On Motives and Breaking Up

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Now back to our regularly scheduled Weight Loss Wednesday post. (If you haven’t joined our little cyber group of girlfriends, don’t fret! Newcomers are always welcome. You can get caught up by clicking on Weight Loss Wednesdays in the side bar.)


I had a hard week.

I planned on it being a great week; especially after stepping on the scale last Wednesday and glancing down at the digital numbers flashing at me. It was then that I realized I was only a tad bit over 10 pounds away from getting back to my lifetime Weight Watchers goal weight.

Man was I pumped.

The end was getting in sight.

Then, this past Thursday, I got sick. A terrible sinus monster invaded my head. It made it throb, pound and feel as if it surely would explode. I couldn’t sleep, or think straight. And I had an entire weekend of thinkin’ ahead of me.

Since I am severely allergic to cold medicine, I had to suffer. I was able to use a nose spray that helps for a few hours, just long enough to make it through playing a “Showcase Showdown Girl” during a game show spoof at our church’s Valentines Day banquet . Other than that, I was miserable.

And worst of all, since I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t smell. Since I couldn’t smell, nothing tasted good. Ya think that woulda helped my weight loss efforts.

It didn’t.

Nothing tasted good.

So I kept tasting.

I went from salty, to sweet, to spicy and back to salty again. On Sunday, I added back in dark chocolate, which I had been fasting from. Sweet hubby even bought me my favorite— Sea-salted dark Chocolate from World Market. It still didn’t do the trick. Could hardly taste it!

I know now my stomach wasn’t hungry; my taste buds were bored and no matter what I ate, I didn’t feel satisfied.

It lasted for three days!!!!

I also gave into a sometimes bad habit I have of hopping on the scale just to “peek” at how I am doing from Wednesday to Wednesday.

By Friday morning, I was down a bit.

But by Monday morning, after my three day quest for something to taste good and fill me up and after downing lots of salt which I normally avoid….I was up over 3 pounds! Ughhhhhhh!

It threw me into a massive blue funk. An “I-might-as-well-throw-in-the-towel-and-shut-down-WLW-on-my-blog-since-I-am-such-a-bad-example” funk.


But the last two days I have settled down and tried to discover if God wants me to do something different.

He does.

He wants me to break up with my scale. My state-of-the-art, Weight Watchers Digital scale.

It is defining me. And it is defeating me.

Even though when we started off last October, I encouraged you all to be defined by obedience and not a number on the scale, (post here) this past weekend, I was not taking my own advice.

So, I am officially breaking up with my scale, ending the love/hate relationship I have with it. Not for good, just for a while.

I have decided to start weighing in only on the first day of the month. I need my motivation to be obedience to God in my eating, not some stupid number on the stinkin’ scale. And I know from losing weight before how crazy addicted I get to hopping on the scale and seeing it go up or down when I am near my goal. It makes me crazy! And I often react by overeating if it doesn’t move as quickly as I’d like, which often drags out losing those last 10-15 pounds for what seems like an eternity!!!

So, I will still check in with you each Wednesday. Just not with my scale.

He and I will just have a once-a-month date and in between, I’ll have my husband hide him somewhere in the house. No….out in the pole barn. Then I’d have to wander 30 yards through several inches of snow to get it!

I hope this works!

Well— how was your week?

I hope it was better than mine. And thanks again for your cyber-presence here. You help me keep in line, and when I don’t, to hit the restart button—which I am doing RIGHT NOW!!!!! :-)

Sweet Blessings,


  1. Karen,

    I know you all have been at this for a while, but I’d love to join in on WLW if it’s not too late. I am Tina and mom to 6. Last year I lost 20 lbs and felt so, so good! I finally shed all the baby weight that I’d gained gradually over the years. However, a year later I have gained 10 of it back. Because I am 5’2″, 10 lbs makes a huge difference. I have not been exercising or being intentional with my eating. Both must be a part of my lifestyle all the time (not just when trying to lose weight). I found this through Mary Beth’s blog and have read some back posts. Would love to start checking in with you all on Wednesdays. I need some accountability!

  2. Last May I was at my goal weight for my niece’s wedding. The next weekend, my 22 yr old son was killed in a kayaking accident. My grieving over his death gave me permission to eat anything I wanted. Somehow, I gave food power over me. I guess I thought if I ate what I wanted it would take the pain away. So I ate, didn’t exercise and 6 months later, found myself 25 lbs over weight. I decided to start working out with a trainer two days a week and watching what I ate. I have lost 12 lbs and have 13 to go. I just found your blog and am excited to be part of Weight Loss Wednesdays. I think this is what I need to finish my weight loss journey before summer.
    I too was doing great and got a sinus/ear infection. I did not want to eat and didn’t eat much but found myself up 4 lbs at the end of last week. However, my trainer told me that since the body is 70% water, it was probably water weight. I got back on my good eating program on Monday of this week which consists of high protein, low carbs only 20% fat…the four lbs are gone and another lb joined them! yay!!! now…12 lbs to go!!!! God is good!

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