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We women love to talk.

A lot.

In fact, my ability to talk is the only complaint my elementary teachers wrote on my “progress reports”.

Remember those? Little boxes stood at attention across the crisp, white page?





Very Good.

I worked my little  performance-driven tail off to nab all “Very Goods”.  I do remember my mom showing me that I’d reached my goal, except for one category in which I only received a “Good”.

Classroom cooperation.

The teacher made it clear that it wasn’t necessarily that I didn’t cooperate. It was just hard for her to gain the cooperation of the entire class when I was flappin’ my jaws so much.

My ability to talk also got me into trouble in junior high.

Not with teachers.

With peers.

Think the “talkin-behind-the-back-to-this-one-so-that-one-will-like-me-only-now-that-one-sat-at-lunch-by-this-one-and-repeated-what-I-said-about-her-so-now-no-one-likes-me-and-I-am-forced-to-stop-sitting-at-the-popular-table” kind of stuff.

In high school I discovered that I liked to talk in front of a crowd. Mrs. Lewis’s 9th grade speech class and I hit it off real well, followed by forensics (not the CSI kind, the speech contest kind!)

Then, in college, my ability to yack it up is what my husband says first attracted him to me.

He asserts “You could talk to anyone. From the college president to the grocery store clerk to the shy girl on your floor, for Pete’s sake! Come to think of it, you were even pretty good at talking to Pete!. You knew how to work a room, making everyone feel included and noticed. I loved how you could talk.”

“Then,” he continues, “About three days into our honeymoon, I had this thought. ‘When is she EVER gonna shut up?!?!?”

In fact, he told me not too long ago that he has decided, if I go first, just what he is going to put on my tombstone.

A period.

“She’s finally done talking!”

(It was a cold night in our house that night with no….shall we say “horizontal fellowship”!)

Today, I get paid to talk.  So I guess I have the last laugh!!

Anyhow…. I hope for us to have ourselves some good ole’ girl-talking discussions here in the next few months.

Some changes are coming here on this blog that I am oh-so excited about.

Some in the look.

Some in the features and content.

And I really hope it will provide us ALL a place to talk.

About living our lives. Our families. Our men. (Be nice, now!) Our priorities.Our passions and pet peeves. Our attempt to live like Jesus wants us to when sometimes we really stink at that.

But I don’t want to leave out the practical. The tips, secrets, recipes and such that enable us to take care of the ‘have tos’ of life efficiently so we can get around to the ‘want tos’.

How about you? What do YOU want to chat it up about?

Sweet-talkin’ Blessings,


  1. Yes, I’m a talker, too; and have three “talker” daughters. My poor husband! The funny thing is that right now I want to say something about what I feel the need to hear about, but can’t even find the words. It is complex, and I haven’t figured out the details yet.

  2. I think we may have been separated at birth!
    I think all of my report cards had notes about how I would be a better student if I would just listen more and talk less.
    I still get teased by my family about how much I talk. None of them understand that I don’t mind talking in front of a group, it doesn’t scare me the way it does them, far from it, I actually enjoy it.
    Yes, talking so much can get me in trouble too. I really hate dead air in a group, and feel like I have to fill it, even when I don’t have anything witty or particularly intelligent to say. That’s bad!
    I have really enjoyed checking in here on Wednesdays and have received alot of encouragement from you, Karen, as well as the other commentors. Even though I do act more like one of those “snoopers” most of the time.
    Change is exciting, I look forward to hearing where this will take us in the next few weeks.
    Thanks for all you do and I will definitely check out Lindsey’s blog. :)

  3. OH my, that could have been written about me! In the comment section on all my report cards, the teachers had to write microscopic to fit in all their comments about my talking in class, getting out of my seat, helping others, etc. I went back to school in my 30’s and got my teaching credential and think my teacher’s are laughing in their graves at all the chatterboxes I have to put up with!!!! My husband loves my chatting also, to a point, and he and my dad say I have never met a stranger, but that is a gift when we talkers are able to talk to the shy person at a retreat or meeting or wherever someone may feel alone and just need a friendly ‘hello” shot their way.
    So enjoy your blog and all the messages on Proverbs 31!

  4. I was always talking as a little girl too, something my very precocious granddaughter does too! I really enjoy reading and learning from other women. I found that I am a better listener than a talker now. Keep the good stuff coming! I love this Blog and am grateful to my friend Janet who steered me to Proverbs31.

  5. The changes sound exciting, new look, new topics, etc. I’m really hoping that you stay with Weight Loss Wednesdays though because I love/need the encouraging Biblical thoughts while moving forward with my lifestyle change. (And your husband sounds funny, just like mine!)

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