My Mentorship Courses Summer Sale!

Our annual Summer Sale is kicking off over at and we want to invite YOU to come take 50% OFF ALL of our courses NOW! This offer won’t last long! It is the first day of August and fall is almost here. It is the perfect time for some “back to school” learning for you too!

Choose from any of these topics:

*Silencing the Noise: How to Hear the Whispers of God Through the Loudness of Life

*Breaking Free From The Prison of People Pleasing

*Learning to Pray

*Living with Grief and Loss

*The Strong Single Mom

These helpful courses are:

*Convenient – You can do it in your pjs at home or in the pick-up line at your child’s school.
*Flexible – You can do them anytime you’d like.
*Life Transforming – We will walk you step by step through the process of transformation and give you all the hard-earned  “how-to’s” we’ve learned in these subject areas.
*Inexpensive – There’s no gas or mileage on your car, no child care needed, AND the courses are 50% off today! What a DEAL!

Come take a look at the FIVE courses we have on sale and use this >>>>COUPON CODE:


You can buy it now and save it for later or start TODAY! 

See you over at!

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