Slimming Down This Summer

Welcome to those of you who have made your “weigh” here (pun intended) via the current issue of the P31 Woman magazine. At Proverbs 31 Ministries, we have been featuring a different speaker on the cover of each issue along with an article written by her. I was up for this August and chose to write about my 100 + pound weight loss. If you missed the series of posts I did on this, click on May 2008 in the side bar and get caught up. I did a week- long series in late May that started with the post American Idle.

Now, I will make good on my promise to write more on this topic. Since it is summer, I thought we could start off with sharing a few things via the handy-dandy comment feature.

First, I want to hear from any of you who have determined to tackle this issue in your life. Perhaps you read the original series of posts. Maybe God nudged you through the P31 article. Perhaps you watched my 700 Club clip from last year. Maybe you have stumbled here by accident and are sick and tired of being sick, overweight and tired. Whatever the reason, leave a comment letting us know what you hope to gain by losing your excess weight. Is it stamina? Playtime with your kids? Better health? Normal size clothing? A renewed sense of confidence rather than shame? What change do you hope for in your life?

Secondly, what summertime favorites have you found that help you to stay on the fit and healthy bandwagon? For meals and for snacks, what do you eat? Here are some of my summertime favorites:

For breakfast:

·Melon and some yogurt sprinkled with a little low-fat granola. My favorite brand of yogurt is Weight Watchers. Key Lime Pie and Amaretto Cheescake are divine!

·      Two hard boiled, grain-fed eggs and a big, sweet orange

·      A whole wheat bagel with some light vegetable cream cheese

·      Some Egg Beaters, scrambled with a few slices of turkey bacon

For Lunch:

·      Romaine lettuce, a pouch of tuna, some bacon bits, Almond Accents (honey roasted favor) and light French dressing

·      Some leftover grilled chicken rolled in a whole wheat tortilla with some lettuce, dill pickle slices and light honey mustard dressing

·      Some leftover taco meat (ground turkey or ground sirloin) on lettuce with tomato, a few black olives, shredded lowfat sharp cheddar cheese, light sour cream, salsa and some crushed baked Doritos on top.

·      Two white-meat smoked turkey hotdogs rolled in a whole wheat tortilla with lots of spicy mustard, onion and relish with a side of fruit or baked Ruffles sour cream and cheddar cheese chips

For snacks:

·      Frozen grapes

·      A banana with two tablespoons of natural peanut butter

·      A Grannny Smith Apple with a small slice of parmesan cheese

·      Baby carrots with light ranch dressing

·      Fresh blueberries with vanilla low-fat yogurt

·      Celery with light cream cheese or natural peanut butter

·      Pickled beets plain—really!!!

·      A snack size bag of light microwave popcorn with some sun tea made from herb tea. (Raspberry Zinger and Lemon Zinger are my favorites)

For dinner I just have a very small portion of whatever my family is having. AND, I have some dark chocolate EVERYDAY!!!!!!

Now your turn…….what do you eat in the summer and why do you want to commit to dropping some unwanted pounds?

We want to know!!!

Sweet Summertime Blessings,



  1. Jen-
    I am a bad one to ask since I get so sick when I am pregnant I actually LOST weight with each pregnancy!!!! Also, I would never want to tell you what to do. Between you, your hubby and God, you’ll know the right thing. He will give you a sense of peace if you simply ask Him to. No matter what you decide. Eat healthy and exercise regardless of whether you are pregnant or not. You’ll feel so much better! Keep us posted on any baby news. Blessings, Karen

  2. Hi Karen!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while. You’re my favorite hearts at home speaker and I am so grateful for these posts. I have a question for you. I have two daughters- one is 5 years old, the other just turned 2. I am about 50 pounds overweight and my husband and I would like to have one more child. What’s a girls to do? Should I focus on getting healthier for 6-12 months and then try to get pregnant, regain some weight and then lose weight again- or should I just gain the baby weight and then try to take it all off once and for all. I know, tricky question.

    Any other women out there that are trying to figure out how weight loss fits in with “family planning”?

    Thanks for your insight!

  3. Hi there
    Wow, I just hopped on to your blog to get some encouragement and find some inspiration to keep going with my weight loss… Isn’t God fantastic!!!

    My story – I am 34 and at my heaviest weighed in at 108.1 kgs (not sure on pounds). I am a stay at home wife and mum with 2 children. For the last 18 months or so God has been leading me on a journey to get me to a healthy place emotionally and spiritually where I could make a decision to loose weight. The final turning point came after reading your blog and you said ‘ God did not mean for you to be obese ‘ and God spoke volumes to me through that one comment. That did it! After talking to some really encouraging friends who had already lost weight I joined Weight Watchers and so far I have lost 6.7 kgs.

