Keep It Shut

The Book

Got words? Oh yeah, you do! The average women speaks over 20,000 a day—not to mention the ones she types online. Karen Ehman—a woman whose words have often landed her in a heap of trouble— shares from experience the how’s (and how-not-to’s) of dealing with the tongue in her new book Keep It Shut . Using biblical examples, as well as Karen’s own personal (and sometimes painful!) stories, Keep It Shut will equip you to know what to say, how best to say it, and when you’d better just keep your lips zipped!

This book will teach you:

  • The difference between gossip and properly processing with a trusted friend
  • A helpful grid for using our digital tongues as we talk online or on social media
  • How to pause before you pounce, attacking the problem but not the person
  • How to avoid saying something permanently painful just because you are temporarily ticked off
  • What the Bible teaches about making our speech laced with grace, as sweet as honey, and yet seasoned with salt

Buy a personalized and autographed copy from me.

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The Bible Study DVD

The DVD contains six teaching sessions (and an optional seventh bonus session) from Karen. The Bible study guide contains six lessons based on the DVD teachings. Both are suitable for group or individual use.

Session Titles:
1. Sparks, Squabbles Spats, and Such: Our Words Matter
2. On Filling Gaps and Zipping Lips: Listen to Others, Talk to God
3. Opinion-Slinging and Salty Speech: Assessing Our Digital Tongues
4. Gossip, Flattery, and People-Pleasing: How to Speak the Truth in Love
5. Pause Before You Pounce: On Cultivating Soft Speech
6. As Sweet as Honey: Wonderful Ways to Use Our Words

The study guide below contains a bonus session filled with fun ideas for wrapping up your group study.

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Keep It Shut – Bible Study Guide

The Keep It Shut paperback book can be used with the study guide and DVD if you want to go deeper into the topics of the Keep It Shut Bible Study. The book is optional as everything you need for your Bible study is included in the DVD and study guide.

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What People Are Saying About Keep It Shut

“Words are the most powerful weapons we have. They can be a sharp sword or a soothing salve, both having the ability to change someone’s path in an instant. I wish every one of my social media followers would read this book along with me.”
Candace Cameron Bure
actor, producer, New York Times bestselling author, Dancing With the Stars Season 18 finalist
“This book is funny, honest, and tackles the hard subjects of gossip, speaking the truth in love and the power of our words from a biblical standpoint. It is the perfect book for our social media driven world.”
Lysa TerKeurst
New York Times bestselling author of The Best Yes and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries
“Our words have the power to build up or to destroy. It’s no wonder that the Bible compares the tongue to both forest fires and swords. Karen Ehman’s book offers solid biblical counsel for those who want their words to be vessels of grace and healing.”
Jim Daly
president, Focus on the Family
“In Keep It Shut Karen Ehman embarks on a much needed conversation. She keeps it real, fun, and relatable. A must-read in a world where opinions swirl and their effects are deeply felt.”
Michelle McKinney Hammond
author of Getting Smart About Life, Love and Men


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Keep It Shut - Karen Ehman
Keep It Shut - Karen Ehman
Keep It Shut - Karen Ehman
Keep It Shut - Karen Ehman
Keep It Shut - Karen Ehman
Keep It Shut - Karen Ehman