She Speaks Session – From “My” to “Ours”: How to Form a Ministry Team

Thank you again for attending our “From My To Ours: How to Form a Ministry Team” at She Speaks 2017. The session was not recorded but hopefully these resources will be helpful to you in addition to the notes you took in your conference workbook.

First, I feel it is very important to have a variety of ages on your ministry team. Emma, my fabulous intern (and answer to prayer) who is my pastor’s daughter, created this video for you to hear more from a millennial’s point of view about serving on a ministry team:

Next,  here is a list of the questions I use to interview applicants for my team. I make sure that before I ask them, I lay out what it is that I do, why I do it, and in what areas I am looking for help.


Tell me about your faith and how you came to Christ.

What has been your experience with ministry, if any?

What do you feel are the aspects of ministry you enjoy?

What things about being in ministry make you a little leery?

Tell me about an experience working as part of a team to produce something that you particularly enjoyed.

Was there ever an experience on a team that was not pleasant? If so, tell me why.

Tell me any reasons you can think of why you would like to be on my ministry team?

Are there any questions you have for me?


(This next question was specific for my intern position for my speaking and writing)

Here are the areas where I am seeking help. Please rank each from 1 to 10 (with 1 being not interested at all and 10 being highly interested) as far as how much you would like to work in that area. Do not address whether you are qualified, just whether the area interests you.


Answering emails from event planners

Responding to emails that come into my website

Phone calls with event planners

Researching and booking travel

Physical work:

Organizing and maintaining my office closet of giveaways, books, etc

Attending my events and working my book table including ordering books, taking inventory, shipping remaining books back, etc..

Creative work:

Helping with content management for magazine articles, devotions, guest blog posts, etc.. (taking already written material from books and tweaking them to the right word count desired)

Assisting in writing message descriptions, drip campaigns (like 5-day challenges), and freebies such as PDF’s

Staging and taking photos for social media

Making graphics from photos of Bible verses and quotes from my books and talks


Helping to push out content on social media

Researching monetization of my website

NEXT: I had them go back through the list and put down a number again as to how qualified they were already to do each task. I also asked them to mention anywhere they were willing to learn how to do it by independently researching it online and/or watching tutorials.


I recommend the StrengthsFinder assessment for each of your team members. It helps to know each others’ strengths and how you can best work together.

For leaders, there’s also a Strengths Based Leadership version. It breaks down each strength with tips on how to lead with your strength, and how to lead others with their strengths.

Another resource I’ve been hearing a lot about lately is The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery.


Shoutout to my team

Emma Heikkinen, aka #emmatheinternyou can see her on the video above and follow her on Instagram.

Kim Stewart – my virtual assistant, at

Bethany Beams – if you need help designing your website, logos, printables, I highly recommend my team member, Bethany Beams. Please tell her I sent you. :)

Lindsey Feldpausch – My co-presenter and team member Lindsey also presented a hands-on workshop on Saturday: “Tricks, Tips & Apps for Creating Social Media Graphics From Your Phone“. Since it was hands-on it wasn’t recorded, but it was an incredible workshop. Lindsey hopes to provide more on this topic in the near future. If you are interested, follow her on Instagram and she’ll post details soon.