Stumbles & Setbacks

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Do you ever get tired of hitting the “reset” button?

No, I don’t mean on your computer or smoke alarm. I mean on your own behavior.

You have a ‘domestic disturbance’ with your hubby where, while you might not let sharp objects fly, hurtful words were sure hurled his way.  You vow you won’t ever behave like that again. But you do.

Or you lose it with your kiddos….or coworker…..or mother-in-law and you feel remorse. You promise yourself you’ll keep you emotions in check next time. However, one of these people pushes your button and off the handle you fly.

Or you blow it when it comes to eating sensible. The Easter goodies and Sunday dinner fare tasted just too yummy and you had to indulge. Soon the small indulgence led to an all out binge. Then, feeling guilty, you declared the binge over and purposed to start anew only to be tripped up by one small word:


As in leftover cheesy potatoes, honey-glazed ham, homemade rolls, treats from your child’s basket or that deadly Easter combo of chocolate & coconut!

So you pig out on those for two days, reasoning that once they are all gone, you’ll “start over”.

Anyone been there?

Anyone there right now? (Put down that Cadbury egg!!!!)

Many of you reading this are cyber friends who are part of our Weight Loss Wednesday gang. What can you do mentally to recover after a stumble or setback? Or do your mis-steps make you throw in the towel and head for the fridge?

Perhaps we need to remember that in our journey toward a healthy weight, it isn’t about perfection, but progress. And that, although we may hate ourselves for our stumbles, we can cling to this truth:

“The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. “The LORD is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.” Lamentations 3:22-24

Now, how was your week? How can we pray for you?


  1. B,y the way, my son Matt is now almost 25, so I have been praying for him for a long time! But I am thankful that God kept Matt safe for all those years!

  2. I was happy to read about answer envy. I have experienced that while I was praying for my son Matt to come back to the Lord.. I have prayed for him since he was 16. He drank, ran around, totalled vehicles, etc. Two months ago, Matt stopped in and told me he was changing his life. He was stopping drinking, was going to marry his fiance, and was going to start going to church with me again. I was so filled with joy that I couldn’t keep the tears from coming down my face at any given time. I am so thrilled and grateful for God’s answer to my prayers! Jer. 33:3 is a scripture that God put into my heart at Bible college in 1976 and I have never forgotten it.

  3. I luv the “What now?” instead of “Why me” principle! I am 37 and single, never married with no children. Pretty much most of the people I went to school with are married and have kids. I know however that things aren’t always as rosy as they appear. But I struggle with Loneliness and self – pity, “I am happy for my friends God, but when is it going to be MY turn?” It is somewhat complicated by the fact that I was engaged in college…..but Praise God He didn’t allow the marriage to happen or it would have ended in a messy divorce.

    However it was not all bad, It is hard because I got a taste of what I long for and you know the rest of the story!

    But I am serving others in my church. I work a lot with the preschoolers a lot as I adore kids! And I have a card ministry to my fellow sisters. And I help wherever there is a need. But there is a bigger “Now What?” Oh Jesus….please give me direction in my singlness!

  4. Wow, I can totally relate to this post today. Surely you have installed hidden video cameras in my home, office, and car because you just described me to a tee. Seriously though, I literally just wrote in an email to my best friend that I do not understand why I can eat so badly so consistently and yet eating well is so much more difficult. I can be consistenly bad but not consistently good. I don’t get me sometimes. I know all of the answers in my head; sadly the answers are not all rooted into my heart. Please pray that I am able to hit the restart button and that I am able to focus on making more consistent eating right choices and that I will be able to forgive myself when I slip up.

  5. Thanks Karen! I used to let a failure like this throw me off for weeks and months. But thankfully as I’ve grown on this journey I am able to reset right away usually. I’ve had a good week, but am not down any weight. Probably because of Easter dinner! I’ve set a goal of 20 more pounds before I go on vacation in August. Just means 1.25 pounds per week. I’ve tottered back and forth with the same 2 pounds for months now. Am just doing enough to get by, not really putting great effort in to it. But I think I’m ready now. I no longer beat myself up, but say it’s done, now just move forward.

