At 22

Kenna about four hours old. She is wearing the sleeper I came home from the hospital in in 1964 and laying on the blanket my husband came home from the hospital wrapped up in in 1962.

Pushing pause on the blogging button to  wish our oldest child and only daughter a Happy Birthday!

Twenty-two years ago today, after 21 hours of labor, a placental abruption, and an emergency c-section, Kenna made her scary entrance into the world at 2:51 p.m. (She never did make things easy on me!)

Kenna and her daddy. My handsome college-sweetheart-turned-hubby Todd. Photograph by the fabulous Ethan Painter Photography.

My heart aches that this is the first birthday where she hasn’t been able to be with her family. However, her second family spoiled her big last night with dinner, gifts and individual words of affirmation spoken straight to her heart.

Kenna and her “little sisters” Ashley, Hope & Brooke.

Today her fabulous and servant-hearted boyfriend will deliver our gift to her. I’d snatch a pic of the two of them from Facebook and post it here but since I’ve not asked his permission, I’ll pass. Don’t want to upset the man. (I mean its not like I’m all stalker-ish and thoroughly checked him out on Twitter and Facebook before they started dating, going back to his posts from as far back as three years ago or anything. Moms don’t do stuff like that. {wink} )


So Happy Birthday to our Mackenzie Leith Ehman. Our Half-Pint. Kenzie-doodle. Peanut. Kiddo. Kenna-bob.

We love you!

{NOTE: I’ll return later this week to post pictures from my Focus on the Family trip and host a guest on Friday with an encouraging giveaway. Also, if you want to be in on helping me with my next book and dvd project, sign-up to be one of my Go-to Gals by clicking here. I’m getting ready to survey them for their opinion and ideas on the topic.)


  1. I’m a little late, but thank you for sharing & Happy Birthday to Mackenzie. My daughter turned 22 on April 26th! And because God has been taking her on a “wild” ministry adventure, we have not been able to spend her birthday with her since 2010. But this year, she got to spend it with an amazing, young man whom God has brought into her life to share that ministry adventure. They will married in August! Praying for Mackenzie, Mary & all the other young people that God is preparing & using to impact His world in a huge way!

  2. Thanks for sharing. She is beautiful! Happy Birthdday to MacKenzie! I also loved your Mother’s Day post. You are right, sometimes we have to mother the world, not just our own nest…and this year you did that! My only question…why are we the same age, and your daughter is 22, and mine is 10 LOL…I am a little behind, and feeling every minute of my age ;)

  3. Happy Birthday to your cutie pie…You are an amazing mom, Karen! I was so blessed by your Mother’s Day post, but had a pity party nonetheless as three out of four daughters weren’t home. I know…I’m a big brat. Oh well, thank God for forgiveness.

  4. What a precious new bundle and she has a ton of beautiful dark hair. I wish them all the best and God;s guidance in raising her to glorify God. Congrat!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing this with all of us today! Thank you for sharing life with us….with each post! I am so blessed to read and hear your thoughts! Thank you so!

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