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City on a Hill with Luke Cyrus at karenehman.com.

If you’ve been hanging out online with me for a while, you may remember me mentioning a local musician who is a friend of ours, Luke Cyrus.

I first met Luke when he was in elementary school and have loved watching him go from making music in the local church, area nursing homes, camps, and oodles of other venues to now not only opening for various Christian musicians but also headlining himself at festivals and concerts. His music is also available on Itunes.

He’s recently released a new single, City on a Hill. (Video below) I’d so appreciate you checking out his music on YouTube, or ITunes, giving him a “like” on Facebook, or following him on Instagram.

My personal favorite song of his is still one of his earlier works, “Teach Me to Breathe.”

I mean, what’s not to love about these lyrics?

“Well, it’s hard to trust when I can’t see what tomorrow will bring. Teach me to breathe today’s air. Teach me to see why you’ve placed me here, not there. Teach me to believe and place my worries into your care. Oh, help me trust in Thee. Teach me to breathe.” 


Ok, now for his official bio:

Luke grew up in rural Bath, Michigan. He was born into a family with deeply traditional cultural and Christian roots and was home-schooled, which allowed him more time for musical pursuits. His formative years were informed by Acadian fiddle music, folk, bluegrass, and Gospel, and he later found his way to a broad palate of alternative and electronic sounds. “I learned it all,” he explains.

In 2013, Cyrus formed The Luke Cyrus Band and began releasing his first independent music. He spent the next five years honing his songwriting, stage, production, and instrumental skills, even playing hundreds of times at many different senior living homes.

2019 marks the beginning of a new chapter for Luke Cyrus – he is releasing ODYSSEY, an EP to streaming services gradually over the course of the year, with corresponding music videos, lyric videos, short films, and a slew of tour slew dates. “I’ve never had a release as carefully planned out as this,” he admits.”

“These new songs will bounce around the Theme Spectrum quite a bit — and I’m excited about that” Luke notes.

“There will be songs about my longing for our eternal Home, a song inspired by CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, another one about my addiction to my cellphone, and even a song about a Ninja Archer that was produced by some super talented guys who worked on some Disney Channel and Nickelodeon projects.”

Luke’s latest release, “City On a Hill.”

“This last season of life has been split between Michigan, (my home-state), Nashville (recording these new songs) and Haiti (I have been working on the Creole Translation of Focus On The Family’s The Truth Project). It’s been a wonderful season of learning, that is certain.”

“What will matter 100 years from now?”

This is a phrase that has been on my mind quite a bit this last season.

I have so many things vying for my attention. It’s a mental minefield; good things can become idols. I have to be so careful. Comfort can become something that I seek over obedience. These 1st world blessings (good things) and comforts can keep me insulated from the hurt, pain and darkness that many people in our world wake up to, and fall asleep to.

We as followers of Christ were all meant to be Salt and Light in this life.

This world is not our home — We are travelers in a foreign land;

I don’t want to pound my tent stakes in too deep.

The fields are white, there is much work to be done, and the laborers are few.

Every hand is needed. No one is exempt.

And the stakes high. Souls. Eternity.

Anyways, these are some things that I’ve been on my heart recently too — at the end of the day — I’m guessing some songs will be coming out with these themes as well.”


You can learn more about Luke on YouTube, Facebook, ITunes, Instagram or over at his website.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Been fun to follow along with Lukes journey over the past few years. Such a genuine individual…servants heart…type of guy who would give you the shirt off his back…looking forward to the long awaited , highly anticipated release of Ninja Archer! Many blessings dude!

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