Let Dad Be Dad Recording

Out shopping for last minute Father’s Day gifts for the kiddos to give their dad?

You could give him a gift yourself too.

Back off and let him parent the kids in his unique way.

My close friend Mary Steinke and I did a live broadcast yesterday on Mommy Missions radio on this very topic. Below is the description and a link so you can listen to the program.

Your husband will thank you for it. :-)

How well do you handle coming home from a weekend of Dad being in charge? With laughable honesty, Karen and Mary relate how they transformed from being control freaks about parenting to moms who encourage their husbands’ unique parenting styles. With a look at extended families, marriage and parenting issues, and lots of practical take-away ideas, they’ll encourage you to step back so your husband can step up and be the delightful dad God intended him to be.

Listen to the recording here: http://goo.gl/DSsyA

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  1. If being afraid of what the house will look like upon my return counts, then I guess I need to lighten up a bit. DH is a wonderful dad; kitchen upkeep, on the other hand, well…….

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