5 Days to Sweet & Salty Speech

Need help learning to watch your words? Sign up for this free 5-Day Sweet & Salty Speech challenge.

Five characters from the Bible. Five lessons for our lips.

Sign up HERE.

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  • A dear friend gifted She Speaks. She Writes 2019 webcast live to me, I just completed the conference. Karen, your teaching resignated with me. Thanks for sharing the beautiful personal “God” story at the end. God bless you
    The entire conference put a fire in my soul!
    I look forward to the next 5 days!

  • Looking forward to emails and following on Facebook! Thanks for allowing me to join. In particular need help with eating and exercising for God. ???

  • Actually I read the book and my book club also read the book upon my recommendation. I want my words to be words of encouragement. I am walking with a friend in a difficult marriage. She has only trusted a few people with this info. However, I am outgoing and my words DO get me into trouble. This will be a good refresher before the holidays.