How fun it would be to have time in this life to connect personally with each of you. Seriously. I would love nothing more! However, in order to live my priorities as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend–as well as a woman who works at home in ministry–I simply cannot respond to personal messages no matter how much this people-lovin’ girll would like to. I do keep up with reading my blog comments, respond to as many as times allows, and pray for those who ask for it. Please feel free to connect with me there. {Click here for the blog}


For information on having me speak at your event, fill out the form on the Proverbs 31 website or call Proverbs 31 Ministries at 1-877-P31-HOME and ask to speak to Karen Christian. Please do not fill out the form below for speaking requests.


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  • Hello Karen Ehman!

    I would love to have you on my podcast: A Quest for Well-Being.
    It has 7500+ downloads and 1750+ newsletter subscribers.

    We can discuss the topic in your book (Let. It. Go.: How to Stop Running the Show and Start Walking in Faith)

    To listen to previously published episodes please visit:

    If interested, please email me at

    Looking forward to our meaningful conversation!

    Much Love and Peace,

  • Question concerning some info Karen shared during the presentation of Priscilla for the 12 More Women of the Bible Video series.
    She said there were 7 references to Priscilla and Aquilla in the Bible…5 listing Priscilla first. I have searched the Scriptures and other commentaries and can only find 6 with four listing Priscilla first. Could you share with me the seven references Karen makes?

    • Hi Julie. Karen used the NIV version of the Bible in that study. Here are the seven times Priscilla and Aquila are mentioned: Acts 18:2, *Acts 18:18, *Acts 18:19, *Acts 18:26, *Romans 16:3, 1 Corinthians 16:19, and *2 Timothy 4:19. The ones with the asterisks list Priscilla first.

  • I’d love to send comments to you from our ladies group that just finished Keep It Shut. May I have your address? Thank you!

  • Hello Mrs Ehman …
    Two years ago, three Bible Fellowship Churches; Faith (Spring City PA), Redeemer (church plant Lower Providence PA) & Germantown (church plant Philadelphia PA), got together to co-host a Ladies Weekend Retreat. Our weekend was to be two-fold for the ladies; relaxation and spending time in God’s word together as a group. Two years ago, after doing a lot of background research into and around various Bible Studies, ended up using your “Let It Go” DVD and Study Guide. Your Belief Statement as well as the Belief Statement of Proverbs 31 Ministry matched up with our Denomination’s Belief Statement. It is important that we never use any material that is contrary to our own denomination’s Belief Statement.
    Well, here we are, two years later and once again planning a Ladies Weekend Retreat and looking for that all important Bible Study. Knowing how much we liked your “Let It Go” study, we figured we’d look into your two other DVD with Study Guide series; “Keep it Shut” and “Live, Love, Repeat”. However, in our research this year it came to our attention that you have set up your own website and selling your materials there versus through the Proverbs 31 Ministry website as I had noted 2 years ago. Is there a reason for this change even though you are still mentioned on Proverbs 31 Ministries as a member? Has there been a change either in your ministry or Proverbs 31 Ministry?
    As I stated previously, we cannot, in good faith, use material provided by someone whom is not in alignment with our Denominations Belief Statement.
    Sincerely in Christ!
    Kathleen Schlenker

  • I have a question about ‘Keep It Shut’ and ‘Zip It.’ I cannot find the info I seek elsewhere. I would like to go through it with my 15 year old son, but I am wondering if it is written for women in mind. Also do you need to go through the dvd and study guide before the 40 day challenge? Can the 40 day be a stand alone and still get the same material and help?

  • Hi Karen,

    I am interested in talking with you about an upcoming silent auction and fundraiser on October 20th for I am hoping to put together a fabulous library of donated books, possibly autographed for one or several homes. You can contact me at and by phone at 817-919-3310. I love what you and all the women at P31 do each and everyday to bring some much hope, joy and fun to so many of us women. Blessings tomorrow on this holiday bringing summer to a close. Diana

  • Hi Karen,
    Due to an inccident that happened to my family We dont facebook or twitter. I know that is the best for you so I am sorry to have to write hear.
    I won an e-book a couple months back and never received it. I think because I gave you my school email and it probably was blocked. I now have a hotmail account. It is Sorry for not doing social media. It is too painful a memory for me.
    God bless all the work you do!!

  • Just wanted to say I love, love today’s post re internet social media and will be forwarding it to a few people I believe may have fallen into the “web” and can use your help to escape. Clicked on your “5 ways” and though only scanned the post due to time restraints, found your idea of highlighting your lists and had an “AHA” moment.. Find myself forever behind and frustrated with my schedule and limited intervals of time. I make lists (have to at my age) and of course it is laughable to think I could ever get my things to do in order as I write them. Highlighting – such a simple, “why didn’t I think of that” solution that will actually work! I do not participate in social media anything but will be trying to “follow” you in the future.

