Holy Sickness

Last Thursday, our twelve-year old came down with the flu.

The high-fever, aches & chills, cookie-tossing, constant coughing, cruddy flu.

When my kids get sick, it kicks me into high momma-gear. Someone once told me a statement I’ve never forgotten: “There is nothing more holy than caring for a sick child.”

Nearly 20 years of brow blotting, temperature taking, and chicken soup making have found me agreeing with that declaration. There is something holy about caring for your child when they are sick.

They are helpless.

They are scared.

They are sore and shaking.

And they come to you believing that you alone can make it all better. (To this day, I still want my mom when I am sick!)

The only downside? Sometimes I catch the sickness.

Though I put drops of bleach in the dishwater and washed my hands until they nearly cracked, I am now coughing and a tad feverish. (Prayers appreciated!)

Now you’d never catch me saying I like being sick, there is an aspect of it that can be beneficial for me. It makes me stop and remember that I am utterly dependent on God for my very breath.

You see, I often take for granted that I can “do it all”; take care of the house, the kids, the hubster; the blog, the projects. When the wind is out of my sails due to sickness, it transports me instantly to a place of dependence.

Its then I remember that all I have and all I am comes only from Him.

It is a holy clinging.

An admittance of reliance.

A state of sustenance.

So I sip peppermint tea, breathe in the aroma of Vicks vapor rub (I’m severely allergic to all cold medicine) and pray that I’m all better in time to fly to Charlotte on Sunday (I’m to be a guest on Lysa TerKeurst’s Made to Crave webcast on Valentines Day. Tonight’s guest is Mandisa)

But I also pause to thank God for the small things I often take for granted:

For breathing without coughing.

For being able to run errands without a fever.

For doing laundry and dishes and other mundane tasks of motherhood in a normal, healthy state.

So if today is an average, daily day of life; without bells and whistles; void of glamor and glitz; but you feel completely fine…..

Well, then whisper a thankful prayer.

Normal is bliss.

But every once in a while, sick can be holy.

And holy is where I’m to dwell right now; in the presence of the One who alone can make it all better.


Congrats to the winner of the weekend light & dark giveaway. Please send me your home address at [email protected]. She is: Amy; comment left on February 4th at 9:26 pm

See you Wednesday and don’t forget to tune into tonight’s Made to Crave webcast at 8:00 pm EST!

Holy Blessings,


  1. Dear Karen, Praying for a quick recovery–just got over mine and AMEN to breathing without coughing, sleeping all night without sneezing…and going a day without the aches and pains…((HUGS))

  2. Keeping you in my prayers! You mentioned you can’t take cold meds…I sing on the praise team at church and a lot of sickness has hit a lot of our team memebers this past & current season. My praise team leader is a stickler for using all natural remedies. Below are some of the things she’s told us about: “Silver Shield- great for Strep and other infections of that nature. ALJ- clears up sinus infections. #11(i do not know the name of it) homeopathic for nausea and vomiting- very very good stuff! And of course the faithful standby for the flu- oscillococcinum- it is a homeopathic as well and will knock it out if that is exactly what you have and you catch it at the beginning and it can be found at Walmart, WalGreens, or CVS. (proven in our family time and again).” Hope some of this info might help you or help someone. Hugs & prayers coming your way.

  3. Two weeks ago my normally very independent 24 yr old, ‘I can do it myself’ daughter was sick with the flu and she needed me to take care of her…I loved it! (not her being sick, but that she asked for me to take care of her)

    I will be praying for you! I know that you will be a blessing on Lysa’s webcast! God will use you in a very special way that night…we don’t want you to miss it!

  4. Girl, you and I are in the same boat. My daughter got sick last Monday and finally got better around Friday. Hubby caught it bad about Wednesday and he’s better (though still coughing). Guess whose turn it is? And I was going to the webcast in person tonight but decided to not to – maybe God meant for me to be there next week to see you instead of Mandisa :) Wouldn’t that be awesome!

    Get well soon friend!

  5. May God bless you with renewed strength, and breathing, and no more aches very very soon. Rest up and eagerly anticipating your comments next Monday.

  6. I had to take my 31 yr old, no insurance daughter to the walk-in clinic on Sat; flu, no insurance, and the Tamiflu was $100. Of course I paid; Mommas are Mommas until the day you die and you gladly pay for your children no matter what. Best wishes to you – and for me so that I don’t get it too.

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