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When Your Child Makes a Bad Choice {& Giveaway of Hoodwinked!}

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Welcome to you joining by finding your way here from my Proverbs 31 Ministries devotion today called When Your Child Makes a Bad Choice {To read it, click here but be sure to come back for the giveaway!}


The concept of this devotion was taken from my new book that releases in two weeks. Hoodwinked: Ten Myths Moms Believe and Why We All Need to Knock It Off  helps moms to stop believing the lies that mess with our mothering in the worst of ways. One of these lies is “My child’s bad choice means I am a bad mom.” No it doesn’t. Not when your child is throwing a tantrum in the middle of the grocery store nor when they wind up in trouble in their teens.

If you preorder the book by midnight November 2, you get tons of freebies including sample chapters of the book, screen savers for your phone, a collection of retro family recipes, life planning sheets to help you get your act together, a short ebook on praying for your kids, and more! AND if you order it from Proverbs 31 Ministries,  you get an additional bonus downloadable PDF entitled “On My Knees & In My Heart; 5 Mini-Retreats for Moms.”  This resource provides moms with five different, guided sessions to get alone with God in order to rest, reflect, renew, and get back at the difficult yet oh-so-holy job of motherhood. Features include prayers, scripture study, reflection questions, journaling sections, and practical, doable ideas for deepening a mom’s relationship with her heavenly Father. This downloadable PDF  will enable you to go from crazy to calm, helping you to better love and care for your family. {And remember– it is only available to those who purchase through Proverbs 31.}

Now for the details.

Be sure to follow them carefully because you need to email/forward a copy of your receipt to claim your free bundle and do it again to a second address if you ordered from Proverbs 31 to get your bonus PDF with the mini-retreats for moms.

Freebies when you order Hoodwinked! Ten Myths Moms Believe & Why We All Need to Knock It Off.

Are you a mom? Do you need a little help and encouragement? Well, have we got a deal for you! Simply order my new book Hoodwinked: Ten Myths Moms Believe and Why We All Need to Knock It Off from Proverbs 31 and you will receive a tons of freebies. Let me explain.

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    • “Everything Depends on You”
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Order Hoodwinked from Proverbs 31 & get TONS of freebies!

If you order it from Proverbs 31 Ministries, you also get another bonus freebie: a PDF journal entitled On My Knees & In My Heart: 5 Mini-Retreats for Moms. This resource provides moms with five different, guided session to get alone with God in order to rest, reflect, renew, and get back at the difficult yet oh-so-holy job of motherhood. Features include prayers, scripture study, reflection questions, journaling sections, and practical, doable ideas for deepening a mom’s relationship with her heavenly Father. This downloadable PDF  will enable you to go from crazy to calm, helping you to better love and care for your family. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need to email your receipt two places if you want all the freebies–to the email address above  {[email protected]and also to the one on the Proverbs 31 page. If you want to get it from Proverbs so you get all the freebies, click here.

If you’d like to get it from another retailer and get all the freebies except the PDF journal-mini-retreats, here are the links:


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I hope these free resources will encourage you in your mothering and strengthen your relationship with God.


Now, leave a comment here telling us about your mothering. How many kids do you have? Their ages? One winner will be chosen to receive a free copy of Hoodwinked!

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  1. I have a son and he is 5 1/2 yrs. I know for a fact that parents take it personal when a child makes really bad choices. I know my son is not old enough to make what this society would consider bad choices, but he does know right from wrong!

    I was raised in a Christian home and I made all the wrong choices and came home single and pregnant! Because of Gods grace and mercy my parents let me come home! I knew the right way to live but I made the wrong choices because I wanted to and in reality if we look deep down that’s rebellion, which as the Bible says is as witchcraft. I thought it wouldn’t matter to live the way I was but I was wrong, so very wrong, it not only hurt me, but also my family. I came home as the prodigal daughter, and was welcomed like the daughter I was. I did ask for forgiveness and repented and have dedicated my life to live for Jesus, to show my son that He is the only reason for life.

