Move It and Lose It

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Do you hate exercise?

Me too.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to shake images from my past: being the last around the track in gym class; not being able to do the minimum numbers of chin ups for the President’s fitness test thingy every year; stinking at the ‘dashes’ in track–50 yard, 100 yard. Yep, I was more dwaddle and waddle than dash.

It still affects me today. Even though the gym I go to is full of mostly normal (and several elderly) people—it is a gym/hospital rehab combo, not a trendy gym– I still hate that I can’t crank up the treadmill to the speed of the gal next to me.

But I haven’t hated ALL exercise.

I used to love to play softball. And swim. And I was a cheerleader for years and captain of my college’s dance squad. (no snide remarks, please!)

I liked these activities because I thought they were fun and I was actually sort of good at them.

So, while I am in a bit of a movement slump recently, I’ve decided to quit focusing so much on the movements I loathe and try to go back to some I love.

Yep, just bought me a hip-hop dance exercise dvd . And I will have no audience, thank you very much! I’m hoping it will make the movement more enjoyable.

And I’m also planning on combining walking (which I don’t mind too much) with chatting with friends ( which I love). My Made to Crave Bible study is finished but some of us want to get together to pray and walk.

I think I’ll call it Made to Move.

We’ll just have to be careful we don’t walk to a coffee shop, grab an iced latte and drink back all the calories we just burned!

Now, tell us– what exercise do you enjoy?

There may or may not be a Starbucks gift card for one of you, chosen randomly, who comments! (You’ll just have to promise me you won’t use it for one of those screamin’ goodies in the glass bakery box!!!)

P.S. Thanks for the reminder in the comments from Gabriela. Have any of you memorized any scripture like we talked about back in March on this post? Let us know!!

Moving Blessings,


  1. My doctors keep telling me I need to excercise, I need to walk to help my diabetes & heart. I know I do, but find every excuse not too.. I am going to check into the Body Gospel DVD. I know with the Lord’s help I can do this!

  2. I love LOVE LOVE Zumba! Sadly though, my love of Zumba caused me to hurt my heel…plantars Faciaitis….soo I am down for the count for a while. I also love walking with friends. I am hoping to get a walking group together this Summer for some evening walks!
    My husband and I enjoy bike riding together. Hopefully the weather is nice on Saturday so we can go!

  3. I have never exercised. I have been moving and exercising for 8 weeks and have never felt better. I am so thankful for the Lord pushing me to change my life.

  4. I have never exercised. I have been moving and exercising for 8 weeks and have nerer felt better. I am so thankful for the Lord pushing me to change my life.

  5. Running has been a part of my life for over 2 decades. After a bit of a break post-kids, I’m now pounding the pavement again, although at a reduced level due to the fact that I want to preserve my joints until my 90’s, if God grants me those years! Pilates and occasional elliptical machine workouts help me to feel my best as well.

  6. I hate exercise…I know God tells us not to hate. But I’m just sayin’. LOL! I have just recently purchased “Zumba” for the Wii. I love it. It does not feel like a workout.

  7. I too HATE exercise! I love to do physical work or play volleyball, dance, walk with friends, but I don’t consider that exercise for the sake of “exercising.” My WW leader told me, “You don’t have to like it; you just have to do it!” This worked for a long time, until my last baby. Now I’m struggling to “just do it” again and, of course, beating myself up for not. Goodluck with your new hip-hop dance. :)

  8. my kids and I enjoy doing all of the the Wii Fit and Wii Just Dance DVD’s. It’s hard to find activities to do with older kids and this is something we have fun doing together! And it’s actively beneficial, too! Try it….you’ll be surprised!!

  9. Back in March, my youngest son decided he did not want to participate in spring soccer. I had been searching for something we could together. Our family is very busy and I wanted some time together, and not on the couch time. We decided to take Karate. We are having a blast and do it together. This is the best exercise for me and for my children. When my husband is available he also attends. I really have to work on the push ups during our warm up time. The girlie ones are not appreciated by the black belts in the class!

  10. I’m trying to fit into old clothes now that I am done having babies. I need to fit into them out of necessity because we don’t have the money to invest in a new wardrobe. But, I’ve found my body has changed after seven years and three kids. My escape right now is to take one of our younger dogs on a 2-mile walk through our country roads to see the mountaintops and valleys God has created. While in college and through physical therapy after knee surgery, my favorite exercise was riding the elliptical. It wasn’t a bike, but it wasn’t a treadmill. I used to love riding my bike for miles through a bike trail created from an old railroad line, and it was so relaxing and peaceful and awe-inspiring because I could go for miles and just take in all of what God has made. I can’t wait til my kids are a bit older so I can do that activity with them.

