Weekend Note: To Those in Michigan

Attention Michigan gals: Anyone care to attend a wonderful Advent by candlelight event next weekend for FREE????

I will be speaking both nights to wonderful ladies in the fabulous and totally-“Christmassy” town of Frankenmuth, MI and you can come too! So grab a friend, plan to shop in this quaint village known as Michigan’s Little Bavaria or hit the nearby and HUGE Birch Run Outlet mall, and then end the night with this candlelight event. I hope to see you there!!

Below is a special invite for you from the event’s coordinator and fellow Weight Loss Wednesday member Pam.

Nov 28 & 29, we’re holding our 12th year of Advent by Candlelight—kind of a tea party to honor and focus on Jesus’ birth.  Seeing lots of conflicts in schedule for the Saturday night, so we have plenty of room!

We believe in inviting others to our event; you need not be a member of our church (or any church) to attend or even to host.  There is no admission charged, but if you like, you can throw some $ in a pot for kids who have aged-out of foster care.   Target audience is ladies high-school age and older.  Our program this year?  Karen Ehman!

Doors open at 6:30 p.m.  Program runs around 7-8 pm.  Dessert served afterward.

We’re in Frankenmuth, Michigan, a wonderful place to be at Christmastime!   We have individual seats open and are even willing to build new tables either on our own or with your help.  Praying we’ll fill the gym!  Let us know if you’d like to come.  My email is [email protected].  Hope to see you! Pam

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