Getting Ready for Opening Day…

The sound of muzzle loaders clicking while being cleaned; the smell of sausage browning that will soon be added to homemade white gravy and smothered over fresh biscuits in the morning; the eager smiles on my sons young faces. Yep…..tomorrow is opening day of firearm season for deer in Michigan.

My boys have hunting in their blood. They get it from my brother Kevin. My hubby Todd, however, nearly cries if he runs over a rabbit with the car. (He actually did run over a rabbit once with our Rabbit–Volkswagen that is. That was long before we were a GM family!)

Todd has taken the boys out hunting with their bows already this year, but to no avail. They have seen many bucks and passed on a few does but no one has come home with this winter’s ground meat for cowboy chili or next year’s summer sausage. But tomorrow just may change things….

Any other moms getting their men ( or even their gals) ready to hunt?

Firearms ready and fingers crossed,



  1. My husband has put two does in the freezer so far – is still after ‘the big buck’. We are in Kansas – and he is a bow hunter. Our oldest is 5, so not quite ready to send the guy(s) plural out.

    We’ve had yummy tenderloin, venison goulash, and regular snacks of summer sausage and jerky. I did NOT grow up with hunters… so I’ve had to learn to cook the stuff – but it is so yummy!

  2. Okay, why didn’t you invite ME over for southern biscuits & gravy?? :) Shane went out in the morning but didn’t see anything. He went back out later in the day w/ Carson and shot at a doe but missed. He was kicking himself for that one. I knew it would be a big day for him so I made bacon, eggs, oatmeal, etc for breakfast. Then for dinner we had hearty meatloaf and corn casserole.

    You know, I’m thinking we should steal away for coffee, shopping, a movie, etc. while our great hunters are in the fields. :)

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