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Building Your Word-Robe

Word-robe building begins with all the thoughts we buy into. Karen Ehman on the Fashion Meets Faith podcast. Zip It book

When it comes time to weed out your closet, how do you determine whether to keep something or pass it on to Goodwill?

Sometimes these decisions are so difficult that one prominent organizational expert has made oodles of cash giving advice on the sorting process using one pithy four-word question:

“Does it spark joy?”

Thoughts that go into our heart closets are very much like these clothes; sometimes carefully chosen and sorted. Other times they’re rumpled and dirty hand-me-downs that we toss haphazardly into the corner.

So what’s a girl to do?

Join me on the Fashion Meets Faith podcast with my fashionista friend, Shari Braendel. Shari has a keen eye for fashion, but is also frugal, going only for what is needed and necessary.

Kind of like our words.

Fashion Meets Faith podcast with Shari Braendel.


For those of you needing help with your own closet, check out Shari’s 27 Hangers online course. Her customized program helps you identify the problem pieces in your wardrobe, learn to shop on purpose (not impulse), and pare down your closet to the 27 pieces that will fit, flatter, and make you fashion-forward!

27 Hangers, online course by Shari Braendel at fashionmeetsfaith.com.

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  1. FULL SET : Book + DVD + Study Guide – Keep It Shut: What to Say, How to Say It, and When to Say Nothing at All Karen Ehman 2014

    I purchased this set on Amazon
    I was wondering if it comes with the license to share the video with my bible group
    We are going to begin this set in August.

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