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Karen Ehman is a Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker and New York Times bestselling author. Described as profoundly practical, engagingly funny, and downright real, her passion is to help women to live their priorities and love their lives as they serve God and others.

Karen writes for Encouragement For Today, an online devotional that reaches over four million women daily. She also contributes to the First 5 teaching team. First 5 is an app designed to help you spend the first five minutes of every day reading the Bible and connecting with God, and also interacting with other believers in the app's community, if you so desire.

She has authored fourteen books and Bible studies including the New York Times bestseller Keep It Shut: What to Say, How to Say It and When to Say Nothing at All. Her most recent devotional, co-authored with Ruth Schwenk of The Better Mom is entitled Settle My Soul: 100 Quiet Moments to Meet with Jesus and was just selected as the 2020 Devotional and Gift Book of the Year. She also recently released a Bible study with LifeWay on the letter of Philippians called What Matters Most.

Two of her books are written for moms and were coauthored with Ruth Schwenk of The Better MomHoodwinked: Ten Myths Moms Believe and Why We All Need to Knock It Off and the ECPA best-seller Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus. She is also on the planning and teaching team of Proverbs 31 She Speaks Conference and an occasional teacher in their writers' training site COMPEL.


Karen has been a guest on national media including  TODAY Parenting, FoxNews.com, FamilyLife, Engaging Women, Moody Midday Connection, At Home Live, and she has been a popular repeat guest on Focus on the Family She is a cum laude graduate of Spring Arbor University with a BA in Social Science and has been married for over a quarter-century to her college sweetheart Todd.  She and the Mr. make their home out in the boondocks in the middle of the Mitten (Michigan--America's "High Five"). They are the parents of five adult children, three biological and two in-laws by marriage, although she forgets which are which.


She sure misses watching her kids in their high school sports and activities. Her daughter was in homeschool drama and played volleyball. Her oldest son was a homeschool basketball state champ and baseball World Series winner.  And her youngest son played public school baseball and golf, and was also a member of a 2015 state championship football team his senior year.

She also is content to just spend time with her husband doing absolutely nothing at all. You’ll often find her whipping up something tasty for her neighbors or the many teens and adults that gather around her mid-century dining room table, processing life and enjoying something from Mama Karen’s oven.

Karen also treasures time spent with her close friends (that's co-author and friend Ruth Schwenk of The Better Mom pictured with her above) and especially her ministry partners at Proverbs 31 Ministries (that is some of them singing into hairbrushes at a recent conference--such rock stars!). And she simply cannot imagine life without her Good Morning Girls prayer team--four women who pray for her daily and also check in with each other for accountability and to share what they are learning from their personal Bible study and prayer time with God. (That's her sweet fab four friends pictured with her above!)

She is a lover of coconut and dark chocolate, sharpened Ticonderoga #2 pencils, whimsical notecards, and any kind of Post It note. She is a collector of retro Pyrex ware (especially in aqua or pink!) and is a die-hard fan of the Detroit Tiger baseball team. (Bless you boys!)

But most of all, she considers it an honor to tell others about the gospel--the good news of Jesus Christ--whether from the stage at an event, on the pages of one of her books or Bible studies, or over a cup of French press coffee in her kitchen. 

You can connect with Karen on:

Twitter: Karen_Ehman

Facebook: Karen Ehman

Pinterest: karenehmanp31

Instagram: KarenEhman

Or at Proverbs 31 Ministries: www.proverbs31.org

To inquire about having Karen speak at your event, visit the Proverbs 31 speaker page or call the Proverbs 31 Ministries Office at 877-P31-HOME.

Statement of Faith

  • The entire Bible is God's infallible word.
  • God exists as three in one - The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus Christ's deity, sinless humanity, virgin birth, atoning death on the cross, bodily resurrection and ascension into heaven.
  • The Holy Spirit is given to believers to indwell and empower them to live the Christian life on earth and to seal them for the day of redemption.
  • Christ's personal return to earth to establish His kingdom here.
  • The resurrection of the body, resulting in eternal life for all true believers in heaven and eternal punishment for all unbelievers in hell.
  • Salvation, by faith alone, through grace alone, is found in Jesus Christ alone.
  • The church is made up of all true believers from every tribe, tongue and nation.
  • It is the responsibility and privilege of all believers to glorify God by telling others of the good news of the gospel, enabling people worldwide to have the chance to know Christ personally.


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  • Karen – I am one of the Associate Pastors at our church ; and we just completed “Keep It Shut” – both in a large group and a smaller evening Bible Study. I wanted to affirm your study. So many women said it was what they needed to struggle with (and we have mostly 60+ year old women in our congregation – never too late!). Some of the comments regarded how “approachable” you seem and vulnerable with your own failings, as well as successes. Thank you for being transparent. I have never heard so many positive responses to a study. The small group discussions were helpful, women who didn’t know each other before, bonded. The Holy Spirit was doing some good work among us! We had a baker bake cookies with the book’s logo on for our last day…and I handed out red waxed lips for the ladies to keep handy for awhile, to remind them of the good guidance you provided. Can’t wait to preview “Let.It. Go”. Blessings to you and your ministry as you enter Lent. In Christ, Pastor Katharine Keller

  • Karen,
    Thank you for your great book, Keep It Shut. This morning I finished preaching a seven part sermon series using concepts that I borrowed from it. I appreciate your scriptural foundation and your personal approach in writing. Reading your book and Zip It devotional blessed me far beyond the provision of sermon fodder. If you would like copies of the messages that I preached, I am glad to send them, but I really just want to express my appreciation.

