8th Day of Christmas Giveaway….with Shari Braendel

Merry Monday and welcome to the 8th Day of Christmas Giveaway. If you are just joining us in our 12 Days of interviews and goodies, click here to get caught up. You can enter to win the prizes on any of the 12 posts until midnight EST on Sunday, December 13th.

As a woman, have you ever wanted a makeover? A chance to have someone knowledgeable about fashion, colors, body types and style give you a personal consultation on just what you should be wearing to look your absolute best? Then you are gonna LOVE my friend and fellow Proverbs 31 speaker Shari Braendel.

Shari is fun, full of faith and friendship; she has striking looks and style along with the  the most contagious laugh ever!! (She’s gotten me in trouble at a P31 meeting or two with our giggles over something trivial yet oh-so-can’t-stop-laughing funny.) Her mission is to help woman connect fashion and faith and be the best they can be. However, she also believes you are the most beautiful when you are closest to the way God made you, which, in an age of plastic and all things fake, is refreshing!

She also loves to inspire girls to embrace the phrase ‘modest is hottest” with her teen fashion shows she puts on across the nation. Shari is a speaker and author, writing devotions for Proverbs 31 and having self-published a workbook. She has her first book with a publisher coming out next summer entitled Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad. She is offering a way cool giveaway today, so read on and meet my friend—and personal fashion/hair/make-up/does-this-look-okay-on-me?/ consultant, Shari Braendel.


Shari, fill us in on what life is like at the Braendel household this Christmas season. 

Can you spell b-a-s-k-e-t-b-a-l-l ? We are a basketball lovin’ family especially since our  6’6” teenage son plays so much of it! He is on the JV AND the Varsity team so we have LOTS of games to attend…even if they are 2 hour away games! If there’s a game, we’re there!  December is a month of relaxation for me as I don’t typically have any speaking engagements . So I sit a lot, write a lot (still have those deadlines) and watch a lot of college football and basketball on TV when not at Luke’s games. I also watch out for every raindrop and pray it turns into a snowflake!

Can you share a tradition your family has enjoyed over the years?

We are a blended family of six and one of my very favorite traditions the kids started at our first Christmas together is that once they all wake up, the kids then wake Dave and I up, but none of them go downstairs until Dave and I get downstairs and make our coffee! While we do this, the kids, all four of them, (the girls are now 25 and Luke 15) sit on the top step and wait patiently for us to call them down! I have taken a picture of them each year since we’ve been a family (the past 13years) of them sitting together in their jammies…it is sooo cute and you can see how they’ve grown up together. One of our triplets got married last year so she’s missing in the photo now, but I’ll bet she misses that early morning tradition with her bro and sisses!

What are some of your favorite Christmastime foods? Any recipe you might share with us? Ahhh, let me think….NO! No recipes, that is!!!! My husband is the cook at our house!

What activities do you most look forward to doing with your family at the holidays? My teenage son’s birthday is December 4th so we always wait till after his birthday to get out all the decorations. Luke and I will put on Christmas music and sing and dance as we decorate the tree! My husband will cook dinner and watch us if our decorating goes into the night!

You are offering a great giveaway today to one of our cyber sisters. Can you tell us about it? 

I am giving away a copy of my workbook “If Clothes Could Talk”.  Since we’re so close to the January, it’s a perfect time to go thru the book to get a “new you for the new year!” It has everything from how to determine the best colors for you to the right style jeans for your body type…and everything in between! I’ll also include a copy of my workshop on CD that gives you an entire one hour session on audio…it will give you great insight and information to use along with the workbook…or just to laugh out loud with in your car when I talk about how to pull up your bra straps to make sure your ‘girls’ are in the right place! 

Thanks, Shari! Merry Christmas and happy basketball season!

All right gals, for today’s comment criteria, let us know what would be on a Christmas wish list for you if you were able to win a certificate for a personal consultation in the area of fashion. Would you want help picking the right colors and shades of clothing? Would it delight you to have a personal lesson in make-up application? Want to know how to pick jeans that flatter your body type? Need assistance choosing jewelry and accessories? What “fashion gift certificate” would you love to get in your stocking? Let us know. You just might win Shari’s workbook and cd!

Fashionable Holiday Blessings,


  1. I need help with selecting clothes that flatter, attractive, but not too costly and also age appropriate.

    I love the interview that our Wedding Anniversary is the same date as the birth of Shari’s son.

  2. To be honest, my husband “dresses” me and does a great job. I have gained some weight, so I don’t take the time I should with my appearance. I think I’ll start new on January 1st!

  3. For me it would be how to mix and match styles, colors, and patterns. I’m more of a matchy-matchy type gal, so putting together anything that’s not a solid with a solid or a print with a solid is definitely outside of my comfort zone! :)

  4. I would love to learn how to pick more professional clothing for my job. I have trouble with this and I always feel everyone else looks so much more put together than I do.

  5. Ooh, I would choose the fasion consultant, personal shopping attendant, give me advise on what styles will work for my body and still look ‘cool’. I may be part of the over 50 crowd, but I do still want to look ‘cool’!

  6. Got the color thing, I’m summer colors…
    Have had the makeup application done…
    Jeans…might need some help….
    Just need to get out of jeans and plain t-shirts period…

  7. I could use help in all areas. But, my boss recently told me I should get my colors done. I guess that was a good hint.

  8. I would soooo need help in the fashion dept because being very short (4-11) all the clothing is designed with tall and slim women in mind…and I look like a big FAT joke in the coolest and latest. :(

  9. I would probably say the right ‘color’ or the makeup class. Although with 2 little children I’m doing good to get out the house with everything minus makeup.

  10. Oh gosh, I’m in need of all these things, too. Let’s see…how about a list of the top 5 things a woman can do to “perk up” her look.

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