    This afternoon I was feeling a bit blah and was wondering if I could be bothered not reaching for a bag of chips when God led me to the PC and eventually to your blog. Thank you Karen for allowing God to use you to inspire and encourage those of us that have just started our weight removal (I too don’t want to find mine again :-) ) journey.

    The reasons I want to loose weight are some mine and some God’s. I want to be able to take my kids swimming and buy clothes from ‘normal’ shops, to live to see granchildren (my own mother died of a heart attack at 57, having only met one of her now three and a half grandchildren), and to be fit and healthy and to go for a run ‘just because I can!’ God’s reasons for me loosing weight…well I guess that is the exciting thing about walking with Him as we never quite know where and why we are going where He is directing us but that we can trust that it will be for our own good!! He reminds me regularly that if I lift my eyes to Him rather than focusing on the food then overcoming my habitual sin of comfort eating can be done together rather than in my own strength.

    Living in New Zealand it is currently winter and rainy and bitterly cold outside at my house(thus the blah..ness) so I am looking forward to the onset of spring and fresh strawberries and all the wonderful summer vegetables.

  4. Yes – the Queen eats plain hot dogs! (I’m a purist.)

    It is so exciting to read all the weight loss success stories in these comments. You have inspired so many women by sharing your struggles, your triumphs… and your yucky hot dog recipe! The magazine cover was absolutely beautiful. Not just because of your outer beauty, but because each member of your family truly radiates their love for Christ and for each other. It was truly one of my favorite covers EVER!

    Love You,

  5. I haven’t started my weight loss goal due to the normal excuses…maybe next week or just too busy. But all in all I need to lose 30 pounds. I lost is a year ago through Weight Watchers and with some health issues that started in January, I have put it back on probably plus some. Too scared to look at the scale. But I have read your May posts and need to do something about it, so with my grocery shopping tomorrow night, I’m going to get back on the bandwagon for my health. Currently my summer snacks are really unhealthy and too gross to mention, but keep me your prayers for my first week, starting tomorrow!!! Thanks

  6. Hey girl, I miss you!!! LOVED your cover photo and article in the magazine! I’ve been meaning to call but I know you are so busy with unpacking and such so I’ve just been keeping up on your blog.

    I love summer but the new schedule with kids home has meant a lot less girlfriend talk time on the phone. I sure do miss our once in a while calls. Let’s catch up after we get back from vacation in a week or so. I can’t wait to hear about your new house and tell you how God used you to help me at She Speaks. Your training with the team was incredible!!

    Love yoU!

  7. Hey gals!!! Wow!!! You are just blessing my socks off! I love to read of the weight loss succeses no matter how few or how many pounds. I am rejoicing with you and praying that you keep it up. And I am praying for you ones who are still just tryng to actually hop on the bandwagon but keep missing. You can do it!!!!! Now….off to try Amy V.’s peanut butter yogurt shake!!!!! :-)

  8. Erin,
    Where do you find carrot chips?! Wow, to think I had heard of it all! That sounds yummy!

    Another thing that’s yummy is to get a whole wheat or milti grain flat tortilla (I think of the name but I think it’s by weight watchers) and put it in the over for a few minutes til it’s crispy. Then, add peanut butter to one side and jelly to the other, fold and you’re good to go. For someone with a peanut butter craving like me, it’s delicious!

    Another delicious peanut butter treat is to add fat free vanilla frozen yogur and some peanut butter in a blender and mix. YUM, YUM, YUM! I don’t recall the amounts, but you could add a couple T of peanut butter to a 1/2 c of the frozen yogurt and see. Seriously, it’s so good as a shake!

    -Amy V.

  9. Karen, We met at the P31 She Speaks Conference: Here’s my story:
    In mid-2006 my husband and I were struggling financially (as always) I decided I needed to go back to work (I homeschool our 4 children). I prayed asking God to give me the strength I needed to do both home and work while helping us financially. The only job available that worked with our schedule was with Fed Ex – the 3-8 AM shift. I would be home before my husband went to work. This was hard labor but I was able to do it – through God, honestly. Then in January of 2007, I asked my husband if I could join Weight Watchers – I was tired of looking at myself in the mirror at the weight I was at – and with my new job, we could work out the $39.95 a month for the monthly pass. I joined on January 2nd.
    Here’s how God works: By June, I was down 45 lbs! At the same time I had been praying that something else would work out with my job at Fed Ex, because I was simply exhausted with the hours and knew I couldn’t give my kids the attention their schooling needed with this work schedule. I became a Lifetime Weight Watchers member and was offered a job with them in July. I quit Fed Ex (sadly, I had made good friends) and have been a Weight Watchers Leader for over a year now! I make as much as I did working at Fed Ex for only 9 hours a week and I’ve maintained my 45 lbs weight loss! God is good – in His timing, we can see the miracles He gives to us when we seek Him.
    I am SO open to helping anyone along their Weight Watchers journey!!