  2. I’m a mom of 15 yr old twins, boy/ girl. I’m remarried to a Wonderful Godly man. My kids have chosen to live with father, which is one of many bad choices. My husband and myself are both Godly people, but my ex and kids are,NOT. I have questioned my parenting, etc. I have come to the realization that the World is more appealing to my kids more than me, or God. That has led to THEIR Bad choices. I have tried to be the best Mom I could be when the lived with us and now that they aren’t. It breaks my heart about the choices they have made, but I know God loves us all, and Knows ALL. I pray continually for them and know God has Control. This was a very good post, and gave me comfort. Please pray God will work a Miracle !!! Thanks for your ministry !!!

  3. Ages 14, 11, and 7. Struggle with the oldest making bad choices in friends and wonder what she’s seen at home to lead to the bad choices especially boys that have troubled pasts that end up getting her in trouble at school. Most recently a phone call from the principal this week. So stressful and younger siblings ask questions of why its going on.

  4. I have 2 daughters, ages 16 and 20. It is so hard to try not to feel like a bad parent when your children aren’t perfect. I have always felt the need to be a perfectionist and that’s a hard standard to live up to! I’m so interested in reading this book and hope that to learn some great tips!

  5. I have 4 kiddos. A 13 yo boy, 10 yo girl, 3 yo girl, and a 2 yo boy. The two oldest are doing their pre-teen thing of pushing every boundary and gaining independence. The littles are doing their toddler thing of pushing every boundary and trying to gain independence. It’s rough over here some days. Our house is usually bananas. But we KNOW God put these kiddos in our care on purpose. We are just striving to do it right. But I go to bed many nights wondering if I am screwing them up or riddled with guilt that I am not doing it right. I would love to read the book. It’s definitely on my list!

  6. I have four boys and I need this book!!!
    I need the truths to sink in deep!!!! I am so tired of feeling like a bad mom if my kids are having a bad day. Thank you for writing this book!

  7. I have 3 daughters. They are currently 5, 3, and 20 months. I know anything is possible with God on my side, even parenting three girls who will all be in high school at the SAME time. ;0)

  8. I have two sons that have children of their own. If I win this book I will give it to them as they are the ones that will probably need help in that area. What a wonderful gift. Thank you.

  9. I have two littles, a 6 year old boy, who has some developmental delays and a 2 1/2 year old girl who is just a little spitfire :) My kids keep me on my toes and make things wonderful and difficult at times.

  10. I have 2 kids ages 9 and 11. I have definitely struggled with having thoughts that I am a bad mom. In fact just this week I thought “I’m the worst mom ever!” Parenting is challenging and no matter how well you do it we all have those moments. I would love to win your book!

  11. 2 kiddos. 3 and 6 years old. I constantly think “I’m a bad mom” and that just has to stop. This post was wonderful. Thank you

  12. I have 3 daughters – 19, 13, and 11. My oldest made some bad choices several years ago and it was hard not to question where I went wrong, because I certainly wanted to correct any “bad mothering” before the other two could make the same mistakes. When I asked for her insight, my daughter wisely said, “You didn’t do anything ‘wrong’; I just made my own choices and they weren’t good ones.” I so appreciated that!

  13. I am a mother of 2 boys; ages 10 and 13. The 13 year old is a red head so he should really count as 2 kids…so write me down for 3 kids.
    My husband travels constantly so it is just the boys and I, plus our 3 dogs.

    I am proud to say I think I have passed the “My child would never!”-sprinkle-the-fairy-dust phase of mothering. At least I hope so.

    This post could honestly not come at a better time. I am struggling with having a teenager, whom by the way, I have decided to home school this year. The decision mostly based on the environment in the local public middle school. The exposure to too many grown-up issues being my main concern.

    I am proud to say I try to stand back and instead of pouncing on the latest mom or grandmother to find maraguina in their child’s room etc…unfortunately this has happend 3 times in the last two weeks at what would be my son’s middle school.

