Announcing the 12 Days of Christmas!!!!


Got Christmas?

Then you’ve also got gifts to buy and wrap, halls to deck, goodies to make and parties to host. Don’t forget the cleaning and shuffling of kids. Oh, and the teacher gifts. And cards to address and mail.

And it all must be done whilst donning a seasonal smile and making fond memories with your adoring family.

Its enough to make you simply give up and flop on the couch drowning your sorrow in a peppermint mocha.

Relax. We’ve got you covered.

Announcing From Chaos to Calm: The LET. IT. GO. Christmas Challenge!

Sign up and for the next five days you will automatically receive a short biblical and practical devotion to help make your holidays less about stressing and more about blessing!

From unrealistic expectations to traditions to your screaming schedule as well as those annual holiday encounters with the in-laws and outlaws, this tool will allow your holidays to go from chaos to calm.

Click HERE for the free 5 Day Challenge.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~12 days graphicAnnouncing the 12 Days of Christmas starting tomorrow, December 2!!! Guest posts, decorating and celebrating ideas, recipes and tons of PRIZES!!!!!

This series kicks off for our sixth year is a row with none other than the fantabulous Liz Curtis Higgs!

Mark your calendar, program your phone, scribble out a sticky note—whatever it takes— and JOIN US!!!


NOTE: We’ve got a few winners to announce. If you see your name below, send your home address and what it is you won to my intern at [email protected]

Winner of the retro pie kitchen giveaway:

Sandra G.

Winning a copy of Ashley Bazar’s book Asylum:

Barbara Cole

Michelle h.

Tabbetha T


Stephanie N

And of Sharon Sloan’s SerenDIPity prize:

Janet Worthy


  1. I just saw your recipes for your 5 favorite apple dishes. They sound good but there are no titles to know exactly what we are making. Blessings to you for all your time! Thank you! Nancy

  2. enoyed the 12 days… last year I believe it was. looking forward to it and the ideas that come along. Merry Christmas!

  3. Karen, I am loving your From Chaos to Calm: the Christmas challenge! It has given me a new perspective in your typical loving humorous way! I will be anticipating the 12 days of Christmas posts! God bless!

  4. YEA for ALL the winners :) I love your 12 Days of Christmas Karen–so much fun!! Praising God for another wonderful year of reading your blogs and those of your guests!!

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