  10. Since your initial P31 email, I’ve joined Weight Watchers and lost 20 pounds! Thank you for sharing your story!!

    Jody in Commerce Twp., MI

  11. I first read about Karen’s weight loss through the P31 online devotionals. I felt led to forward it to my mom, who has wanted to lose weight for several years now. We created a family weight loss program for me, my sister, my mom, aunt and two cousins- 6 women total. We started 5 weeks ago and have lost a total of 70 pounds. We encourage eachother, weigh in front of eachother once a week, pray together and share recipes with each other….it is really neat.

    One thing we all like to snack on is salsa and carrot chips very low cal

  12. Hi, Karen ~

    Thanks so much for posting about this! My mom receives the P31 daily emails, and she told me I should read your testimony a few months ago. And I’m glad I did! I’m 19 years old, and in the past year the Lord has been teaching me more than I ever could have imagined in regard to weight loss. To date, I’ve lost 70 pounds. PTL! Reading your story was a huge encouragement to me, especially as I’m working on losing the last 20 -25 pounds. I began my own weight loss blog – a few months ago, and it’s been amazing to see how the Lord can use my struggle to bring Him glory.

    My favorite foods right now are fruit smoothies (especially made with frozen blueberries and bananas), salads with every kind of fresh veggie piled on top, and whole wheat bread. Who says healthy doesn’t taste as good? I think it’s 100 times better!

    Thanks for being an awesome encouragement! ~Bekah

  13. I fund an awesome recipe on a website. My son calls it a banana taco, but I’m not sure of the original name. Thinly spread peanut butter on a tortilla, sprinkle with raisins and put a banana in the center. Fold it up and you are good to go!

  14. Karen,

    I accidently found your posts in May. I was just surfing and found you but with God I guess even surfing and finding things isn’t accidental. I need to remove 150 pounds. I don’t want to say lose it because when it’s gone I don’t want to find it again! I am 53 years old and have had a sit down secretarial job for 32 years. I’ve been married for 35 years and have 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. I’ve tried countless ways to remove this excess weight from the simple counting calories to prescription diet pills. I will not do any of the invasive surgeries. My husband and I are planning to retire in the next 4-5 years and I would like to be able to travel comfortably.

    After finding your May posts, I did start a diet using the formula for calculating calories. Wow, I could get a lot of calories and still lose weight. Unfortunately my motivation only lasted a couple of weeks. I went shopping this weekend for unmentionables. When the size I had been wearing for several years was now too small, my motivation again returned. I refuse to go up another size.

    My goal in removing this weight is to be able to buy clothes where a regular person buys clothes rather than a specialty shop. I want to be able to play with my young grandchildren (8, 5, 3 and 2 months). I want to travel. I want to be healthy and fortunately I am healthy. I do not have any of the health problems that normally go along with being modbidly obese (such horrible words).

    As for favorites, I toast two blueberry waffles and juice for breakfast. Lunch is usually a salad or something light and cool and then dinner is a smaller portion of what I fix for my husband.

    I am open to any suggestions or comments from others.

  15. Hi Karen,
    I decided to lose weight during the time you posted about your weight loss. So far I have lost around 8 pounds. I am trying to eat less and exercise more. The reason I wanted to lose weight is I am having some issues with acid reflux. I know that losing weight will help with this issue. I just want to feel better and have more energy.

    My favorite thing to eat in the summer is fresh fruit and vegetables. Also as a treat I like to have an all-fruit popsicle or low fat ice cream.

    I hope you will keep posting every so often about this subject.



  16. Miss Shari–
    I do not know about the food scale as I never used one. I just measured the old fashioned way–with measuring cups. I do know some gals who got the scale or the hand held electronic device that figures points values. Both got rave reviews from them.
    BTW…was going to call you tonight. Kenzie and I are coming to your event in MI and trying to bring a boatload of gals with us. I’ll work your table and she can do whatever Miss Shari needs her to–as always! Let us know if that would be helpful. Can’t wait to see you!

  17. Oh sweet Karen, I have a question…do those scales from weightwatchers really give you the accurate points value? I think they cost about $40 but how do they know the points just by putting the food on the scale? Clearly I am dense about this but I’ve GOT to get off these 10 lbs that have shown up on my arms and tummy. If I can weigh the darn food, then maybe I’ll keep within my points. I lost 20 lbs on WW last year but 10 lbs have come back on and I need to get it off NOW. Oh do tell.

  18. OK – you had me right up until the smoked turkey hotdogs with lots of spicy brown mustard, onions and relish! Is this normal for the planet Michigan or did someone force you to eat it? Of course, down here in the good ol’ south… they pile chili and slaw on their hotdogs and I find that equally disturbing. What’s wrong with plain yellow French’s mustard? Clearly I’m just dull.

    I’m going to give some of your other ideas a try.