  6. Thanking God for His Son, Jesus.
    I’ve been singing Christ is Risen!:)
    Please pray for my family. Sickness and challenges at work.
    I began a new thanking journal!
    Will be thinking on the progress I’ve made and keep pressing on. Thank you Karen so much!

  7. Thankfully, my children are all grown and there were no Easter baskets this year. My old passion for jelly beans didn’t it’s appeal either. What got me was the potatoes that my son-in-love made. I am facing the gain with a fresh perspective thanks to your encouraging post.
    This is a journery for me and not a destination.

  8. Thank you for this, Karen.

    I can relate on so many levels to stumbling; not just relating to food.

    It’s hard at times to really believe that God’s mercies are everlasting but that is the only way I know it’s possible for me to continue pressing on in spite of the setbacks. He is faithful. I just have to remember that; sometimes minute to minute.

  9. Thanks for the encouragement, Karen. The Easter candy certainly entrapped me, but it is gone now. I am back on track w/ my good eating choices. In fact, speaking of re-sets, I was able to make the decision midday to start making better choices. (In the past, I would have given up for the day, week, etc.) While I am not proud of the mess-ups, that is growth for me!

    If you could pray for me, please ask for a speedy recovery. I had surgery last Friday on my tailbone, and it is tougher than I thought! (It hurts so much to sit. :( Very frustrating!) Thanks!

  10. Love, love, love this, Karen:
    “Perhaps we need to remember that in our journey toward a healthy weight, it isn’t about perfection, but progress. And that, although we may hate ourselves for our stumbles, we can cling to this truth:

    “The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. “The LORD is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.” Lamentations 3:22-24”

    Thank you for speaking the truth in love. We struggling sisters need to stick together.. If you never admit you have fallen how can anyone help you stand back up?

  11. All I can say is that on Sunday I commented to my husband that having Easter candy in the house for the kids and a Mom with PMS is a very bad combo. I didn’t even bother to weigh-in today. My jeans are very tight. :( On the upside, I’m not denigrating myself; but praying for strength. :)

  12. Thank you for your post Karen. Yes, please pray for me. I am having potty issues and am going to see my doctor tomorrow. This has been going on almost two weeks and ammodium is not working. I am paying for my own health coverage, which does not include docs visits, lab work etc. Needless to say, I am praying this is a bacterial infection that will only require some meds…..not any longstanding doc visits and tests…..I am so trying not to worry, but it is difficult. I overall try to be good about my health habits and rarely go to the doc., I would truly appreciate your prayers for nothing serious. It is a shame the direction our country is going with healthcare…..I pay almost $400.00 a month for coverage and it is only for hospital coverage.

  13. Please pray for me to have peace, clarity, and strength. Eating issues overwhelm my mind every minute of every day. I want to feel healthy, I want to take care of God’s temple, I want to treat me with the upmost respect and love, but then I fall and fall and fall. Please pray for me to give ALL my eating issues to the one who loves me no matter what I eat- my heavingly Father. Blessings.

  14. Feeling so very blue–my legs are rubbing together–they are full of chocolate!!! I have moved in with my Sweet Mom who has early dementia–I know this is a good thing but would you please keep me in your prayers??!! Thank you and blessings, Barb

  15. Okay, Karen! I know you can see me because you spoke directly to my issue right now! I’m at school and I’m so stinkin hungy! I have M&M’s in my dest drawer but I went to the mini fridge and got some baby carrots out. It’s so hard to eat sensibly when commercials come across the tv that tempt my sweet tooth. I was watching Cupcake Wars last night and wanted one so bad. Why do I do this to myself? My bestie and I are off to a Women of Faith conference this weekend in Columbus, Ohio. I need prayers that I don’t get too far off track with my eating!!

  16. I’m there. Too much stress. Too many indulgences. Had to go shopping for an outfit to wear to an event we’ve been invited to. Couldn’t believe it was me in the mirror. Very disheartening. Pray for me.

  17. EASTER Pnut butter eggs, my weakness. Good news. there are none left. Bad news? They will be seen around my middle for a few weeks! :( nice post. inspiring. hopping back on the band wagon… Thanks!

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