What I Did on my Blogging Break

Okay. This feels a bit like the old first-day-of-school English assignment where we were asked to write about what we did over our summer break. Only mine includes pictures. :-)

Here is what I have been up to over the past two weeks:

My 21 year-old daughter came from North Carolina to celebrate her birthday. She also was transporting her 17 year-old-brother home from the homeschool spring semester he spent living in Charlotte near her. (Having all online classes and tutors willing to Skype makes being a foreign exchange student to the South a breeze!) They kidnapped my friend Lysa’s daughter and brought her along too.

Brooke & I took a trip to visit one of my favorite places on earth. Sweetie-licious Bakery Cafe. I arranged for Miss Brooke to get a behind the scenes tour. She is a budding baker and had a blast!

Then, we held a party for Kenna. Here she is with her fantabulous Aunt Thais. Yes, she is the one diagnosed last summer with stage 4 bone cancer. We were told to plan an early Christmas as a family since she most likely wouldn’t be here. Well…..she is still here!!! Praise God! When she got breast cancer back in 2002, she was told she had 2-3 years. It was a full nine years before the cancer returned to the bones. She is such an inspiration!!!! Thanks to so many who ask about and pray for her.

Here is the traditional veggie tray my mom always brings to family gatherings. She’s been making it since the 1970’s when she used to take it to the Boy Scout potlucks. The center is a head of iceberg lettuce with toothpicks securing the cheese & veggies.

And here are all my kiddos headed our for pizza. The tag-alongs are Brooke and my Kenna’s best friend Frank. Spencer is dreaming about the deep dish barbecue pizza that awaited him here. This friend got our family hooked on their wonderful food. My kids thank her. My waistline does not! ;-)

Since I put Kenz & Brookie back on the plane headed south, I have been mostly working on my scripts for my curriculum filming next week. Here is what my hotel bed looked like last Friday & Saturday. (The hubster sent me away and he and the two mancubs golfed and grilled out all weekend.)

OK. My photo essay is done! I will be back on Friday when I will have a Proverbs 31 devotion running on letting the internet become a tangent instead of a tool. See you then!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your family time, the pictures were a great addition. I share you excitement when it comes to spending time with my children and their families. Wonderful news on your sister-in-law Thais!

  2. Thanks for the update on your sister-in-law Thais. I have been wondering about her and keep meaning to ask you how she is doing. Glad she is doing well!

  3. It was great to see all the sweet treats and sweet kiddos. I am Gluten Free and I love to see pretty food, even if I can’t eat it. Alas, if it weren’t for dark chocolate, I would be skinny.

  4. yum, loved the pictures of all the delicious desserts! Also, the tray of veggies! My dream is to do something of that caliber! smile……

  5. Oh, this was fun to read about all the adventures and fun :) :) LOVED the photos too, especially the one with the computer, the books and everything all spread out everywhere. This reminds me so much of my dad. Now if that were me, it would be craft books lying around everywhere. In fact, my tv room has craft books and yarn everywhere :) :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :) :) :)

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