    I try to be the sympathetic voice of reason when the other mom’s pounce at the chance for someone else’s child to be “the bad one”. I know how it feels to think you are a bad mom because you let your son have Dr. Pepper, sugar

    1. Apparently, I accidentally hit send mid-sentence. I know what it is like to feel like a bad mom. Every mother has that feeling at some point and we do it to ourselves. There is really no need to gang up on the mother, who has the deepest need for her Christain peers to support her.

      Good kids do bad things.
      Good mom’s have good kids that make bad choices.

      As mothers we have the most amazing chance to be examples of forgiveness and understanding.

      I spend so much time praying for my children and my ability to be a parent with patience that raises good kids.

      However, I know the day will come when I am the one facing a rough parenting season and I sincerely hope my friends do not attack me when I am at my lowest.

      I saw this post tonight after having a very similar conversation with another mother, just moments before.
      I had instead of snuggling in for some great mom bashing gossip, refused to backslide down that path.. I showed a little empathy for the suffering parent.

      I am interested to see the 10 mom myths I have been listening to that I shouldn’t. Hoodwinked sounds like an interesting vantage point.

      Parenting is always a learning curve. I’m just trying to stay ahead of it.
      It seems like it was just yesterday, I was reading “Boisterous Boys” and self-help books for getting my sons to do their chores.

  14. I’m a full-time working mom of 2, ages 4 (“almost 5”) and 1. I seem to beat myself up constantly, so it’s great to remember that I don’t have to! It kind of goes with last night’s reading, too, that I don’t have to be perfect or hold everyone to perfect standards! God’s got it covered!!
    Thx for the encouragement!

  15. I have twin boys ages 2 Cristian and Alexander. I am a single mom and try my best raising them while maintaining a full time job in law enforcement. I feel that I may be strict with my raising, but get let down very easily especially now that we are in the “trying two’s.” I always wonder what am I doing wrong that I have to tell my child 20x to not touch or do not hit, do not bite. I teach them to be kind, but I know they are brothers and are testing the boundaries now. I appreciated your devotional on the Proverbs31 website today. It makes the struggle of motherhood more real when others come forward with their trying times. Thank you and God Bless –Kelley

    1. Kelley,

      Your post was like an instant flashback to when my boys were younger. They are now 10 and 13.

      It sounds like you are doing a great job! It does get better.

      Thank you for that vivid description of life during the “trying two’s”. It made me smile because I have been there.

      The “trying two’s” experience will come in handy again later when you are an older mom and you see another mother’s child throwing a tantrum in the middle of the isle in Target. You can look at that mom and say, ” I have been there and it gets better”.

      Try to enjoy the “two’s” when you can. I promise someday the memory will make you smile.

      Thank you.


  16. I am a stay at home mom and Navy wife. I have 2 toddler boys, my oldest will be 2 in December and my baby will be 1 next week. Having them so close together is challenging and exhausting some days. Thanks for the book, I sure that it will be a blessing to many mothers.

  17. I have two kids, ages 13 and 10. I love my kids dearly and work hard to be a disciplined and loving parent. I also work outside of the home @ a 40+ hour/week job and help care for my 95 year old grandfather. At this point, I’m stressed out and overwhelmed. It feels like I’m just dealing with one crisis right after the other and have no time for me anymore let alone time to be alone with God, I hate to say. I give all to my family and my job, but yet my house is a total and royal wreck and I have a terrible time remembering things like when to pay the light bill, etc.! How did my life get to this? When and how did it spin out of control?!?!

  18. I am the mom of 4 boys….16,19, 20,22 I am also fostering 2 little girls…3mons and 2yrs. I have recently been put into the” bad mom” category from the choices my 19yr old made and is continuing to make. It has shaken me to my core and made me question my parenting abilities for the girls because of the choices my son has made. Thank you for the reminder. I think it helps to hear it but deep down you still feel like your children are a reflection of you and what you have taught them. We have walked a similar journey with one of our other boys but when he was younger and the Lord has taken a great hold of him and he is a strong man of God. We falsely thought we had made it thru with this one as he is 19…..CRAZY the curve balls that get thrown in life….. We continue to hold him in prayer but I have to admit we do end up blaming ourselves even tho realistically we know we have raised him for God.

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