Bible Study Tips from Courtney Joseph

Hi all! I just started my Good Morning Girls cyber-accountability small group this morning. It felt good to know there were three other gals, waiting in three separate states, who are helping to keep me on target. We let each other know we’ve spent time picking apart chunks of scripture each day. A simple email check is all we do but boy does it help!

Here is a video with Courtney Joseph of Good Morning Girls. In it she discusses tips & tools for studying the Bible. I think you’ll find it helpful!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a weekend giveaway:-) Enjoy!



  1. This weekend I am celebrating 20 years of marriage to my heavenly sent husband. I am forgetting all about my list of things i need to do to focus on him. I’m excited but I know come Monday my list will be much longer but it will be worth it.

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