How to Make a Book Basket Gift

With so many on our gift-giving list and time running out, I thought I’d offer you my favorite Christmas gift idea: Book baskets!

Simply take a book and build a gift basket around it.

The first time I saw one was when my best friend from college, Kelly, gave a Laura Ingalls Wilder book basket to my daughter when she was about seven.

In it she placed an old copy of Little House in the Big Woods. Then, she included all of the items Laura got for Christmas in 1867.

~ A peppermint stick

~ A pair of red mittens

~ A cookie shaped like a heart and sprinkled with white sugar

~ A shiny new penny

~ Her own tin cup

~ A rag doll named Charlotte

It was an instant hit!

In the years since, I have given away lots of book baskets to kids. Some books have included Balto, Hansel & Gretel, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Peter Rabbit and Winnie the Pooh.

Also the Curious George books are easy to do this with. In one, he visits a candy factory. In another, he takes a trip to the zoo. In one he makes pancakes. These are easy to come up with items to carry out the theme. (fancy chocolates, candy molds & supplies; animal crackers, gummy bears and a stuffed animal; pancake mix, turner, maple syrup and chocolate chips.)

You can even try your hand at baskets for adults.

Know a gardening enthusiast? Purchase a book on gardening and then round out the basket with some gardening tools, packets of seeds, a pair of gardening gloves and some carrot-cake muffins or home-canned jam.

How about a baseball fan? Include a biography of their favorite player and some peanuts in the shell, Cracker Jacks, Big League Chew gum and some baseball foil-wrapped chocolates.

And, for a great gift for a special girlfriend, mom or sister, give a tea cup devotional. Simply choose a devotional book. (I have a few of my own for sale in my shop!) On top of that, place a new or antique tea cup and saucer. In it, tuck some tea bags. Tie it shut with clear wrap or tulle and tie shut with a bow. You may also stick a pen in the bow or add a tag with a favorite Bible verse written on it. Perfect to bless someone while encouraging their walk with the Lord.

With a simple book, you can build a great gift!

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