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Bettering Your Marriage Challenge

Karen Ehman's new book on marriage, Keep Showing Up, released on February 26, 2019.

It is true that opposites attract—for a while. But often as the years go by in our marriages, opposites may also begin to attack. The habits and characteristics we once found endearing about our significant other are the exact things that drive us crazy years later!

Whether you and your spouse disagree about finances, situations with the in-laws, or how to load the dishwasher, your differences don’t need to divide you. They can actually bring you closer to each other—and closer to God.

You can learn to view your marriage–conflict, frustrations, and all–as a tool that God uses to grow your faith and to give those who are watching a glimpse of the gospel when they see you continue to show up and behave like Jesus.

Bettering Your Marriage Challenge

In anticipation of my upcoming marriage book on this topic, Keep Showing Up: How to Stay Crazy in Love When Your Love Drives You Crazy, I am hosting a four-week “Bettering Your Marriage Challenge” on Facebook exclusively for those who preorder by February 25.

The challenge will begin Monday, February 4th and run through Friday, March 1st in our private Facebook group. Each week, I will issue fun marriage challenges and I will be LIVE in the group to encourage you in bettering your marriage. We will also have fun giveaways and prizes!

Claim your preorder bonuses

Follow these steps to claim your preorder bonuses and join the Bettering Your Marriage challenge:

1. Preorder Keep Showing Up. 

(order through P31 and receive two additional exclusive bonuses, listed HERE.)








2. Enter your pre-order information HERE to redeem your bonuses including:

**Exclusive access to my Bettering Your Marriage LIVE Facebook challenge for the month of February**

**First three chapters of Keep Showing Up**

**Getting to Know You Again Date Night Questions**

**5-Day Sample of my upcoming devotional, Settle My Soul: 100 Quiet Moments to Meet with Jesus**


Seven-Day Marriage Revamp Devotional (P31 orders only – purchase and redeem HERE)

Extra Bonus: Romantic Evening-In Recipes for Two (P31 orders only – purchase and redeem HERE)

3. Check your email. 

Your downloadable bonuses along with a link to join our Facebook group will be in your inbox within a few minutes.

Our Bettering Your Marriage challenge starts Monday, February 4. Hope to see you there!

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  1. My husband has not been able to get a job for 4 years. I have a job that pays all our bills, luckily. I have a 19 month old and now pregnant with our second baby. I would like to get some advice on how to strengthen our marriage or to keep our marriage alive during this season. I have not been a supporting wife because I often times let the worldly things take over. ……

  2. My husband and I are new “empty nesters” and are in the middle of discovering what we like to do to together. The kids were such a distraction for so many years and kept us so busy, often traveling in different directions for different sporting events. I think this study will be a great way to reconnect with the love of my life and start with a clean slate.

  3. My husband has early stage dementia. I have become his care taker in a lot of ways. How do you suggest to keep my marriage alive when he has forgotten. This is a struggle I’m dealing with. I have no intentions of leaving this marriage and I do still love him . So how do I change this for me.

    1. Deborah, I would recommend this book “Keeping Love Alive as Memories Fade: The 5 Love Languages and the Alzheimer’s Journey”
      by Debbie Barr, Edward G. Shaw, Gary D. Chapman. It may be a little different with dementia, but I haven’t seen much difference as my Mom struggles with this same issue while caretaking for my Dad.
      I also heard a great story from Gary Thomas about a man who left his university professorship to care for his wife, and after many years his children asked him why he never put their mother, his wife, in a care home, since she didn’t even remember him or their life together. His answer still makes me tear up today. He said that he would care for her as long as he physically could, because he loved her and even if she didn’t remember their years together, he DID.
      I will be praying for you and your husband. Please take care of yourself and seek out respite care when possible. I am touched by your commitment to love you husband no matter what, and stay committed to your marriage even in these tough times.

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