The BMI Index-Indicative or Idiotic?

Hi all–

Man, I am feeling the crunch.

I have the biggest conference of my year coming up in two short weeks. Two messages to prepare. Book proposals to peruse. A speaker evaluation group of twelve ladies to pray for. And two days of training for our Proverbs 31 speaker team to head up.

I’m tired just thinking about it!

So, not a lot of time to write blog posts.

Ta-da! My sweet friend Lindsey Feldpausch to the rescue.

I’m actually having coffee this morning with Lindsey. She is back in Michigan for her sister-in-law’s wedding and so we get to hang out for a bit. Then, in two weeks, she & I, along with P31 sistah Whitney Capps, will be roomies at the She Speaks conference. What fun.

Well, in the mean time, I am going to be directing you to some of Lindsey’s WONDERFUL posts on all things healthy, godly & weightloss-y…….well, sort of.

She has such a fresh take on things.

A spiritual twist.

A God’s-girl view.

So, this week, for her clever post on the BMI index chart, click here. Don’t forget to come back and let us know how your week went!

Praying for you Weight Loss Wednesday gals!


  1. Enjoyed the article on BMI! I love the fact that it really does all go back to Christ and pleasing Him. Having a real relationship with Him. I have completed the first week of my Bible study at church that also deals with fitness. I have a buddy to keep accountable with, and it has been a busy week! I’ve been picking berries and canning jam and still trying to do the Leslie Sansone walk when I am able. I was worried about the scale as this is the first time I have honestly tried to lose weight since my diagnosis of hypothyroidism. Thank the Lord the numbers did go down! 4.8 pounds down! Now I am going to be on the road for the next two weeks. My goal is to be faithful in studying the Bible and in maintaining wise choices in my eating and exercise. I’m thankful for the reminder to always have Christ as first in this journey!

  2. Thanks Karen and Lindsey!! I love the way Lindsey writes. It really speaks to me. I’m down 2 pounds this week. Had a goal to loose 15 pounds by August 2 which I set several weeks ago, but I’ve gotten so far behind I will not attain it now, but I’m still hoping to be close. I’m staying pretty much on track right now. Have a great week ladies. God bless.

  3. Yep it would be awesome to lose the BMI tables, but in reality I will still be too fat for my height. Since I have been on diabetes meds I have had ups and downs, seriously ill with the first med and I had to switch last friday. Today I am feeling much better. I haven’t lost any more weight but I am focusing on one thing at a time, baby steps. I feel hopeful that if I am supposed to lose this extra weight that Gods will and mine will intersect and we will be successful! Prayers for each of you today!

  4. Ah yes, the BMI. My husband says (and I have no idea what he bases this on) that it is going out of favor. Hooray if it does. Shortly after school was out this summer, we received in the mail a physical fitness evaluation form for my nine year old. Way back when I started this journey with Karen, I posted that my two younger children are exceedingly thin, and the struggle to lose weight for me and my husband when we are told to cook high-cal for them. Well…my nine year old daughter’s BMI is 12. Yup. So low that she was not even on their graphic representation of it. She is so underweight that she is not on the growth chart either. She hasn’t been on the growth chart for weight since she was six months old. She is as bony as those underfed children you see in pictures, except she does not have the pot belly that accompanies malnutrition. Fitness-wise, she also maxed out on flexibility, can run and jump rope like nobody’s business. I don’t know where she gets it!
    My weigh in today says that I have either lost half a pound or gained two pounds – love that crazy scale of mine. We were out of town for a few days over the last week, and did a lot of eating out; and I also did not feel well for a solid three days so no exercise. I’m not very hungry, thanks to this heat wave; but I also feel like no matter how much I drink it’s never enough.
    I really like Lindsey’s idea re: the new chart. I have been thinking lately about the things I ask for in prayer. I can be very selfish! I did actually pray for patience on Monday morning – with trepidation since I had an entire day of errands and had to work in the evening. I know that praying for patience means we have to practice it! But I do want to stop asking for selfish things and ask instead for God to make me more like Jesus. Praying for you, Karen; and the other ladies of P31. I went to that conference two summers ago and it was wonderful. I hope to go again “someday.”

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