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How to Be Ready for Your Time With God (AND a fab coupon code!!!)

One of the questions I am most frequently asked is, “How do you connect with God during your day?” Although that is a question that simply can’t be answered in one short blog post, I want to talk about the first step today. Then, I will tackle more on the topic in the weeks to come.

The first step is: BE READY.

The well-worn saying is true, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” This is especially true when it comes to carving out a few moments during your day to connect with Jesus. No plan? No time with him. That is often how it goes.

Years ago when I first responded to the gospel and began my walk with God, a mentor of mine shared with me how imperative it was that I spend time with God reading and studying the Bible, praying for myself and others, and just being still in his presence all alone. She was in no way legalistic about it, insisting on a time of day or length of time to these meetings. Nor did she insist that there was only one method, book, or devotional I should read as part of this time.

However, there was one message I got loud and clear: Be prepared.

So, I began to keep everything I would need for these one-on-one meetings with my Creator—my Bible, a notebook or journal, pens, etc—in one place. In college they went into my backpack so I could take them to the library or out to a bench on campus. Once I got married, I switched to a canvas tote bag. For years after that, I used a vintage basket I found at a yard sale. Then it was an old repurposed wooden drawer from a local library I found at an antique store. All of these I could grab and take to a quiet space in my house or out onto my porch or deck.

Now, I use something SO FABULOUS to house all my spiritual growth goodies from my new friend Jackie and her husband Rick from Rad Joy.

YOU GUYS! Their story is crazy. They’d kicked around the idea of starting a company, praying that God would open doors widely or shut them loudly and then? Rick lost his job! (Talk about a wide open door!)

Checkout the short video below of me showing you some of their fantastic products. (And if you decide to hop over to their site and purchase anything, use KAREN15 as a coupon code at check out. It is good until midnight June 15th for 15% off of all their spiritually-enriching stuff and no, I am not getting any kick-back. I just LOVE these items, this precious family, and my readers and I so want y’all to meet each other.)

Remember, use KAREN15 as a coupon code at check out. It is good until midnight June 15th for 15% off your total order. Let me know in the comments if you purchased anything and what it was so we can give a squee of delight together!

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  1. Hi, Karen!
    This is a silly question, but where did you get your journal that you have in this video? It’s the green variegated one with I think stars that says “Notes”. I love the look of it but also the size. I just realized this post is over a year ago, so you may not remember.
    Thank you and Blessings
    Jane Utterback

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