Skinny Million Dollar Dip for #LoveYourLifeFriday

Skinny Million Dollar Dip by Dashing Dish for #LoveYourLifeFriday at karenehman.com.

This Skinny Million Dollar Dip is a lighter spin on the famous Million Dollar Dip! This almond, bacon, and cheese dip recipe started out as a cheese spread and quickly become a crowd-pleasing million dollar dip that has lasted the test of time.

It’s perfect for making in advance and only takes about 5 minutes to prepare, making it the perfect appetizer for any gathering!



Katie Farrell is the founder of Dashing Dish, a healthy recipe website and ministry to women. Katie is a registered nurse from Michigan, where she lives in Brighton with her husband of five years. Dashing Dish is a combination of Katie’s passions—helping women find their identity in God and ending misconceptions about healthy eating.

Katie wants to inspire women to find the balance between spiritual and physical health, all while enjoying the journey! Her newest book is Nourish: Discover God’s Perfectly Balanced Plan for Your Body and Soul.

Looking for some more yummy recipes? Check out Katie’s cookbooks: Dashing Dish: 100 Simple and Delicious Recipes for Clean Eating  and Devotions for a Healthier You .

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