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52 Weeks in the Word

Christmas Recipes

Make and Take Christmas Recipes
Top 5 Retro Christmas Cookies

Fun Fall Recipes

Pumpkin Dip & Gingersnaps
Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte
Peanut Butter Apple Crisp
Freezer Apple Filling
Five Fab Fall Soup Recipes
Top 10 Leftover Turkey Ideas

My Mentorship Courses

Books & Bible Studies

Books & Bible Studies
My Mentorship Courses Sale
Trusting God In All the Things
You Version Devotional
My Mentorship Courses
Keep Showing Up
When Making Others Happy Is Making You Miserable
When Making Others Happy Is Making You Miserable Bible Study
Reach Out. Gather In.
Listen, Love, Repeat
Make Their Day
What Matters Most
Zip It
Keep It Shut
Settle My Soul
Let It Go
Lifeway Women’s Bible
Church Source Sale

Home & Family

Fourth of July Grilling Shortcuts
Romantic Evening-In Recipes for Two
Boredom Busters
Sweet Valentine Recipes
Black History Books for Kids
Storm Soup
Best Warm-‘Em-Up Main Dishes for Winter
Declutter for the New Year

Freebies & Challenges

How to Hear a Heartdrop
Five Days to a Hospitable Heart
Five Days to Sweet & Salty Speech
Pause Before You Pounce
Truth Bomb Scriptures
Getting to Know You Again Date Night Questions