Comfy In The Kitchen’s Favorite Things Giveaway

Janelle-246x300If you’ve been hanging around here for the past month or so you know I was honored to be part of the Women Living Well Conference that was held in Ohio in August. The sessions of this conference are now being broadcast online  FREE for seven consecutive Thursdays this fall.

Tomorrow is week number six and the keynote is Janelle from the awesome food blog Comfy in the Kitchen.

She is not only a fabulous cook but has such a heart for hospitality and outreach. She really inspires me.

And this should inspire you to check out tomorrow’s webcast (at at 10 pm EST) AND her Facebook party an hour prior on her Facebook page.

Just look at some of the things she is giving away!









0007410816680_300X300{You’ll have to head to Comfy in the Kitchen to learn why a food blogger is giving away hot rollers!}

I hope you’ll join us tomorrow night!


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