    Thank you.

  • Karen,

    I just completed the study on Hospitality with you. I had a friend over with her two young children. They just left . I woke early today to bake shortcakes. I served strawberry shortcake. I made lemonade from concentrate but forgot to serve it. LOL. I had Christian music on softly in the background. I did not light a candle because I have free-roaming pets that I did not want to ignite accidentally. Oh, and I CLEANED for days… the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom were all clean. My other living spaces were Off limits. With the confidence I gained with your study I was able to do this with a joyful and eager heart. They are coming over again next Sunday. Maybe we can make this a regular thing. Thank you for your encouragement and tips from all your guests. ~Jude

  • Hi Karen- new to your site, looking forward to the hospitality project! I put your link on my blog- here’s mine- it’s easy, and I’m not a code person! Please check out my blog…from one Proverbs 31 Woman to another.
    Christ’s peace to ya!

    Beth Ritter-Perry
    Bruno’s Multitasking Mama and
    Caprichos Studio


  • Dear Beloved Pastor in Christ,
    Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord savior Jesus Christ,
    I am a Preacher .Timothy Manoah Bontha from INDIA from Andhra State. First of all thank God, I am very happy to write you and this Is about all because of God‘s love. We were in a great need of the help for our organization, for the poor, orphans, widows, destitute and people who are in the below poverty line. We are making effort as possible as we can, but something’s are beyond of our limits which can be done by the help of the who were dedicated leading the people in the word of God and trying to help and fulfill the needs with their helping hands and reach.
    We are capable to do the things by giving our services, but we are a step back financial. We are having five congregations and we are having regular worship services with the help of our co-preachers by the prayers and Gods grace and by our effort we constructed one church in only one congregation you know how important to have a Church for worship. People in the rest of the congregations come forward to donate the Land for the Church, but it is not that easy to construct a Church. Sometime offerings and sometime no and with the little offerings, we are making our journey in the Gospel. We, and in between the poor we do and we live. We do believe this all by the faith in God and as He leads, this all about only in Him. We need your support and help for the Gospel and for Churches. I think I had my presentation as God lead towards you.
    And about the Gospel as God said go unto the world and Preach this should be rapidly done like India with huge people and Big Country where people of 88% were Hindus being don’t even know about Christ should know the Christ. And everyone should do what they can, to make this mission possible. I know many from all over the world were doing their best to Spread the Gospel, but even though there is much more scarcity for the preachers to go to the very remote areas. So every one of us should go and preach all over the world as they can or they should lead people to make this happen. So we heartily welcome you to come here and we need is your cooperation.
    And my heart cries for the Orphans like father or mother or both parents died, HIV who was neglected by society and thirst for Love. As Christ said let the Children come to me Matthew 19:14. They come to Church and they sing songs very well and after the worship. Sometimes I am able to give them some stuff to eat but, not always but, they ask me but, I am fail to give them regularly. it’s really a hard time to cross. There is one hope that God never make His Children hunger. This is all came from my deep heart and our needs are to be fulfill. We are seeking for the Hands to help us.
    In the name of God, and also we stick to the word of God and we obey. So we ask you to uplift the needed like us and also please pray for us and our needs and please this is your turn to make us lift in the deeds. The only thing I can do is thanking you and please do have corner for us, requesting your Ministry and Church.
    Closing this with hope and prayers…
    In Him,
    Timothy Manoah Bontha.

  • Hi Kim

    Wondering if I’m the Amy S that won the Amy Bayliss book – haven’t received an email about it and wanted to check before I purchased the book in order to take part in this week’s teleclass.


  • I was reading Lysa devotional today and saw you were mentioned. I’m glad to find your site. Thank you!!! Please pray for me as I will be having back surgery next week. It’s outpatient, but still surgery! I know that God has paved the way and will walk with me, but prayer never hurts! I will be out of work for 6 weeks and no lifting, bending(too bad I can’t load the dishwasher), no vacuuming(sorry honey) and no lifting my arms up over my head(I will praise the Lord with out stretched arms)! Thanks, Karen!

  • I need to give myself more grace with the cooking. I have four celebrations, and I need to scale down and make it easier…

    • Anessa, I noticed your comments are coming in on the “contact” page. In order to be a part of the 12 days you will need to go to the comments of the particular day’s post rather than here at the “contact” page.