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My Favorite Planner Ever! (& Coupon for you)

Over the years, I have spent loads of time looking and way too much money trying out planners that didn’t work. But FINALLY I found the best one ever. It is just the right layout, size, and look I was searching for. I can’t keep this fabulous product to myself!

Ok. Here is the low-down…

The itsjustemmy planner comes in both a calendar year version (January-December) and an academic year one. I LOVE the academic format of August – July because I think of my “year” going from the beginning of August through the end of July. Although I do have a calendar app I use, I adore writing in this paper planner and seeing it on my desk or kitchen counter with my week spread out before me–in a vertical daily layout. (I think of my day from top to bottom, not side to side.)

All the itsjustemmy planners include both month and week-at-a-glance pages. And for fun, they can be purchased with the personalized designed covers or blank covers, if you prefer to add your own crafty touches. (I have sometimes had a Bible verse put on the front under my name. This year I chose a quote from Anne of Green Gables: “Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet.”)

Why I love this planner

A few aspects I love about this planner: the pages are sturdy paper, perfect for writing and even highlighting. Instead of highlighters, you may wish to use Washi tape. You can come up with your own color-coding method, if you roll that way. Or just write in it all in pencil, if you wish. I actually love to use these erasable pens. They are the BEST!

I also appreciate that on the week-at-a-glance sections, there is a bottom square. You can use it to record tasks. I use it to list what I hope to serve for supper. Notice I said “hope.”

Other fabulous features:

  • Plenty of room for to-do lists and meal-planning or creative journaling about your activities
  • Spiral-bound so they lay flat nicely
  • Double-pocket folder to hold appointment reminder cards, receipts, coupons, and more
  • All planners with decorative covers can also be personalized for a small fee.

Ahhh!!! I just adore this useful tool! Trust me, once you feel the itsjustemmy planner love, you’ll never go back!

Personalized itsjustemmy planners by the fabulous Molly at Throne of Grace on Etsy. See details at karenehman.com.


Just for my readers, Molly is offering a 15% off coupon off anything in her Throne of Grace shop, including a pre-order of your own itsjustemmy planner (August 2019 – July 2020). Use coupon code 2019KAREN15 to save 15% off your total purchase (excluding sale and clearance items). (NOTE: The coupon will be good through January 31, 2020 in case you want to wait for the calendar year version.)

Molly also has add-ons that can make your planner even more fabulous plus Prayer Journals, How to Pray cards, and God’s Word cards. (The itsjustemmy planners for January – December 2020 will be available for preorder in September.)


Congrats Christene (catlinbaby2) you won! Please see your email from my assistant for more information!

Check out Molly’s shop and comment below to let us know which planner or product in her shop you like best. One winner will be chosen on Tuesday, July 9, receive a $25 e-gift card to shop! U.S. Addresses only please.

If you are reading this in email, click HERE to comment on the blog.

Happy planning!


About Throne of Grace

Throne of Grace offers a variety of handcrafted products that include biblical and organizational resources including prayer cards, scripture memorization cards, prayer journals for adults and kids, sermon notebooks, and itsjustemmy day planners. We seek to equip you to live and leave a legacy of faith and prayer in the midst of the challenging circumstances of daily life!

**affiliate links may be included in some posts. I only recommend products I know my readers will love!

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  1. I love love love the cotton candy planner! I had 6 kids and they are all grown. I always thought at this age you would have lots of free time. Haha! We are busier than when we had our kids. Planners are wonderful for keeping your life in order. Sure could use some order! :)

  2. Bubble gum!! I love a good planner. With 6 kids and a full time job outside the home I like to be organized.

  3. Lemon Chiffon is so cute! Love the layout options. I can’t quite commit to a calendar app on my phone so this would be the perfect paper calendar to start off the school year.

  4. I love the itsjustemmy planner in Rasberry Fizz. I love the idea of adding Prayer Cards and God’s Word cards. I’m a gal that loves her pin and schedule, so anything that keeps me on track is a blessing.

  5. I just sat down to look for a new planner and I think I really love the cotton candy one. I love the pages she includes because I homeschool and need a lot of room to write.

  6. Would love this planner to keep my three kids’ schedules as well as my husband’s and my own schedules straight. I keep forgetting events and I need to be better organized.

  7. I have been looking for a new planner. Thank you for sharing. I loved the products available. Now the hard part …what to purchase!

  8. I like the academic calendar planners. I am a teacher so my year runs August-July so that would be perfect for me. I would get it personalized with my name on it. These are very cute. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I love the planner for the same reasons you listed but I also like the Prayer journals and Sermon Notebook. So neat!

  10. I love the layout of the planners and how you can personalize them. I am always buying new planners to find the right one. Sure would love to try itsjustemmyplanner.


  11. I checked out the website and all the planners are just beautiful. You can feel the love that is out in the creation of each planner. I really feel Molly received her calling after deciding to become a stay at home mom. Her passion for her product is amazing and I know she showed that same passion when she was a teacher. My favorite planner is the Bubble Gum planner. It is whimsical and makes you think of your favorite flavor of bubble gum. Thank you Molly for having such a wonderful website and I hope to make your planner the best one ever.

  12. Thank you for sharing your favorite. My daughter, in college, uses a planner every year, but trying to find one that will work for her academic schedule has always been difficult or very expensive. This looks perfect. I am sure we will be using our coupon code very soon!

  13. I love the “Maui” design. I’m going to be living at the beach next year and that would be perfect to be sitting on my desk!

  14. I was drawn to everything in this shop but particularly the the “Sweet Tea” Design Handmade Cover and the “How to Pray for Your Soldier” set. Thanks for sharing this.

  15. Thanks for highlighting this artist! I went to her site and was immediately drawn to the scripture cards. I love this idea and have been looking for something like this. The planner Karen described also looks like one I would love to use!

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