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Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas! (with Amber Smith)

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It’s Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways! If you’re just joining in, be sure to start at Day 1 here.

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This year our Grand Prize is worth over $225!! It includes:

Day 2: Fun Traditions

For day two of our giveaways, my friend Amber Smith is joining us. Amber is a believer, wife, mom, Texas girl, and actor. She is also the wife of country music star Granger Smith. (You may also know him by his alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr.) Besides all this, Amber is one of the most encouraging friends ever and someone who inspires me to embrace even the hard times in life, knowing God has not abandoned you. (You can click here to see why.)

Here she is to share a memory of the holidays from her childhood. Welcome Amber!

My favorite family tradition since I was a little girl was doing English Christmas crackers. These aren’t the kind of crackers you eat.  They are even better!

A Christmas Cracker is a brightly colored paper tube, twisted at both ends. There is a “banger” inside, when pulled by two people will create a loud snapping “crack” or “bang” sound.

When you pop them, inside you will find a little hat. Everyone puts them on. There are also small trinkets inside, and some jokes. We all go around the table and share our jokes and then take a photo in our paper hats. It is such a fun family tradition.

Now, for today’s quick question. Do you have a favorite tradition you do every year? What is it? Leave your answer in the comments and you will be entered to win my giveaway which is listed below.

Day 2 Giveaway

Thanks Amber! Now, for today’s prize, Amber is giving away an Arise with Amber coffee mug and blue hoodie, a Yee Apparel hat and shirt, a Joy to the World sign, a signed Granger Smith CD, and a $50 gift card to Amazon!

Okay, answer today’s quick question about your favorite traditions in the comments section below to be entered to win Amber’s giveaway. And remember, if you want to be eligible for the grand prize, you must comment on all 12 days!


Hi there! I am a Texas girl married to my husband Granger Smith and mama of 3. We have 2 kiddos here with us on earth and 1 who is now with Jesus. We live on a farm with lots of animals and we are doing our best navigating this new journey with one of our precious children in heaven. We have a family Youtube series called The Smiths, and I host my own show called Arise with Amber on Sundays where we talk about life, family, loss, and the hope and love of Jesus Christ. Our family also owns a lifestyle and apparel brand called Yee Yee. 

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  1. My family makes a trip to the grocery store in Christmas pajamas and everyone gets to pick their favorite snack.

  2. My favorite Christmas tradition is twofold: letting the kids open one gift on Christmas Eve, and baking fresh cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning!

  3. Favorite traditions:baking for the neighbors, Christmas countdowns, reading stories or names for Christ and doing Christmas readings.

  4. Favorite holiday tradition is going to the mountains to cut down our Christmas tree. We even take the dog on our family outing.

  5. We love Christmas Crackers! I had never heard of them before I met my husband, but it’s a fun family tradition of his and now we love to do them with our kids!

    We are currently serving as Houseparents at a residential therapeutic ranch in Georgia and we introduced Christmas Crackers to our girls in our home this year…they loved them, too! We all wore our tissue paper crowns through dinner and enjoyed the silly riddles and fun little toys all evening!

  6. Every year, once the last gift was uwrapped, my grandfather would say, “Christmas is over for another 365 days.” After he passed, my Uncle took over the tradition. My Uncle won’t be joining us this year because of the pandemic so I’m not sure if the tradition will continue.

  7. We are on the third year of a “new” tradition that started when our kids were 19, 17, and 13. Instead of everyone buying gifts for everyone, we each draw names. You only buy for the person you drew a name for and there is a $50 limit. No one knows who has who, so Christmas morning is exciting – opening gifts and trying to guess who the giver is! We also have a lot of fun trying to throw one another off the trail of who has whom! Of course, Santa still comes for the kids, but this has been such a fun, economical way of really enjoying one another and the spirit of Chrismtas.

  8. Our family’s favorite Christmas tradition is driving around at night to look at Christmas lights. My husband and I did it while dating and have kept the tradition going each year with our kids.

  9. Christmas morning the kids would get up and could open their stockings – then we have French Toast for breakfast, they have to eat their meal, we clean up the breakfast dishes while listening to Christmas songs – love Evie’s Christmas Album Come on Ring those Bells.
    once everything is cleaned up we hand out presents, They are handed out 1 by 1 so everyone can see what people get.

  10. We just started this tradition this year we drive through the neighborhoods on our golf cart drinking hot chocolate, listening to Christmas music looking at all the Christmas lights!

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