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Bread Machine Bread Video Tutorial for Kids for #LoveYourLifeFriday

Bread Machine Bread - a video tutorial for kids by Grace Feldpausch for Love Your Life Friday at karenehman.com.

Hi friends, Lindsey here. I just love the way fresh bread smells. Even more, I love the way it tastes! My sweet kids love the way it tastes too! Sometimes we make it homemade, but honestly it’s been months since I’ve made a loaf from scratch.

Lately, we’ve been using our bread machine to save time. My second oldest girl, Grace, especially enjoys being in the kitchen. She has enjoyed cooking and baking ever since she was little. She delights in making new creations and spreading ingredients all over the kitchen.

Which was the problem.

I have a hard time letting her make things because I don’t want a mess in the kitchen (or anywhere else.) However, I am learning that it is a process to learn how to clean up, just like it is a process to learn how to bake bread and do everything else in life.

Last year my husband and I were at a garage sale while the kids were at grandma’s house. We found something to buy for each child, except for Grace. She likes hands-on things. Perhaps something for the garden? Maybe something for the beach? We couldn’t quite find anything to suit her. Then, we spotted it – a bread machine for $5. I was elated. I thought it would be so fun to let her experiment and allow her to make her very own bread!

She loved it!

She has made some good loaves and some bad loaves, but she is here today in this video to share a basic, simple, bread machine recipe that tastes great!

Click here to watch the video if you are viewing this in email.

If you have a grandchild, niece, nephew, son or daughter who loves hands-on things, maybe he or she might enjoy making bread just like my sweet Grace! We both hope you enjoy the video and we also hope your bread comes out tasting scrumptious!

Click HERE for the recipe from AllRecipes.com. Grace is making the video for all the other kids who might enjoy watching another kid do it first hand!

I am going to look for another bread machine this year during garage sale season, her last one didn’t last too long. I can’t be too upset though, for $5-$10 and for lots of fresh bread, life experiences, and cute photos of her covered in flour, I am happy to make that purchase.

Happy garage sale-ing and baking!

Lindsey and Grace :)

P.S. Grace wants to give a special thanks to “Aunt” Karen Ehman for inviting her to make this video!

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