Good Girls Giveaway with Shari Braendel


If you were in the general vicinity of Mid-Michigan yesterday, you just might have heard me scream as I stood at my mailbox.

My fellow Proverbs 31 speaker and fun fashionista of a friend, Shari Braendel’s first book arrived in the mail. It is called Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad: A Style Guide for Every Woman. Since I endorsed it, I got an advanced copy.

Thus the scream in my driveway. (Sorry neighbors)

Girlfriends….YOU ARE GONNA LOVE THIS BOOK!!! Here is what I had to say about it on the back cover:

“Ever wished for a fashion fairy godmother who would not only grant you a magical makeover but actually equip you to make your own fashion choices that fit, flatter and make you feel fabulous?  With a wink of her keen eye and wave of her coordinating wand, image expert Shari Braendel has crafted the perfect ‘good girl’ go-to manual.”

Shari can help women, no matter their shape, size or age, to discover what colors, styles and accessories will make them look their best. Her book walks you through all of this and there are tools on her site too to help you find your fashion footing.

Below is an interview with Shari and a FANTABULOUS giveaway too.

Okay, here is the dealio.

Since I am swamped with getting ready for our annual She Speaks conference and since I TRULY believe this book is a must-have for every woman, I am leaving this post up until I return from the conference Monday, August 2.

You may leave a comment until midnight PST Sunday, August 1st to be entered in the random drawing. Winner announce Monday, August 2.

NOTE: I will still be micro-blogging by updating my Facebook  and Twitter statuses which both show up in my sidebar here.

AND WEIGHT LOSS WEDNESDAY GALS: This book is a great tool to help you in your journey down the scale. Please read the interview, leave a comment and let us know how your week went! I have not forgotten you, I just cannot post this week as usual.

Now for the interview. Please read to the end where you will discover one of the biggest give-aways I’ve ever featured here. Oh, I am soooo excited, I could just scream again!

Shari, how long was the book in the works?

It’s been in my head for a long time but when I began speaking at Christian womens conferences nationwide the need for a resource became necessary.

Why don’t we start with your philosophy on “appreciation of the body God gave you.” Tell us how you view your mission:

I believe its my calling to get women of faith everywhere to understand that God didn’t make a mistake with their bodies, that he gave them exactly the one he wanted them to have…and no matter if it is a size 0, 6, 16 or 26, it is good!

Tell us your own personal journey of faith:

I grew up in church having “religion” so I thought I was a Christian but it wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s. Then someone in Coral Gables, Florida bugged me for 3 months to go to a Bible study. I went and I was hooked. That’s where I learned that knowing Jesus is about being in relationship with Him.

You have a message of fashion but it really comes from having your self worth solid in the way God sees you. Would you elaborate on that idea?

Women look in the mirror every single day and come up short regarding the way they see themselves. We’re always comparing ourselves to the super models we see on TV and in magazines and most of us don’t look like they do. Since society tells us what is beautiful, we decide they must be right and since we don’t look like that, then we must not be good enough or pretty enough. Therefore it is critical that women understand that that they are okay, just as they are, and to understand that each of us is“fearfully and wonderfully made”. (Psalm 139:14)

The chapters in your book are so helpful, Why don’t you talk to us about body types:

There are 4 specific body types that I talk about in the book. Depending upon where you gain your weight will determine which type you are. I call them the Bod-x system.

You are a b body shape if you gain most of your weight in your belly. An o body is the overly endowed woman, and mostly gains in her upper midriff and bust area. The d body gains in her derriere and hips, and typically has a pretty small waist, and the x body type has a balanced body.

The goal is to look like an X even if you’re not. For example, If you gain in your tummy, then don’t tuck your shirts in and don’t wear belts. An O looks best when they layer pieces, making sure they also wear the correct bra. Prints are great for them as well. A d body type does great wearing belts, but may need a small shoulder pad to balance her hips and an X can get away with most styles, as long as she doesn’t wear things that are too tight or too sloppy looking.

Skin isn’t in? What’s the balance there for women and young girls?

Women and girls need to understand that modesty doesn’t mean old fashioned or fuddy-duddy. Modesty is a state of mind and young girls and women need to understand that how she dresses tells the world what she thinks about herself. Just because society tries to convince us that showing all we’ve got is in style, we don’t need to buy into that.

As Christian women, we can still be fashionable, stylish, yet modest women and girls. The chapter you’re referencing actually gives a guide to women on how to shop with their daughters to help them own the idea of modesty. Because honestly, until each of us owns the idea for ourselves, it will never take root, and that’s the premise of this chapter.

You have a free color analysis on your website? Tell us about that.

I’d love to!  If you’ve never had a color analysis you can get a FREE one on my site…just go to You can also see video clips of interviews with boys and what they think about the way girls dress. You can also watch video clips of  a womens What to Wear Christian Event and a Modest is Hottest Fashion Show. I also write a blog every week called What to Wear Wednesday. But for sure go get a Color Analysis!

What is your desire for women in regards to this book?

My greatest prayer through the writing of this book and also at every conference I speak at, is that women will finally make peace with their bodies, their hair, their skin, or whatever it is for them that trips them up every time they look in the mirror.

For so long, Christian women have had this sense that it’s not okay to think about their outside beauty. It IS okay to do that, as long as they realize that what’s going on on the inside of you is the most important because 3 gold bracelets aren’t gonna make that all better!

Many women were never taught HOW to dress correctly so they’ve just given up. My goal for this book was to help women have an actual do-it-yourself guide to discovering how to dress for their particular body type and coloring, how and where to buy the jeans and bathing suit that is best for them, where to shop based on their budget and even what hairstyle, makeup and glasses shape is best for them.

Thanks Shari! Now for the giveaway!

One gal who leaves a comment on this post will receive the following:

  • A signed copy of Shari’s book (a $14.99 value)
  • A free set of color swatches (A $19.95 value. You’ll have to take the color analysis on her blog to discover what you are)
  • And a $10 Target gift card to purchase some make-up, jewelry or a new article of clothing in your pallet of colors

So, hop over to Shari’s site to take the color analysis and then pop back here to tell us what you are. Or, if time is tight, simply comment here and say “I’m in”. If you are chosen as the winner, then you’ll have to take the analysis to find out what your color pallet is so Shari can send you your swatches.

Fashionista Blessings,


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  5. I am so happy that this new book is out! It so wonderful that their is finally a fashion stylist and personal shopper that understand the importance of being fashionable and modest! I am a clear with medium skin, dark brown hair and eyes.

  6. Hi Karen, You were so gracious to pray for me after the session Sunday. I’m the one who was snuffling and snorfing and you couldn’t understand what I was saying…the girl who has SO been there/done that with the weight battle! I asked you to pray that God would break down my fears of “getting up and going”…traveling is not my forte, especially air travel, which petrifies me. Well, lo and behold, the promise I picked up at the cross after you prayed for me was the perfect translation of the perfect verse: Romans 8:38 NLT: “And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[a] neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.”

  7. I am a medium hues girl! Would love,love,love to win this give-away!! I have a terrible time shopping for clothes, because, (1) it is hard to find modest clothing these days, and (2) I don’t have good eyes for color! This would help me immensely!!


  8. Well, mine says Clear, but I don’t agree bc my eyes are dark blue, not bright, and the one I clicked on looks gray like my eyes. Oh well. ;) This book looks really fun! I want to include it in my church’s womens’ newsletter & tell my friends about it.

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