  • Though I have not read your books, I do appreciate your Proverb 31 devotionals (little snippets I can read quickly for a blessing and encouragement). I have enjoyed the Proverb 31 ministry for years as I “secretaried” for our church. I, too, love the Word and have taught it to small groups of women.for many years. The Lord blessed me with some fun and unusual Bible studies, one of which I did turn into a book after 20 years of encouragement from the wives who studied with me.
    I am a nobody who self-published because my pastor/husband believed in the message of his introverted wife enough to invest his own money. Although it is available on Amazon, he gives them away regularly. I also believe in the fascinating adventure the Lord took me on through the Scriptures and want every wife and bride to see her vital role in marriage but I do not know how to get the book out to women who could benefit. I t suits a group study well, as that is how it was developed, but it also makes a great personal study because I turned the study into letters to a spiritual daughter. I would be delighted to send it to you as a gift if you think you would have time to skim over it and give me your opinion. It compares the wife’s role in marriage to that of the immune system in our body, either an amazing army bringing health and protection or bringing misery and destruction. It is titled Exploring the Mystery of Marriage. I would greatly appreciate your professional opinion and any advice you could give me.
    Yours in Christ,
    Carolyn Keely

  • Hello Karen, I am new to your books, and I am loving them. At this time, I am reading and almost done with Listen Love Repeat. I cannot wait to make the Peanut Butter Oatmeal Monster Cookies. I love baking for people and events.

    I cannot wait to read more of your books.

    I see that you will be doing a speaking engagement in 2020 in River Junction, MI. I live in Southgate, MI, in the Downriver area. I would love to attend this conference. How do I find out more about this event?
    Keep following what God has you doing. You are a wonderful author.

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  • Wow!! Amen. My daughter is attending a Bible study group using your book Keep Showing Up. I am praying for all of you. She is attending a Catholic Church with her entire family. Our sermon last week was about parent and grandparents responsibility. I feel answered prayer that she’s hoping this group of Truth” teaching beliefs. God Bless You.

  • Hi Karen! I am a fellow Michigander (Michiganian?!) and I just listened to your amazing podcast with Gwen Smith. I feel as if I know you through your humor, honesty and the real-life issues that we face as women/Christians/wives. Some of the things you talk about in your new book were written directly to ME! So I thank you for opening me up to being a better wife as I work on letting go of the emotions that tend to cloud the “facts” that cause me to be defensive in so many instances. I look forward to your continued wisdom!

  • hey. I read your email about our daddy. I am so sorry. On December 16, Four years ago, I had my son, Oaks, and my daddy drove to the hospital to visit me and meet him. Two weeks later he could not walk or talk and we found out he had 3 brain tumors and passed away February 5, barely over a month. I had my newborn and was nursing him and drove around 140 miles a day to be with him. Losing him is something that has changed me dramatically. I am thankful for my 4th child Oaks, because he was the reason I was able to get out of bed.

  • Hello Mrs Karen Thanks for the great work you are doing May God bless you and keep you safe With your family. Would you love to transform lives of people in UGANDA? It would be agreat blessing to see you ministering in Uganda. You are welcome much Love for you

  • thanks Karen for your “i gotta die” devotional sharing. It was so awesome to read what God has been speaking to me. Put in a way that will cause me to pause… thanks

  • I enjoy this arena to check in with other women’s ideas etc… Sometimes even though you have a wonderful family, good job etc… It can feel lonely. God bless you all today.

  • karen, larry and i were thinking about you and todd the other day and wanted you both to know what a difference you made in our son, Terry’s life years ago when he was in your youth group at the methodist church in st. johns. we well remember the time you spent w him and the positive influence you had on his life. both our sons are active in churches and live lives that serve as examples. terry is teaching math at midland dow high school and is the varsity tennis coach-they have won 3 back to back state championships. God has blessed him greatly and we wanted you to know that seeds you planted years-and it has been YEARS- have sprouted and God has given the increase. Thank you for all that you did for our son.
    In Christian love, Larry and Bonnie Schwartzkopf

  • Having been in the blogsphere for a few years, I have seen that most bloggers are young women. They are wonderful women who are seeking God and have much to share! But I often wish there were more of us “older women” out there blogging, putting another perspective on things. Something that only comes with time and experience. So nice to meet you!!! Thank you for taking the time to write and share!

  • Just discoved you at Proverbs 31 because of your Proverbs 31 devotional. I feel connect to you and the way you write. Real practicle advise. I too am in a waiting mode but since I read “enjoy the journey” I am not waitng I am going to focus on enjoying the journey even if it is in the wilderness.

    God Bless You

  • As a mother of three boys, this book is a Godsend. I absolutely love the Emile Barnes set of books on home, hospitality, and organization. I can’t wait to read your latest book. I want my home to be a safe haven for my children and their friends where they feel welcome and loved. Thank you for writing and sharing the message God put on your heart.

  • Hi Karen, I mailed your Christmas card to the address I had and it was returned. Could you kindly send me an updated one? Hope you are doing well! We’re still loving Nashville! Merry Christmas and see you in three months. Teena

  • I so related to the answer envy devotion. I am here in Hawaii, feeling trapped and asking God to rescue me. Yes, I know some are saying, rescue from Hawaii? But, it’s not paradise to live 2,000 miles away from friends and family, financially heading for disaster and so bored you could die. I am not a patient person but I guess God is working that out through this. Anyway, I will claim those scriptures and pray for patience as I wait. I too seem to have waited longer for most things in my life, married at 34, second child at 39. Now I wait for the next chapter which I dream about. I do believe God hears and I will wait through the quietness from Him. I look forward to telling the story of how God released us from this place some day.

  • you have such a lovely family. you must be trully blessed!

    i want all your four books!! i live in Africa, Kenya and i will enquire more on there cost and shipping charges.

    keep up the good work Karen!

  • Hi Karen.

    I received a devotion from a friend that was written by you. And I loved it! Would like to be included in any future devotions or emails.