Wanna Write?

As a little girl in grade school, I remember hauling out my mom’s old high school typing textbook and our family’s typewriter.

Yes, I said typewriter, not computer. It wasn’t even electric. The keys stuck. The thin black ribbon twisted and sometimes broke, leaving its sooty residue all over my fingertips when I tried to fix it.

It was a mechanical mess.

And yet… I loved every minute I spent playing with that thing.

typewriterI have always wanted to be a writer. It started with a Christmas play I wrote for my class in the fifth grade. It continued in middle school when I wrote poetry and articles for the school newspaper. Then high school and college brought more writing for the school papers, both places as sports editor with my very own column. (I got to meet cute boys that way. Shhhh!)

I always vowed if I ever did get a book published, I would help others to get published too. I’d help them to discover what I had to unearth myself without much help like how to spin an idea from my brain onto the bookshelf. Or how to write a book proposal.  How to write (and rewrite… and rewrite) a chapter. The “whys” and “hows” of marketing. How to work writing into your life as a busy wife and mom.

fav_writeEnter Proverbs 31 Ministries and Compel Training. I have had the honor of being a speaker and writer for Proverbs 31 for the past decade. Three years ago, we launched a monthly membership site just for writers. It is there that I help other aspiring authors to study and hone the craft of writing.

We have “wanna be” writers who haven’t published anything yet except a few Facebook posts and others who have authored a book. There are teachings from our Proverbs 31 president–and repeat New York Times bestselling author–Lysa TerKeurst, along with content from other writers, editors, marketers, and leaders in today’s Christian publishing industry. All of the teachings are archived and you can go back and watch, read, and listen to them again as long as you are a member. And we have weekly tips, celebrations, a forum to build community, and even small writing contests from time to time. All are welcome and there is something for every level.

While I wish I could help people one-on-one who long to write (or speak), the demands of my life as a wife, mom, daughter, and sister–along with my writing and speaking schedule–won’t permit me. And so, I spend a few hours a month hanging out with our COMPEL community through the forum, sharing my ideas in teachings, and passing on the knowledge I have gained, by producing podcasts, webinars, and online video teachings. {The audio podcasts are my favorite because I can do them in my Detroit Tiger sweatshirt without any lipstick on!}

I so wish I had been able to access materials such as these when I first began writing books in 2001. You can check out COMPEL by clicking here.  You’ll be glad you joined us.

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Also be sure to learn about our She Speaks Conference for speakers, writers, and women in ministry held each year in the Charlotte, NC area. Attendees get to hear fabulous keynote speakers, take practical workshops, meet with publishers to pitch their ideas, and even sign up for some bonus conference calls about preparing for a publisher meeting and writing a bang-up book proposal. That last one is taught by someone I’m pretty certain will be wearing that Tiger sweatshirt and sipping herbal mint iced tea as she teaches!