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Breaking Free From the Prison of People Pleasing E-Course & GIVEAWAY!

*Give Away has Ended*

** LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST TELLING ME WHY YOU NEED TO LEARN TO STOP PEOPLE PLEASING. ONE WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN TO RECEIVE A FREE COURSE. (Winner announced Monday, September 27th. If you have already purchased the course, your money will be refunded.)

Are you tired of trying to meet other people’s expectations?

Relationships are messy. Sometimes we find ourselves saying what another person wants to hear, just to keep the peace. But does that help in the long run?

We know the Bible tells us to love one another, but does that mean we should avoid conflict? Worry about appearances or status? Keep our thoughts and opinions to ourselves?

And why do we care so much what others think of us, anyway, especially if our convictions are honoring to God? He loves us and accepts us. Isn’t that enough?



I’m so excited to share with you
our SECOND Course Titled…


This course kicks off October 4th and runs for 4 weeks. New content will be released daily!

* * * * * * * *

This soul-liberating course is designed to help you:

  • Release the chains of other people’s expectations
  • Grow in your knowledge of God’s Word and will for your life
  • Glean wisdom and insight from four experienced mentors who’ve been there and know how to help you find freedom from people pleasing!

We understand your struggle!

We’re Karen Ehman, Courtney Joseph, and Ruth Schwenk—three Jesus-loving moms, authors and Bible teachers who live the chaos every day. We know how it feels to face countless demands, deadlines and expectations on our time and emotions. And we’ve also learned how to break free. 

Let us teach you how.

Our new online course, How to Break Free from the Prison of People Pleasing, will help you discover how to shed your need for others’ approval and rest in God’s call on your life instead. Can we get an amen?

This first course will be featuring special guest (and my dear friend): Nicki Koziarz

Here’s what the course includes:


Teaching videos

Each week on Mondays you will enjoy a video teaching from one of the course mentors. Topics include:

  • How to Tell The Truth (in Love)
  • Fearing God vs. Fearing Man
  • Boundaries in Relationships
  • Living God’s Agenda for Your Life (with guest mentor Nicki Koziarz)


Study guide

When you enroll in How to Break Free from the Prison of People Pleasing, you’ll get a printable course workbook designed to help you follow along, take notes, and reflect on the weekly topics.

  • Highlights from each week’s teaching
  • Key verses to study, and even memorize if you wish
  • Personal reflection questions to help you think deeper about the impact God’s Word has on your life


Quiet time resources

Each weekly unit contains a wealth of printables and digital resources to help you dive deeper into God’s Word.

  • Weekly devotions written by experienced Bible teachers
  • Prayer journaling sheets for reflecting on Scripture
  • Phone lockscreens and other graphics to help remind you of the weekly lessons


Live Q&A sessions

Each week you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a live online gathering with Karen, Courtney, and Ruth. These sessions will be recorded for easy replay in case you can’t join us live.

  • Enjoy bonus teaching from our mentors, in fellowship with women asking questions similar to what’s on your heart
  • Get further clarity on each week’s topic and how it applies to your life


Community with fellow believers

In How to Break Free from the Prison of People Pleasing, you’ll engage with other women in similar shoes who want to grow closer to God.

  • Share comments and conversations inside the course modules
  • Ask questions every Tuesday that the mentors will answer on Thursday’s Live Q&A
  • Join the weekly live group call where our community of sisters will gather
On top of all of that, we’ll also give you a surprise bonus when you complete the course, designed to help you keep breaking free from people pleasing long after our time together has come to a close!

Registration Closes: October 3rd at Midnight!

Are you ready?


And mark your calendar to kick off Monday, October 4th!

Learn More and Sign up >>>> HERE <<<< today!

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  1. I didn’t realize how much of a people pleaser I was until reviewing this Proverbs 31 post. I don’t like confrontation, so I try my hardest to avoid it so that I don’t offend anyone or ruin a relationship. I have the hardest time doing this with family members, especially my mom. I love my family dearly, but have a hard time facing any confrontation with them. I end up venting my frustrations with my husband who has been praying for me to gain confidence in this area for two years. I inwardly disagree with people often, but I don’t know how to tell them in a loving way. Karen’s post that some people feel that the loving thing to do is to not speak the truth at all definitely applies to me. I don’t take the risk to say anything, often to my own detriment when it comes to letting people know they have hurt me. I know carrying around that hurt isn’t healthy, but the thought of conflict makes me sick. This course seems like it would be beneficial to “help me gain that necessary confidence” as my husband says.

  2. Such a needed study thank you. I am a people pleaser and a peacemaker. Sacrifice to avoid conflict and not rock the boat. I want to live focused on pleasing my Heavenly Father not others.

  3. Like so many others that have replied, my life is and has been about pleasing others at the sacrifice of myself and my faith to God. We are all deserving of this course, to become better children of God, to put aside anxiety and fear that we put ourselves in on a daily basis. Thank you for creating this course. Thank you for speaking the truth to all of us People Pleasers silently living in misery knowing the truth but unable to break the bonds holding us from a deeper more pleasing relationship to the one who truly matters, our Heavenly Father. I pray everyone will be able to afford your program, myself included, so that we can break free from these chains a self-imposed people-pleasing lying habits. God bless you and thank you for speaking the truth in love. EXACTLY what my heavy heart needed this very moment.

  4. I would love to join this study as it is much needed in my life but at this time I am financially unable to. But maybe if you offer it in the future things will be a little different. Thank you so much for doing this I know a lot of people need it. Have a blessed day.

