Speed Cleaning Giveaway

I spied a tweet the other day that piqued my interest:

@karen_ehman, attended your “Keeping your Ducks in a Relative Row” workshop and decided to make a few cleaning aprons.

In attempting to live my priorities, and encourage others to do the same, I have adopted into my routine Speed Cleaning. (Okay, not so much lately as I’ve been busy trying to finish up my latest book project. Currently, well, let’s just say I am thanking the Lord that I have a man who doesn’t mind dishpan hands! ;-))

Speed Cleaning is a concept my friend Suzy introduced me to almost 20 years ago. It is based on the book by the same name and created by a man named Jeff Campbell.

Visit his site. His products are fabulous and worth every penny.

When I teach speed cleaning, I also show how to use a apron crafted to hold your supplies so you have everything right within reach and do not have to walk the perimeter of your home several times. (You know….go around and dust everything. Then take the window cleaner all around getting rid of the cute little finger prints. Next, take the all-purpose cleaner and clean the counters and sinks….etc… You get the time-wasting picture, right?)

Well, my new cyber friend Sheri, who heard me speak a few weeks ago at the Hearts at Home conference on the campus of Focus on the Family, has made some absolutely adorable cleaning aprons and has them for sale on Etsy.com. She is kind enough to give away one to a commenter today.

Here’s a bit about Sheri:

I am a military wife and homeschooling mom of 4.  I fell in love with aprons about 14 years ago as a new Christian and new mom, listening to Elisabeth Elliot speak on Susanna Wesley covering her head with her apron to pray.

I just love the message wearing aprons conveys of home, love, comfort, etc.  It’s like a homemaker’s uniform.

I love sewing any apron, I had made a similar design as a “cash” apron, and after hearing Karen’s Workshop on “Keeping Your Ducks in a Relative Row” I decided I needed my own cleaning apron, and since I recently started placing items in my etsy shop, I made some extras.

I will take custom orders and currently have free shipping with code SHIPFREE at http://www.etsy.com/shop/SheriMomto4

I love it. I love that she is using her passion to help others (like me, who can’t sew a straight seam) and earn some money at home for her family.

And, oh do I have a special place in my heart for military moms! Please check out her Esty site.

Okay girlfriends, leave us a comment today sharing your biggest cleaning headache.

Do you wrestle with your dirty floors?

Have an aversion to washing windows?

Can’t stand to keep up on keeping the fridge rid of rotten items that resemble a science project gone bad?

What is your greatest cleaning challenge?

You just may win a free apron.

Happy cobweb busting!


  1. I don’t mind dishes or cleaning the bath tub….but I HATE doing laundry. Wouldn’t be such a problem if I didn’t like wearing clean clothes but I just gotta have clean underwear! :)

  2. My biggest challenge for this week would be dusting…then bathrooms. However, It changes week to week. I can’t seem to get the dust under control. I feel like I’d have to dust every day just to keep it under wraps. Maybe I should start to de-clutter soon O.o This apron would be a great win!! Thanks for this op.

  3. My biggest challenge changes on a regular basis. Right now it is making the time to clean. Though I love a clean house, it just isn’t a priority anymore! I had gotten pretty good about doing small jobs and keeping up with it all until this school year and the whole thing has gone down the drain! Yikes…I keep hoping that the cleaning fairies will make an appearance while I am away! So far no luck!

  4. Right now my biggest challenge is a tie between the kitchen floor (thanks to my 2, outside loving kids :-)) and our master bath (thanks to no one ever seeing it!). I just can’t find motivation to clean and mop a floor that will look terrible again in 5mins. And do all the hairs on the bathroom floor really matter if hubby doesn’t complain about them?? *Sigh* Maybe these need to go on my list today…even if it’s the “Soon” list and not the “Today” list ;-)

  5. Well, let’s see… my biggest cleaning challenge is getting it done. I don’t really like any of it although I feel better when my house is clean. I’m really not good at doing windows and the main part of the house gets dusted, but my bedroom is pretty bad. I need a better system!

    Rebecca Ann

  6. I don’t know what it is, but I cannot stand to clean the bathroom. It’s the one area that I always leave until last, and even then, I try to enlist my husband’s help. He’s gotten really good at cleaning the tub and shower! As for cleaning the rest of the house, I have definitely perfected the art of speed cleaning since I have 17 month old twins running around. It’s all about how fast and how efficiently I can clean nowadays! By the way, those aprons are so cute!

  7. The floors; they just attract… well, everything! Wood floors clean – check! Wait – the two-year old’s bowl of cereal just mysteriously slipped off the table! Carpet vacuumed – check! But two boys just came running in from the yard, and, oh, the baby’s spit up hit the mark! I just don’t have enough time to keep up with it all. Right now, there are sticky, clumpy spots of unknown origin on the kitchen floor… might as well wait until after breakfast! I must say I truly love my steam mop, though.

  8. My biggest cleaning challenge is the futility of it. It is so hard to stay motivated when it can be undone so quickly. I totally relate to the saying, “Cleaning house while the kids are still growing is like shoveling snow while it’s still snowing.” : )

    I love aprons, too! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  9. Oh my, with 2 little girls in the house, keeping my floors clean is a big challenge. I could use an apron. (and a housekeeper) ;-)

  10. Clutter and floors …. hard to clean the floors with toy trucks and play food everywhere, and by the time we get it all cleaned up it’s about a week later. So hard to stay on schedule – I feel as if I always have to choose: do I have the kids finish putting away their toys or stop and do devotions, because no matter how early we start we’re late for bedtime. Ugh!

  11. I’m horrible with keeping up with my refrigerator – could have some science projects in there but my biggest pain is keeping the shelves wiped down…

  12. My biggest cleaning challenge is keeping my bathrooms cleaned and all the clutter that just seems to get thrown around. If you came and visited today, I would be to embarassed to let you in the door. My home lately seems like a bomb exploded in it. I have no motivation in cleaning anything…but when I am in the mood to do cleaning it is the bathrooms. May each of you have a blessed day!

  13. My biggest cleaning challenge is keeping up with my carpets & wood floors thatare visited every day, every hour, with a dog & a cat that both shed!! Keeping my floors clean is a 2 to 3 times per day chore!! I’ve almost considered getting rid of the animals, but that seems too harsh! Any ideas???

  14. My biggest struggle is definitely the horizontal window blinds. I have wished a million times that our home had shutters so that I could just dust and go. Would love the apron. I too adore them and think they bring such a sense of home and family. This one would be extra appreciated for its ability to make cleaning easier and speedy.

  15. I LOVE to cook and bake, but I really don’t like to wash floors, and that can be a problem because I’m not the neatest person. I also am a “pack rat”. I hate to throw things out, because you never know – I might use it someday. So, another problem – clutter. One thing I do love to do is clean bathrooms – I love the sparkling mirrors and countertops , plus the “clean” smell after I’m done!

  16. My shower!!!! It is just one of those that stay looking clean!!! AHHHHHH but oh well, I will just keep trying!!!

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