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Top 12 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Each Christmas Eve, it hits me. The panic I feel over wondering if my family member’s stockings are equally stuffed. I’ve learned over the years how to stop racing off to the stores before they shut their doors on Christmas Eve: Plan ahead and write it all down in a notebook!

Here are some of the favorite stocking stuffers I’ve discovered for friends and family alike. (I haven’t listed prices because some are on sale for a few days, but all are less than $20 and most are below $10!) Happy shopping!

First, a few retro ones for the kiddos:

What kid doesn’t love an old-fashioned slinky?

This Duncan yoyo in a racing tire theme. (You may also want to tuck in this how-to book of yoyo tricks!)

This is a fun one? A mini Original Tamagotchi!  Feed it, clean up after it, take care of it, and even discipline it if it’s bothering you when it doesn’t need you! 

How about a retro friendship bracelet-making kit? My daughter made tons of these as a pre-teen.

A few more for the kiddos:

For mess-free fun, any of the paint by sticker books for kids!

Encourage imaginative play with Wikki Stix for less than $5!

Here’s a few useful ones for teens:

For your teen or pre-teen, a power bank! No more telling you they didn’t get your text because their phone died.

Prevent spills from landing on your teen’s phone with this adjustable phone stand. Hand for their desk or nightstand. (But don’t let them use it at the supper table! #notextingatthetable !)

Here are some ideas for the hubby or other adult male:

How about a super-slim RFID blocking wallet. Takes up so much less space than a traditional one and keeps out those who would try to steal your credit-card info.

For the gadget-lover, a credit card-sized multi-tool!

And finally, for a favorite friend:

A lip balm holder for your keychain. (This is a four pack for under $10 so keep one for yourself!)

I have one of these and I LOVE it! It is a telescoping pen and pencil holder. Pull it up to zip it for travel or stand it up on your desk. So clever!

Now, grab a gingerbread latte, click around, and STUFF THOSE STOCKINGS!

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  1. These are great ideas! I also put in favorite place for lunch gift cards, or hair ties and cologne for my older kids

  2. Our daughter is a competitive equestrian – hairnets have been a staple stocking item for many years now. Which reminds me I better add them to my (still growing) list of things still needing to be purchased. :)

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