  11. I love walking with my kids in the stroller–especially when I’m with another mom chatting, and the kids fall asleep! :)

  12. I really don’t like exercise at all but I need to so badly!! Three of my five kids are very slim and have great energy and then my younest two are a little on the fluffy side and are picky eaters. I too am a little on the fluffy side so I know I need to help them by being the example of taking care of my body and eating good. I’m not a picky eater….they get that from their daddy. teehee I have the Made to Crave book but haven’t started it yet…silly me. Great post thank you!

  13. I like to walk around my block…mostly to clear the head and not so much to burn calories! If I do manage to get to the gym, I usually do the treadmill and listen to my very old podcasts from Focus on the Family…I don’t get there too often!

  14. My body doesn’t like to excercise but my mind does :) I’m just not sure how to make my body listen to my mind. I loved the comment about dancing. I, too, love to dance. Maybe I’ll give it a try. Just turn on some good dance music and start moving.

  15. I love the idea of exercise but haven’t found one that I just love to do. I like the results and want to be this active energetic Mom who just loves to get out there and exercise but alas that hasn’t happened yet.

  16. I so am going to go look for gospel body. Sounds like a good thing, I have been going to the gym with my daughters. ** have paying for over 5 years and not going** we have been doing the p90x as a class there. I have lost some weight. I am happy after not going for 3 weeks due to my work schedule. I have maintain my weight!!!!! that is huge for me. * the coach is a beady body coach (kody smith).

    blessing everyone,

  17. I need to learn how to get my butt off this chair and away from the computer. Somehow having a baby gave my body 35 extra lbs :( I need to check out the gospel body dvd. Coffee is the best ;)

  18. I bso need to move too. After being in an auto accident 2.5 yrs ago, it has been hard to get moving. I’m in physical therapy and I realize how important it is to exercise. I’m going to start by trying to walk for 1/2 hour. We will see how it works. After reading these comments, I feel motivated. Nanci

  19. My favorite exercise is bike riding with my family… although that has become less and less frequent as my kids are getting older and have their own social activities to attend!

    Walking with a friend is another absolute favorite – what a great way to get some exercise AND make those important connections in life!

  20. I hate, hate, hate to exercise. I want to love it, because Heaven knows I need it, but I just don’t. I force myself to get up and run or do the Thirty Day Shred three times a week. I know I NEED to do more and wish it wasn’t such a chore. I just haven’t found an exercise yet that I love, so I press on…but I am NOT happy about it. I joined Beth Moore’s Siesta Scripture Memory Team this year and am memorizing my 9th verse of the year…it has been a huge blessing!

  21. My son (stationed in Egypt right now, prayers appreciated) got Jay Johnson’s bootcamp for my 44th birthday last year (May 5th, it’s been a year! ha). I loved it.. My DVD remote quit working so I haven’t done it in a long time. But journaling my workouts in Body-for-LIFE has been great. I love seeing God showing me the strong body I told Him He didn’t give me.

  22. I am so sorry to say I do love to exercise, I really do. I love being outside and moving and the sunshine. I have always been overweight but I do always exercise. I laugh because I think the neighbors see my riding my bike and walking for 10 years and probably say..”Poor lady, she is still fat.” ha, ha. I go anyway but I would rather exercise than clean and be in my house. My advice is always put on your shoes and say you will just go for 5 or 10 minutes, it is hard to stop after 5 or 10 so you may as well continue. Also, I go early in the day before I can change my mind or come up with other things to do. I also have friends who like to walk at night. If you turn off the computer and tv you will find you have lots of extra time…fill it with a walk!

  23. I’m loving “Body Gospel” Working out to gospel music is awsome!!! you should check it out. It has me motivated and with Made to Crave, it’s a perfect combo!!!! Good luck with the hip-hop:-)

  24. I so agree with the part about doing something you love.
    I have always hated to exercise, but as a 43 year old woman I realised I wasn’t getting any younger and I was gradually getting bigger…. I have tried to work out to DVD’s and walk on the tread mill, heck I even joined a gym. None of it worked because it was WORK! I prayed about it one day as I was struggling to get up from the floor, and God reminded me that I used to LOVE to dance. So one day I put in my favorite dance music (70’s disco) and I danced for an hour or more. I have been dancing after I get off work ever since. I get a wonderful work out and the time passes so fast I am sad when the hour is up. I thank God he reminded me how much I accually love to move & “Get Down”.

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