  5. As a military wife and as a mother, I struggle with wanting to please those around me. Now we are preparing to retire from the military and move back to where basically my husband’s entire family and extended family live, so I will have the added dimension of that, and I really could use this course to balance my needs with the demands of those around me.

  6. I’ve come to the realization these past weeks that I somehow stopped expecting and just started accepting everything life and the ones I love throw at me.
    This is not the way I want to live my next 20+ years of life. God wants more for me. I need to learn to ask and expect His blessings. If they do not come, to expect He will me with grace beyond measure.

  7. All my life, I have had anxiety and depression. I have always wanted to “fit in”, to be popular, to be at the top of my game. I never wanted to let people down, have people be mad at me, or feel like I didn’t belong. But, I would always feel these things. As I got older, married at 19, then a mom at 26, and all the pain and trauma I’ve been through in my marriage and with us as a family, my anxiety and depression have increased over time. I take on everything on my own. I feel alone often. I want to make others happy and feel as if I walk on eggshells for my husband and my daughter. I have sacrificed myself and things that I wish I wouldn’t have missed out on so that my husband was happy and wouldn’t think of leaving or drinking. I thought if I make him happy and let him get what he wants or do what he wants, that the hurt wouldn’t come, but I was very wrong. My daughter is like my little miracle and I feel like because of the trauma we’ve both been through with her dad, as well as my dad being killed in a tragic accident last year, I must tend to her physical, emotional, and mental well-being. I have always put myself and my needs and wants on hold. I’ve never felt good enough and have always had no self-esteem or confidence. I have always struggled with weight, never feeling pretty or smart enough. I worry so much about others that my health and well-being are deteriorating and I have lost who I am. I don’t know what my hobbies are, etc. I try to please others and fit in to make it better for us in this “it’s all about how much money you have, who you are, who you know, and what you can do for them” world, that I actually push people away. I’m not sure what my exact diagnosis should be. But I know I want to go from a hot mess to feeling blessed. I battle everything right now. My husband’s issues, our financial trouble, trying to teach ESL from home, but find another income, trying to help my daughter make it through (that’s a whole other story and battle), trying to get her to finish her homeschool work so she can move onto the next grade, try to be a wife, mom, gym mom, Christian, a leader, keep up with the house (which doesn’t work and I’m ashamed of our house), just so many things. I just want peace, to love myself, to know who I am, to have sanity back, to take care of myself before there is no me anymore, and to hear God that has been blocked out for quite a time. This scholarship to join this program would mean a lot to me. I need this accountability. I try to lead the group in our ESL Christian teacher group on Facebook with the readings, but I’ve not been a very good leader. Thank you for your time and listening.

  8. I never thought I was a people pleaser until recently. I avoid conflict at any cost and Have not set healthy boundaries. Unfortunately I married a person who is also a people pleaser. ?

    1. Since I love to help and encourage people, I would like this course to differentiate between having a Biblical servant heart and people pleasing

  9. Hi Karen! :)
    I have always been a people pleaser. Taught to smile, look pretty and ALWAYS be there to help. I learned early on that you always say yes to be liked or be a part of the crowd. Over the years, God has taught me to let go and start thinking of me and what is good for my life. Yes, I will slip up and back into that…but the Lord is always there to say “Cheryl…let’s think about this. Is it good for you and your family?” And…today is my birthday!! I’m a very young 64 Nahnee! (grandmama).

  10. As a homeschooling mom of 3, I feel constantly overwhelmed & overstimulated [overcommitted??]. And I struggle hugely with what others think of me. My thought life is weak = I would love accountability and reminders to think God’s thoughts, and seek His perspective 1st! I don’t know how to draw a line between serving my family sacrificially, and guarding some selfcare time! Also, we moved in Feb 2020 – exactly when covid exploded and chut the country down. It was a blessing in disguise for us in many ways, however I sourly miss having a woman’s biblestudy, or fellow sisters in Christ to have deeper conversations with, and because of shut-downs, non-stop-mom-life, etc… its been an up-hill battle to make new relationships like I had in our previous community. I’d really love some Christian mom friends!

  11. I think that my tendency to focus on people pleasing has caused a lot of undue stress over the years. That stress has affected me mentally, spiritually, and physically. I loved the last course and look forward to this one as well!

  12. Hi, I’m 71 yrs old and this issue has been a struggle my entire life. I never knew my dad and my mom, well I will just say she was never present. So the only way I knew I was okay was to view myself through the eyes of my friends, then later my coworkers and it goes on and on. I was raised in the church by my grandparents but it wasn’t until my early 50’s that God showed me, He is who defines me but its still a struggle and I feel I constantly disappoint Him and myself as I compare myself to others, their gifting …well you get the point. I really hate how this makes me feel and the enemy uses it whenever I begin to feel any since of victory. I could really use this study, we just moved and its a perfect time with no restrictions. Thank you, all of you for your studies and encouraging words…

  13. It is so hard to break the habit of people pleasing as a mom. It always seems like they are the first to ask what they want over us.

  14. I so wanted to sign up but finances are so tight right now. Why are they tight? People pleasing, do what makes others happy even if it bankrupts me. Unfortunately, that has been the story of my life. Growing up where making people happy was how you proved you loved them has left me emotionally bankrupt as well.

  15. I would love the opportunity to take this course! At 34, going through a divorce and as a single momma, I’m learning so much about myself and why I tend to sacrifice my needs to make others more comfortable.

  16. I really need this course as I have become a big people pleaser to my family since the death of my husband 7 years ago. Its has gone from little things to big things such as selling my house to the children I live with, just to make them happy. Things are not always in my best interest but others.

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