31 Days Giveaway with Arlene Pellicane

Today I’m super excited to introduce my friend, Arlene and she is guest posting on becoming a happy wife.  Who doesn’t want that?  Be sure to leave a comment on today’s post for a chance to win one of 2 giveaway books.

Now meet my friend Arlene.

unnamedArlene Pellicane is a speaker and author of 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife. She and her husband live in Southern California with their three children. You can learn more about Arlene and find free resources to make your home happier at www.ArlenePellicane.com

Has it been more challenging lately to find your smile?

I remember a day when my son came home from first grade, long-faced, dragging his backpack behind him.

“How was your day?” I asked.

“It was so boring, boring, boring,” he replied. “I didn’t learn anything new. I played the same old games at recess. It was boring.”

I had to chuckle. If my first grader thinks recess is boring, what’s he going to think of college lectures or a full-time job? I launched into my best motivational mom speech about how we are the ones who bring the action. “If you’re bored (you know what comes next), it’s your own fault.”

I realized that day that marriage can be a lot like that. We can whine, complain, and fuss about the dull routine of married life. Doing the same thing every day and going apparently nowhere. Inwardly or out loud, we sigh, “I’m bored.”

But I have good news for you. Marriage doesn’t have to be like that. And it’s up to us to bring the action.

You can enjoy new passion and purpose in your very important job as wife. Don’t wait around for your husband to fix things for you. Be proactive to grow in your marriage.

Plan a date to a new restaurant.

Try a new activity together like kayaking, dancing, or photography.

Have a candlelight dinner at home.

Journal about five things you value in your spouse.

Take the words “I’m bored” out of your vocabulary. Realize the blahs come to everyone. Those who have happy marriages learn how to keep boredom at bay by constantly growing.

Now for the giveaway.untitled

Two fabulous people will win a copy of Arlene’s book 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife.  Leave a comment about what makes your husband so wonderful.



  1. I am truly blessed to have a husband like mine. He keeps God first at all times and makes every effort to make me happy. Like all marriages we have had rough patches, but we have made it through those times and grew tremendously from them. When our son went on to be with the Lord, my husband was so strong and comforted me, even when I know he needed comforting as well. My husband never complains, but always try to make the best of every situation. God knew that I needed a man like this. And I thank God for him everyday.

  2. My husband’s heart for the Lord is my most treasured gift in him. He seeks God’s inspiration and guidance to write glorifying music to honor and worship our Lord and to stretch our faith. My husband can fix anything around the house. Even our neighbors and extended family asks for his help for those things. My husband loves me and demonstrates his love for me in too many ways to list. God made him specifically for me.

  3. My favorite thing about my husband is that when the weight of the world is on my shoulders, he knows how to make me STOP, pray, and relax. :)

  4. What makes my husband wonderful is the fact that he has stood by my side and grown from boyfriend to fiancé to husband, lover, friend. He’s even my best friend : )

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  6. One of the things I appreciate about my sweetie is his perseverence. He has had many troubles in his life, especially this year. And while I fear he is close to giving up on life some days, he has continued to push forward and keep on going. Sometimes I’m behind him pushing, sometimes we are walking together. We are both stubborn enough though that we just keep on going. And I praise God for that.

  7. My husband and I have been married for 28 years, have 4 boys and were just blessed with a grandson a few months ago. I have learned to love my husband in different way and for different reasons though the years and seasons of our lives. Amazing how the Lord plans our paths and teaches us how to walk on them.

  8. MY husband is W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L for many reasons…here are 9 of the many reasons:

    W- Willing to be selfless and get up to help with the kids when he would rather relax.
    O- Obnoxiously funny :) He always tries to make me laugh, even when I am mad at him…that’s where the obnoxious part comes in :)
    N- Neighborly, he puts the command to love your neighbor into practice every single day. He puts others first and loves everyone!
    D- Daddy, he is the most amazing dad to our amazing two children. He makes them a priority over himself.
    E- Everything, he is my EVERYTHING!
    R- Resilient, he has completed 2 different 40 day fasts to better his relationship with Christ. I could not go 4 days and he done 40 days, twice!
    F- Fearless, he is fearless because he knows God is in control and that no matter what, His will be done and it is the right things for all of us.
    U- Unwavering in his love and devotion to our Lord and our family.
    L- Likeable, there is no one that leaves his presence without realizing how likeable he is.

    I love my husband so much and I have been so blessed by God to have chosen him to be my partner in this life here on earth. I just hope I can learn to be a better, Godly wife that he can be proud of and brag about. Thank you Lord for choosing Erik to be MY WONDERFUL husband!

  9. My husband and I have been married 25 yrs. . Dave is honored and blessed to serve the military he has been through 2 deployments 1 to Iraq, 1 to Guantanamo Bay Cuba.. His logical rational mind keeps me grounded when I am all over the map. He has compassion not only for his family of 3 boys and a daughter in law- but also for his clients ( JAG/ Atty). He stands firm and unwavering in what he believes and stands for. The first few years of our marriage I thought he was going to leave me- because my father divorces my mom when i was 6. Dave calls me his Wifey for Lifey and had to instill that trust and security in me that i never had growing up. His hard work ethic has transferred to our boys. 21, 17 and 14 . His devoted Christian heart prays daily for our family. His decision to have his mother move in with us has been a challenging . He goes above and beyond for his family, friends, community, . He is indeed a blessing :)

  10. My husband takes an interest in my hobbies and is willing to help out with them eg. gardening, He shows he loves me in so many ways – by working hard, spending time with me and our children, and demonstrating active participation in our local church.

  11. My hubby is retired & I still work and I’m
    blessed as he runs many errands for me
    so I don’t have to ESP in the mornings when
    I’m tired & begin my day with my prayer time
    my alone time with my God…I make sure I tell
    him how much i appreciate & love him!!!

  12. My husband is 8 years my junior but a godly leader for our home, extremely self-disciplined (which I lack!), a great Daddy, kind, and loved by all! He is my hero and I am so blessed to be his wife! He was worth waiting for 33 years! ;)

  13. My husband has a 15 yr old son(my stepson) that lives at home with us(he is the only one of our kids still at home). My stepson was 7 when he was in a car accident with his 2 siblings(my husbands other 2 kids) and his aunt and cousin. Unfortunately,Ryan(stepson) suffered the worst of it-he is now paraplegic. My husband is his full time caregiver. He also cooks most nights,and helps me with yard work,and cleaning/organizing the house.He has multiple health problems of his own,but still cares for our kiddo full time(lifting,bathing,etc). He has vowed to care for Ry every day,for the rest of his/Ryan’s life,if need be. We get no outside help,I am a student,and we have no respite care,nurses,nothing. So my husband is to be commended for all that he does. I just wish he would take better care of himself. He has health problems that require more surgery,and dr’s appts.,but does not want to put the weight of full care on me,with school,and the house,and everything. I LOVE this man! We don’t always get along,but I remind myself what he is doing/going thru every day,and it gives me a whole new perspective. PLEASE help us out with some books to help our marriage. Our days consist of caring for our son,cleaning house,and watching tv(can’t go far,with Ry at home,and my TERRIBLE allergies!!)……:(

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