Starting Over for the First Time

Be sure to read to the end for a chance to win a copy of Made to Crave!!!


How often have you (and I!) vowed to lose weight, started out of the chutes with gusto, only to fizzle within the first weeks (or days!)? Yes, I know, sometimes even by noon of the FIRST day!

Regular readers know this has & will always be a battle for me. And for many of my close friends.

After all, we gals bond over food, don’t we?

When we’re eating it.

Or trying desperately NOT to eat it?

A sister loses weight and we want to know the secret.

So we share and struggle; sometimes seeing success. Most times not, which leaves us back where we started.

Starting over AGAIN!!

Four years ago when I lost over 100 pounds, I was securing endorsements for a book I was writing and for my website. My friend & Proverbs 31 President Lysa TerKuerst wrote this:

“……Karen encouraged me to finally get serious about losing my baby weight. Twenty-five pounds later…I’m healthier and happier than ever.”

I thought, “Oh how sweet, I was an encouragement to her.”

Yes, Lysa & I bonded over tiny little pre-packaged, calorie restricted cakes & air-popped salty treats. We  lost weight by working from the outside in; being a food Nazi about every morsel that went into our mouths.

It worked.

For a while.

Then, within less than two years, Lysa gained back all that weight.

A year after that, I gained back over a third of what I lost.

Then, Lysa, at her wits end, tried a very different approach.

An approach from the inside out.

And it worked.

I won’t go into the long story as you can read it for yourself, but the result was Made to Crave.

It is a book.

And a website.

And weekly webcasts.

No….it is a movement!!!

I encourage all of you who are also tired of starting over to check it out.

And, if you want to study this fabulous book (I’ve already read it!) with a group of over 1000 gals, check out our other P31 sister Melissa Taylor’s online study of Made to Crave.

Melissa is a fellow struggler. She and I have commiserated over the years as both our weights have meandered up and down the scale. She is such a shot in the arm with her sweet demeanor and warm, encouraging (yet often zany) ways. You will LOVE her!!!!

The study starts January 16th. You can sign up in the right sidebar of Melissa’s site here.

I’ll be there too. :-)

I want to start over again….for the first time.

How about you?

After checking out Made to Crave & Melissa’s online study, be sure to come back here and leave a comment. One gal will be chosen to win a free copy of Lysa’s Made to Crave book!!! Winner announced Friday. :-)



  1. I have signed up for the bible study, been reading the blogs and emails, and viewing the website only thing left for me to do is get the book! You are such a blessing Karen for helping a lucky reader with what is sure to be an awesome read and study group. Thanks for your kindness.

  2. Would really love to win the book and participate in the study. I cannot seem to rid myself of this “baby fat” that has lingered for almost 2 years now…..maybe this will give me the boost I need to get it off and keep it off!

  3. I decided in October that I was going to make changes and become the Me that God wants me to be. It’s been baby steps. I can use the focus, and have signed up for the online Bible study. Thank you for the opportunity!

  4. I need this. I signed up for the study. I have to do this for me. I’m so unhappy in this body. I’m so tired of obsessing over food and turning to it for all the wrong reasons. I have to get focused on God and do it right this time. Thank you so much.

  5. I love Lysa and would love this book! :)Either way, this is the year I am doing it and God is my helper – I am not afraid! :)

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