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Day 2 of 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways (with Valerie Woerner)

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It’s Day 2 of 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!

If you’re just joining in, be sure to catch up by starting at Day One here.

11th Annual 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways (2018) December 4-15 at karenehman.com.

My guest today for day two is a new friend, Valerie Woerner. Here she is with her favorite part of Christmas and a great giveaway!


Slowing down, especially at the holidays, is hard for me but I’m also a huge introvert. One of my favorite things about this season is the stillness that the Christmas Eve service brings to my soul. Any last minute hustling and bustling is gone and I feel like every distraction that competes with my attention during the season suddenly stops at the door. Singing “O Holy Night” by candlelight is one of the most “present” moments of my year and where I find myself most in awe of the fact that Jesus’s birth is not just a story in a book but the turning point in history. What a wonderful gift God gave to us!

Now, tell us in the comment section on this post what brings stillness to your soul during the flurry of frenzy at Christmastime.

Have a holy and hushed holiday season,



Day 2 Giveaway

Valerie is the owner of Val Marie Paper  and today she is giving away a few of her fantastic products: a Compose Prayer Journal (6-Month) for Women, a Men’s Prayer Journal, and a Kid’s Prayer Journal.
Compose Prayer Journal (6-Month) for Women by Val Marie Paper.
Men's Prayer Journal by Val Marie Paper.
Kid's Prayer Journal by Val Marie Paper.
Enter to win Day 2 of 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways with Valerie Woerner at karenehman.com.
Valerie Woerner is the owner of Val Marie Paper.Valerie Woerner is the owner of Val Marie Paper and author of The Finishing School and Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday. Her mission is to create practical tools, including her original prompted prayer journal, and content that equips women to cut through the noise of everyday life and find fullness of life in the presence of the Lord. She’s married to her best friend, turned business partner, turned heart-throb, Tyler, and has two girls, Vivi and Vana, that add lots of giggles and dancing to her life. Connect with Valerie on her blog, or follow her @valwoerner and @valmariepaper on Instagram or @valmariepaper on Facebook.
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11th Annual 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways (2018) December 4-15 at karenehman.com.

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  1. I struggle with this but this year more time with God is helping. I love the candlelight service at church and silent night as well and bring together as family

  2. Sitting in my quiet room in the mornings and listening to Christmas music and really taking in the words and meaning of the song and thinking on what we are truly celebrating!

  3. I agree with you that the Christmas Eve service always helps me to be still and take time to worship our Lord and Savor.

  4. I’ve had a personal struggle with this for a few years. This year, I gave in to decorate g my home with lights and sparkly things, making messes with my kids. Feeling like i have to make picture perfect moments is stressful, but getting caught up in the real moments is fulfilling for me.

  5. Watching my kids! Just sitting and watching them experience the excitement of this time of year shuts off the entire world

  6. What brings stillness to me isn’t until it’s the day after Christmas and everyone has left and it just the kids and I again and we sit in front of the fireplace and read our Christmas book. That’s the title “Our Christmas book”

  7. My family and I have a tradition of reading a Christmas book each night leading up to Christmas Eve. We always buy a special one for that day too. Even with kids at college, we stop, facetime and read together. That is my stillness.

  8. I find stillness while praying and having a great Christmas scented candle burning. Today I listened to the beautiful song of a bird outside!

  9. I love to sit in the quiet, early morning hours and read through an advent devotional, especially with the tree lights on and a cup of tea in hand. :)

  10. Stillness for me comes from homeschooling my kids. I have to take that time with them. The busy doesn’t matter because of the priority they hold.

  11. One of our Christmas season traditions on Christmas Eve is driving around our town looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights before we attend our Christmas Eve church service. Our service ends with singing Silent Night. It is such a powerful special moment reflecting on the reason for the season.

  12. I find stillness during this season by sipping my coffee and reading my Bible on the couch near the Christmas tree- either early morning or late night when the rest of the house is sleeping and it’s quiet and calm. It’s just a beautiful and restful time for me.

  13. Ahh stillness to my soul. I just love this. Inagree that Christmas Even service gets me everytime. We also do a themed Christmas Eve dinner traditionally with our children. We make special food around that theme, buy cozy pjs and socks, listen to music, watch the themed movie and make cookies. There’s a special stillness in my soul when i sot back a watch them filled woth the fruits of the spirt and helping eachother decorate the cookies together. Most of the time i just sot back listen and soak it all in. In that moment the hustle and bustle is always over i say a prayer and enjoy the rest of the season <3

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