school I bought breakfast for the car behind me at McDonald’s. It wasn’t anyone I knew but I felt awesome afterwards.

  13. I feel blessed because we are often on the receiving end of kindness. Recently, I had unexpected emergency and was off work for over five weeks. My parents were awesome, allowing me to stay there since I couldn’t use steps why the hubby took care of kiddos with school and stuff. My church family stepped in with outpouring of cards, prayers and calls as well as providing meals for us and my parents. God is good.

  14. Recently, I lost a very close friend and BFF that was my Spiritual Mom. I knew a friend that wanted to go to the funeral with me. I talked to my husband and he agreed to let me get a room at Comfort Suites. I called my friend and said we’re leaving when you get off work. I totally stunned her when I told her Wayne had paid for a hotel room and we were going! We had a blast together; made the weekend a little more bearable; talked till the wee hours of the morning., then went and watched and participated in the most beautiful funeral and service I had seen. The best part? 2 people accepted Jesus!!!!!

  15. My friend Nancy who worked in the classroom across the hall of our middle school had a stock pile of snacks. So, when I had a bad day, didn’t have enough food, she generously offered healthy snacks (nuts, fig Newtons, and more) to keep me going throughout the day. And, she had ibuprofen and cough drops on hand when I had a headache or lost my voice from teaching–happens a lot. I am sad she retired and is no longer my neighbor, but I am inspired to keep her kindness going to my neighbors in the hallway. Teaching middle school isn’t easy and it makes such a difference to have a buddy who can share the ups and downs (and snacks!).

  16. I have spent this lent season delivering hand written notes to my coworkers. I have told each of them something I love about them and thanked them. It has been a hard year in our High School and so many people have just needed an extra smile!

  17. I was asked to be part of a book launch. We had things to do all most everyday. One of the assignments was to take a picture of different things once a week pertaining to that chapter or chapters. I can’t tell you why I put away my camera. But I took it out do to the assignment, it never more the a room away. It is a pice of my soul. Not only did I love the whole experience of the launch team. A pice of who I’m is back. God gives us gifts that we don’t even know we were missing.

  18. This past year we have been having a lot of problems with money even thinking we had enough money in our account and when we go to check out not having near enough. I had that two times one in Shoprite and one in McDonalds both the cashier paid for my check. I was so happy because of all the things happening in our life. I cried on the way home.

  19. On my wedding night, my husband and I went to our favorite restaurant. After an amazing dinner, my husband went to pay only to find out another couple had paid for everything. It was such an unexpected act of kindness at the best time.

  20. A number of years ago, my husband and I needed new tires for our car. We just couldn’t afford the cost at that particular time. We were constantly having to put air in them. One day we received an envelope with cash in it with a note attached saying to use the money for tires for our car. We have since paid it forward to someone else in need.

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