Sweet & Simple Book Baskets

Need a great gift idea?

Try a book basket!

You can learn all about these over at Glynnis Whitwer’s Sweet & Simple Christmas Open house where I am guest posting today.

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  1. My basket would include hot chocolate mix, a nice mug, a few seasonal magazines, a book, and some homemade sweet treats.

  2. Love this idea for any event. A cookbook with a wooden spoon and new Potholders! Include recipe cards with your favorite recipe. Could keep it simple or add items: jar of spice, bottle vanilla, etc,

  3. Where would I have found wise men on camels? Well, what a find at a thrift store! Someone made them from felt and decorated them royally. There are quite a few – and since we don’t really know how many wise men there were, I bought them all. They are in a basket under a little tree for my grandson to decorate. There are tiny gift parcels as well, to match with the wise men. A nativity story with the 3 wise men accompanies the set.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. A nativity book for a little girl. I’m thinking story of Jesus with a baby doll, toy animals, and a receiving blanket for the swaddling clothes.

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