  19. Hello again,
    I ddin’t see Paula’s comment as I was writing mine, so Paula, you CAN do it! It takes consistent effort. (As you wrote about). I lost the weight because I never had any energy and I wanted to feel better about myselt. You have a lot going on right now but don’t let that deter you. You simply have to MAKE time! God gives us all the same amount of time in a day….24 hours but it’s up to US how we use that time! That’s why I HIGHLY recommend exercising in the AM before you begin your day so you don’t get so busy you run out of time. Plus, that way it’s over with and don’t have to think about doing it through out the day.

    That’s what works for me, but of course, everyone has to do what works for them!

  20. Amy V.-

    Thanks for the yummy ideas. I’m gonna try that smoothie!!! And keep up the good work keeping off those forty pounds. Way to go!!!!

  21. Great job at the weight loss Lara and Karen, you can do it as well! I know it can be done, because I’ve lost about 40+ lbs and kept it off for over 2 years. Now, it’s more of a habit, getting up in the A.M. to exercise and my eating choices are also habits. Yes, I do still have chocolate and ice cream and little treats like that, but they’re limited.

    That’s funny that you mentioned a salad with fetta, Lara, as I was going to add that to this comment. Mine’s a little different:
    Romaine or other lettuce with salad dressing made from drizzled olive oil, a little salt and pepper and crumbled fetta cheese. (Gently “toss”) Yes, it may sound weird, but I really like it. That cheese really makes it awesome!

    This is also probably going to sound weird, but along with that I LOVE cuscous (warm) with applesauce on that. I don’t even mind if it gets mixed in with my salad!

    Now, for breakfast, I often have an AWESOME chocolate waffle recipe, yes chocolate! These are made from scratch, so there’s some work involved, but well worth the effort! It’s from a Denise Austin book and I really enjoy them. It’s like I’m having a dessert for breakfast, but it has healthy wheat flour and egg whites are included too! They’re pretty filling. I also like to eat them with some fruit or cereal.

    I’m vegetarian (started a few months ago) so I’m not going to write about any food with meat. However, there are great lean meat choices out there for those of you who aren’t vegetarians.

    A yummy smoothy is: 12 oz of low fat vanilla yogurt with about a cup or so of frozen fruit (I like mixed frozen fruit). You could use fresh fruit, but frozen is so convenient and usually cheaper. I add a T of ground flax seed and sometimes even a little bit of slivered almonds. This will give you more than 1 serving, so save or give to a friend! Just watch out for those little seeds in the fruit…..make sure to check your teeth! :)

  22. I get the daily devotions from P31, and then while searching came across your blog (American Idol) and it reminded me to get back on track. About two summers ago I did Weight Watcher with my middle daughter, and I lost 23 pounds; as did she; but at that time my mom’s cancer was getting to worse part, and so my time and focus were totally on her. I kept saying I would go back, but you know how that goes…after this gets done; or next week when basketball is overetc,etc; so here we are two summer later.
    I still try and do some of the stuff I learned, but its been hard (life does that to you)….anyways, so when I read your blog. I made walking charts for my daughter, myself and and my husbands cousin who has come to live us now, and decided to get back on track…..we all started out pretty good. walking but they kept going and have now joined a gym ( not my thing) so my walking has taken a back seat…again.
    My husband and I are moving our son to college this coming Monday…and when we get back, he said we would both start walking at night together. He gets to work out at the gym at work, but he will walk with me at I will be back on track….I want to lose weight, not only to get healthy and live a long life….I want to see my grandchildren that God has promised to me……but my husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary next June, and he has asked me to renew our vows….so wight lost is a must!!!

    So I will continue to read your blog…because the encouragement read will help me…..and I know God will help me thru this too.
    Thanks for letting talk……
    Have a blessed day
    Paula in California

  23. Lara-
    Great! I’m gonna try that salad! And I will do it with feta. Our family LOVES feta! Thanks for the idea and great job on the five pound loss!!! Way to go!

  24. Something you said in one of your earlier posts really stuck with me: the simple “eat less, move more”. I decided right then to start doing that. Less cereal in the bowl for breakfast, and more swimming laps in the pool. Less sweet stuff and more bike riding. It’s been working – I’m down five pounds.

    My favorite summer food: fresh lettuce from my garden with a handful of raspberries off our bush, a little bit of shredded cheddar (although crumbled feta would be bettah), topped with a light poppyseed dressing.

    Why do I want to drop some pounds? Because for the first time in my life I am sporting some extra weight. That pesky metabolism that kept me stick thin for my first thirty-plus years has gone and slowed down. Plus I slowed down. When I started feeling sluggish and my clothes weren’t fitting right I knew the time to commit to being healthy was now, before it went too far.

    Oh, and I eat one piece of dark chocolate every day too. There’s nothing like it!

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