The Blessed Ordinary

My heart is both heavy and proud today. Our dear friend Sergeant Gabriel Morse has left for training before being deployed to Iraq. Gabe is a father of five small children and is like a second father to our own three. (He and his sweet wife Ellen are set to be our children’s guardians should anything ever happen to Todd and me.)

He left this week and Kenzie took some pictures of the departure. This development in their dear family will also mean a change in our own as well. Kenzie will be staying with Ellen a few days a week to give her a break and help to homeschool the older kids and run them to their music and art lessons.

Please pray for the Morse family. And, while you are at it, enjoy your own. It is at times like this that you realize just what is important in life. It is the blessed ordinary days; the things Sergeant Morse will miss the most—roughhousing with the boys, giving the girls piggy back rides, tucking in times and bedtime prayers, grilled cheese kisses and muddy boots. What kings and queens can buy these pleasures? Yet they are ours for the taking–daily. Blessed. Ordinary.



Enjoy the blessed ordinary with your family.




  1. It is the simple things in life that mean the most. I will pray for this family. I currently have a niece and a nephew over in Iraq. Have a blessed day!

  2. How true Karen…the blessings in the routines of everyday life! Is that the fragrance of a rose coming out of my laundry basket? Yes it is. I have prayed for Gabe and his family. May the Lord cover them with His wings of love. Walk in His great love for you today Karen!

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