WIll You Join Our Team?

proverbsI have the privilege every day of partnering with our team at Proverbs 31 Ministries to serve our God who is changing women’s lives all around the globe.

We would love to have you join us in reaching women like Stacy. Stacy is a powerful story of an ordinary woman changed by an extraordinary God whom she encountered through Proverbs 31. Her story has had a rippling affect, touching the lives of other women in her life.

Would you take just a minute to watch her story and possible join us in reaching others like her? We’d be so honored to have you be a part of our team.

Click here to catch Stacy’s story.


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  2. loved your post about being quiet and hearing from God in conversations. I too, am a chatterbox–even when I finished reading the post I was looking for a place to put in my ‘2 cents’–but I just really wanted to say thank you for this challenge. I will be saving each lesson, in case I need reminding later on!

  3. I love being hospitable. Whether in my home or elsewhere, fellowship is high on my list of priorities. Diagnosed with cancer 8 yrs.ago has limited my ability to be the host or the outreaching neighbor I’d love to be. Maybe your book has some fresh ideas of ways I could continue doing what I love, serving, in a different way that fits my life now. Thanks for the chance to win this book. Blessings!

  4. Where do I begin? I was first diagnosed with cancer at age 16. doctors told me I would not see 17. Although I’ve never been in remission and have had many surgeries, I will turn 52 this August, I was also told I could never carry a baby to term. Well, that baby just graduated with honors for her BSN in Nursing!
    The only reason either of us are here is because of God.
    That is just the couple of the many wonders I have seen over my life.
    Why I am still alive, no one can explain. I can . . .Faith.
    My purpose? I still wonder why God has me here. But I wait, watch and listen.
    I’m not saying my life has been easy, or without pain, oh no! But I do know that Jesus has walked with me every step of the way.

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