All My Fountains

I love Sundays.


Filled with faith.

And family.

And friends.

Yummy food.

And maybe even a nap. :-)

My most-loved part of Sundays is worship. Hundreds of voices, and many hands, raised to God in unison at my church.

So many times I get caught up in the song. And sometimes…

I wish my cyber friends were there with me.

Maybe this video will give you a little glimpse. It is my new favorite worship song at church. While I love me some old-fashioned hymns sung by contemporary followers, I adore “singing to the Lord a new song” as is mentioned in scripture almost a dozen times.

Here is my favorite ‘new song’. I hope it starts your week off well.



  1. Thank you for this. I am going on 1 hr sleep as I was at the hospital till about 5am this morning with one of the girls in my youth group who was having suicidal thoughts. :( She needs Christ…oh how she needs Christ….please pray with and for me and that she will let down her walls and let Christ in. Thanks <3

  2. LOVE this song! By the way…wish I had seen you after church yesterday-wanted to give ya a hug and say thanks for sharing! You guys are truly amazing in my book!

  3. Love, love, love Chris Tomlin! Thanks for sharing a “new” song with us!!! It’s new to me and I hope to start hearing it on the radio soon.

  4. Thanks for sharing this song, what an awesome song to listen to while I’m working! We will be learning this at our church in the NEAR future… have a great week!

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